Why Smart People Always Fail?

Why Smart People Always Fail?


Most people make this assumption that the smarter you are the more likely you are gonna be successful in your life. Why Smart People Always Fail? Especially in college, or school when someone always gets very good grades and it’s clearly cleverer than the rest, we tend to think of them that they are gonna be successful in the life, so the question that I was wondering recently is,

Do smart people have higher chances to be successful, or do intellect really plays a major role in becoming successful. So, after some research, I came across this study which gave me the reasonable answer. So, right after the World War I, a psychologist by the name dr. Lewis Terman tried to answer this question by making an experiment that lasted almost forty years, it’s the longest experiment that is done in the history of psychology.

So, he tried to answer this question whether smart people have any higher chance to be successful than the rest of the people.

Intellect = Success =?

Why Smart People Always Fail

He started looking for the smartest and keenest kids from all around the US and around 250k kids were suggested by different people that these children are clearly smarter than their peers, but of course he could not simply rely on what people are gonna suggest, so his condition was to accept a kid to be smart or not that he scores an IQ of at least 140 which is the genius level.

Just to let you know that utmost people score between 90 and 109. If you’re scoring anything about that you are considered to be very smart. But if you score more than 140 you are considered to be genius. So, out of 250 thousand kids that were suggested to him from all corners of the US, only 1487 of them scored more than 140 in IQ tests. Which make them literally the smartest children in the US.

In fact, Einstein, for example, scored 160, so these children are clearly as smart as Einstein or maybe even smarter. And he made a decision to spend his remaining life, following them and studying them. After few years of following them, he realized that these are the ones who were getting the best grades in school, winning all kind of competitions and so on which let Dr. Termin come to a conclusion that, these children are the ones who are gonna be the leaders of tomorrow.

They’re the ones who are gonna become those billionaires, the famous politicians maybe the future President of US & so on. But unfortunately, that was a very far from the truth. When these kids have grown up, only a small tiny number of them, in fact, achieved something great in life. And none of them could win at least a Nobel Prize. While two kids who were rejected at the beginning who were not considered to be very smart like the rest, actually won Nobel Prizes, in fact, in physics.


So, after so many years of research, Dr. Termin concluded a study with this quote.

“We have seen, intellect & achievement are far from perfectly correlated.”

Being smart is one thing but achieving something in life is a whole different story. Just because someone is little smarter than you don’t mean he’s gonna be more successful and positive in life. We have developed this culture where we started overestimating the intellect to the point where we started thinking that it’s the important tool that you need to be successful, where in fact it’s not.

So, never let anyone to fool you that you are not gonna be successful or be a great leader just. Because you are not very smart or because you are not getting fair grades in college. You might be talented in other areas of life. And who knows, you may also end up getting a Nobel Prize. The whole point of this article is, intellect is overrated, but hard work can guarantee you results.

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