10 Silliest Ways That Will Definitely Help You Lose Weight


You might want to lose weight for whatever reason and like millions of others who are in the same race as you, your browser can present you with thousands of possible solutions. But is it necessary to stick with the traditional ways of tiring workouts and strength training? Its a fact that these things work but for me, it’s like a “Soldier Lifestyle”. It’s not an official term so don’t wonder about it.

To keep my mind at ease, I adopted some stupid and silly methods to lose weight. They may look so stupid which in fact they are, they can work wonder if complemented with little effort. For now, sit back in your couch and scroll down to look into the silliest ways of losing weight.

1. By Ab-belts:


It has proven almost impossible to lose your weight by merely taking healthy food and not doing any kind of workout to burn it. Whatsoever, short-term belly fat loss can be experienced by the use of Ab-belts. These belts promote perspiration around the belly which helps to reduce the water mass, at least for a short time. These belts operate on batteries, and you can set them at different powers.
The manufacturer of these belts claim that they lose weight, however, FDA does not approve them. They basically work nothing and are by no means working to permit a current that would melt down the chubby within minutes. It will be operational in short period and help to decrease the weight within a short time.

2. Just a Pinch of Turmeric:

Turmeric, a key ingredient in many Asian foods can really help you control your ever-increasing weight. The main element in it is ‘curcumin‘ which burns fat effectively. A research was conducted at a university in Boston, in which rats were given food high in fat but with a small amount of curcumin, and the results were wonderful. These rats didn’t gain weight or fat than those who were also given the same food but without curcumin. It is also thought that turmeric can suppress the development of fat tissues. So, don’t forget to add just a pinch of turmeric in your next meal. A silly and easy method to get rid of excess fat.

3. By Slimming Creams:


So far, purchasing “miracle” low-calorie creams have looked like a conquest of expectation over the practice. Whereas British women expend nearly £30 million within one year on these things, cynics have recommended that the abilities given on the wrapping are too good to be real. Skin creams are present that demanded to be crucial resolutions to drop weight. However, no evidence is present to verify the paybacks of such creams by medical language. All these can ensure is provide a deception of smoother and tighter skin, and in some measure seem to decrease fat. Slimming balms cannot spot sequence body which is retailed as dream creams. Simply cardio and power workouts, when functioned together on systematic root can aid with strong weight loss.

4. Let the Tapeworms Eat Your Food:


An intake that crashes like it is directly a dreadfulness movie; such tapeworm diet precedes the lump in our weirdest weight loss guidelines countdown. This practice includes ingesting tapeworms which then munch the food and carbs inside you, ultimately leading to a drop in your weight. But they not only steal your extra carbs, also try to snatch your vitamins and important nutrients. They entered your body with your consent but once they are inside they’ll abide by your rules. They’ll move around and lay lots of eggs inside you. As for me, this is the silliest of all.

5. Drop Weight Through Love-making:


Lovemaking is considered among the craziest techniques to drop weight. Actually, the typical lovemaking period scorches 150- 250 calories for each half hour, based on how healthy your love-making is. It is a common cliché that love-making is a really nice exercise, even if someone isn’t enormously athletic. Natural heart rate is increased by love-making, and this sequentially mends flow and scorches fat and calories. One is also fetching altered muscle sets by performing positions except only for missionary, therefore it could be equally a toning and cardio exercise. There is completely no need of equipment or energy, but you, which is the finest thing related to it.

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6. Drop Your Weight While Dreaming:


Drop Weight through Sleeping is an interesting idea that has been practicing and now getting appreciation due to the fact that sleep and disruption of sleep do incredible effects to the physique together with possibly manipulating our weight. Nap is a pretty-constructing tool. During sleep, you acquire rest of beauty. Body is functioning away to control systems and repair any injury done from everyday deterioration.

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7. Try to Laugh More:


A supreme diet can be made by a decent laugh! Unbelievable but factual. An American scientist found that daily 10 to 15 minutes of laughter can burn almost 40 calories. Besides burning calories, laughing can keep your stress level down which can ultimately add to weight loss benefits. As more stress increases cravings increases eating increases weight. Laughter will simply reverse this cycle.

8. Inhale Peppermint :


Peppermint, a hybrid mint, comes into being after a cross between spearmint & watermint. You might have read about peppermint tea in many weight loss articles. This easily available and powerful spice present in your kitchen can mend you from head to toe. It can improve digestion and help weight loss. But there is something you might not know about it. It’s like a grandma tip. Before your meal, grab some peppermint leaves and take a deep breath inhaling its refreshing smell. It’ll reduce your hunger which will ultimately lead to less food intake and less fat.

9. Weight Loss by Hypnotism:


Some people try hypnotism in order to drop weight via trying to alter behavior. It is revealed by a research that people who attempt to lose weight through hypnosis probably will drop little pounds if completed in a routine manner along with some workout. Health specialists admitted that hypnosis can offer progressive properties for such people with definite features. Since hypnosis is kind of psychotherapy, thus it will graft sound when the one is a focus. For people have trouble in dropping weight, hypnosis could be a peaceful substitute.

10. Weight Loss Through Smoking:


Many people smoke to suppress their hunger. Either because of lack of food or because of their perception that smokers are usually more slim as compared to non-smokers. It is also thought that nicotine inhaled through smoking boosts metabolism meanwhile reducing the hunger. Extra energy is cast-off with the rise in metabolism to carry out the functions of the body. Conversely, scientific research does not verify this. But as everything has a price, smoking does too. It can give you countless illnesses from head to toe.

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