Life Style of World’s Most Powerful Man Vladimir Putin

Russian president: Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

The president of Russia is believed to be the most powerful man in the world right now. He has been elected three times as the Russian president. During a recent claim of a journalist, he might be the world’s richest person also, according to him Putin might more than the total worth of Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon and Bill Gates owner of Microsoft. Here I’m going to discuss the lifestyle that president owns,

Aero Planes:

Aero Planes

Yes, the president owns private jets. We people may book once in a lifetime a private flight for vacations but Mr. President is not like us, he owns 3 private jets. And the net cost of these planes is believed to be 1 billion dollars. It is believed that these planes are made of the interior design of gold and other expensive metals. Putin also has a private presidential jet to take him for the presidential duties.



Putin loves cars. His first ever car was a gift from his mother when he was in the third year of his college, she won it in a lottery. Any idea how many cars the most powerful man in the world owns? No, let me tell u then. Mr. President owns 700 luxury cars of all the luxury brands in the world. Putin owns the most powerful car the 3.5-ton limousine, it is impossible to blow this car even with a rocket. So these are not just cars they are designed to protect him in every situation.

Food Taster:

Food Taster

So when we think of being rich we think of owning luxury houses and cars and luxury meals. But kings enjoy something unique always. We have read to many stories about the kings who were poisoned with food and killed. But Mr. Putin is not an ordinary man he has hired people to test his food first. So in every possible way, someone can kill him he has a solution for it. He has a staff member who tastes his food first and ensure it is safe to eat then Putin decides to enjoy his food.



Russian president owns 16 helicopters. These are not just ordinary helicopters these are all armed and built in way to combat in case of any attack. So these are not the only way to travel through different places, he has also ensured his safety while traveling. In his fleet, he owns MI-8 helicopter that is one of its kind for the safety and comfort. He has spent billions on these helicopters.



It is believed that he owns a total of 20 Palaces in different areas. These are not just palaces or houses or condos that we people dream of these are way beyond our imagination, and we people might not even dream of owning such places that he has and not just one he has 20 of them. One of his Palace is in Gelendzhik which is an Italian architectural design and its cost is estimated to one billion US dollars, shocked yet or not. Imagine what would be the total cost of these 20 Palaces.



Many of us buy a nice watch to look nice and to define our class. But a lot of us can’t even afford the expensive watches rich people wear to show off. So the most expensive watch on his arm is of Lange & Sohne which has gold arms and a crystal glass which have the cost of half million dollars. And he owns 400 of these expensive and classy pieces of happiness in his wardrobe. So the most expensive watches of President Obama are even below 2000$ cost.



Many of us would be happy if we owned a luxury car and a luxury house. But he is not like us. Some of us may dream of having a private yacht sometimes, but Putin is the richest person in the world. He owns 4 luxury yachts, which are designed to provide security and also a luxury to the world’s most powerful man. His most expensive yacht cost of 37 million dollars and is 175 feet long. So, if he wants to throw a fancy party or to create a lovely evening he has everything.

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