Vladimir Putin’s Road to President of Russia

Vladimir Putin’s Road to President of Russia:

Vladimir Putin

The Russian president, the man is known all over the world as the most powerful man in the world. And also, he is now said to be the richest person in the world. His total worth is believed to be around 200 billion dollars. Here I’m going to write about how he became, what he is now as the most powerful leader of the world.

Early Life and Education:

Early Life and Education

Putin was born in 1952, 7 October in Leningrad Russia. His mother worked in a factory and father was serving in the Soviet army as a conscript. At the age of 12, he started practicing judo and sambo. He started his education near his home. His higher degrees included law from Saint Petersburg university in 1970. His thesis was on “the Most Favored Nation Trading Principles in International Law” which had an effect on his later life.

Joining KGB:

Joining KGB

Putin in 1975 joined KGB and started training in 401st KGB school of Leningrad. After training, he joined counter intelligence as second chief director before and became the first chief director after some time. For five years, he worked as a cover in translator in Dresden Germany from 1985 to 1990. According to his biography, he burned the information KGB  had when he was serving during the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1991, he returned to Saint Petersburg University and began working with international affair section and monitored students to recruit them in KGB.

After some time on August 19, 1991, Putin resigned when he was the lieutenant colonel. Because of 1991 Soviet coup de’’atat attempt against the president Mikhail Gobrechev. Putin then said I already decided which side I was on as soon as coup started. Then Putin described the communism as alley that is very far away from the civilization.

Administrator in Saint Petersburg 1990-1996:

Administrator in Saint Petersburg

Putin became an advisor to Mayor Sobchak in international affairs in 1990. Then he became the head of the committee for an external relation of the saint Petersburg mayor office. A year after n investigation was started on him for allowing the export metal cost 93 million for the exchange of cheap food which never arrived. He was then declared to be involved but instead of being fired he remained head until 1996 of the committee.

Then in 1994, he was appointed as the deputy chairman of Saint Petersburg government. Then Putin organized the branch for the party our home is Russia, the liberty party of power in Saint Petersburg which was founded by the vice president. In 1995, he became the leader of that branch and organized the legislative election campaign of the party from there.

Road to Director of FSB of Russia:

Director of FSB

In 1996, he was called to Moscow where he was appointed as deputy chief of the presidential property management. He occupied this position till 1997. Where he was head of transfer of the assets and organized foreign property of the state and communist party. Then he was appointed as the deputy chief of staff of presidential staff by the president in 1997. Then in May 1998, he was appointed by the president as the first deputy chief of presidential staff. And in later July, he was appointed as the head for preparing the agreements on power delimitation of regions of federal center attached to the president. And on July 25 Putin was appointed as director of the federal security service by the president, which is the primary intelligence and security agency of Russia.

Road to Becoming Prime Minister and Gaining Popularity:

Prime Minister

On August 9 in 1999 Putin was appointed as the acting prime minister of Russia. But he was first appointed as the deputy prime minister by president Yeltsin. In his speech on the same day, the president said he wanted to see Putin become the president. So, later that day Putin announced to run for president. On 16 August he was elected as the prime minister by the parliament. And he did not choose his cabinet but the presidential administration chose his cabinet for him. His and president’s rival didn’t want to see him as the next prime minister. So, the started campaign against the president already and also made many claims against Putin too.

But due to his experience and approach in the Chechen war against the republic of Ichkeria helped his image to grow stronger. This image of his helped him gaining the popularity and rising against all of his rivals. Putin was not completely attached to any party then but after that, he connected with unity party which was successful in 1999, Duma elections.

Becoming Acting President:

Becoming Acting President

In 1999, on the 31st December President Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned and according to the law, Putin was declared as the acting president of Russia. The first agreement he signed after becoming the president was the agreement of not pursuing a case of corruption charges against the former president and his family and staff. After that, another case of corruption against the president was dropped in which Putin was also a part. And also in 2000, another case against the prosecutor general was dropped due to lack of evidence despite documents provided by Swiss.

President in Election:

President in Election

His opponents were preparing for the election to be held in June. But due to early step down of President the elections were held in March 2000 which the Putin won with 53% votes. After that, he was elected three times as president. And also was appointed as prime minister for his third term due to constitution ties.

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