10 Different Diseases That Triggered Due to Vitamin Deficiencies

Diseases Due to Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamins are really important elements of our life. Vitamins are actually tiny substances that are needed to us for a healthy life. The deficiency of Vitamins caused serious and dangerous diseases. The people who spend their life on ships, they have greater chance to face the deficiency of vitamins. Because they eat grains and salted meat there. Eat healthy food release the chances of deficiency. The developing countries still facing this problem of vitamins deficiency. For the correct identification of specific vitamins, many scientists got Nobel Prizes. Because they aware the normal people to save themselves from death by eating some simple and easily available foods.

1. Ariboflavinosis:


This disease is known to those people who are alcoholics or to those people who are malnourished. The symptoms include throat swelling, low count of red blood cells and also cracked lips. This disease can lead to death or comma. The major cause of this disease is the lack of vitamin B2, but the treatment of this disease is easy and it can be met by eating the food that can supply this vitamin like mushrooms eggs milk meat and green leafy veggies. This vitamin B2 is sometimes used to give artificial yellow color to food products.

The vitamin is mainly absorbed through the liver so because of liver damage in alcoholics, they are unable to absorb it properly and cannot use properly. Total deficiency is not found but around 10 percent in poor countries are found to be having a deficiency due to malnourishment. The continuous low amount can lead to moderate health issues.

2. Beriberi:


Different symptoms of this diseases are present such as weight loss, failure of heart, weakness and body pain, unbalanced heart rate and damage of brain cells. If proper treatment is not done then it could cause death. This disease originates from Asia and spread the whole regions. Many people die just because of this disease. vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency responsible for this disease. The richer countries tolerate this disease. This is happened due to less nutrition in the diet. The many types of research done on this disease by doctors, why rich people suffer from this disease and poor ones are unaware of this.

In last, doctors concluded that the richer people fall in this disease because they wash rice too much, so in this way, the cereal grain husk removes. The rice husk contains the numbers of vitamin B1 (thiamine), on the other hand, poor people unable to do due to the shortage of water and they consumed rice with grain husk. White bread caused the symptoms of Beriberi widely used in richer countries.

3. Biotin Deficiency:

Biotin Deficiency

The deficiency of Biotin is rare because Biotin is present in eggs, meat, vegetables, milk, and peanuts. They all are important diet elements. Lack of Biotin (Vitamin B7) cause loss of hairs, rashes, and anemia. Some mental conditions like severe hallucinations, downheartedness and sleepiness could happen. This disease is more pronounced in bodybuilder because they only ate raw eggs and one type of protein is present in raw eggs that bonds with Vitamin B7 that make it difficult for our body to use properly that may cause the deficiency. On the other hand, the cooking of eggs white inactivates this protein. Mild deficiency of Biotin is also found in a pregnant woman because they use a large amount of Vitamin B7.

4. Hypocobalaminemia:


This first symptom of this mouthful disease was believed to the autoimmune disorder. The disease starts slowly degradation of the spinal cord and also cause the gradual damage in brain deterioration that leads to the damage of motor or sensory deficiencies. The symptoms to the brain include the bad memory, irritability fatigue, and depression in the individual. When the disease progress through years it causes psychosis and mania. The damage done by the disease cannot be undone and the reason is the deficiency of vitamin B12. So, to ease the vitamin can be obtained through dairy milk meat and eggs.

The vitamin is stored in the liver of the individual and lasts very much before the deficiency kicks in. Hypocobalaminemia disease is found to occur in the countries who have low eating of the dairy products mostly developing. And also occurs in developed countries in those people which are vegans because the plants do not produce the needed amount of B12. The children are most likely to get the disease than the adults preferably the infants whose mothers are slightly deficient because the kids depend on the milk. So the dietary supplements should be eaten by the people with deficiency problems.

5. Night Blindness:

Night Blindness

Nyctalopia is the disease caused by the deficiency of vitamins A. Night blindness is another name of this disease. The people who face this disease they are unable to see properly in dim light. And during night time, they completely blind. Old Egyptians highlight this disease and they found the cure for it by feeding the patients with the liver that have a high amount of Vitamin A. But the large consumption of liver could cause serious complications of health. In this earth, every fifth child is suffering from this disease and in a result, millions of deaths happen each year. This happened due to an accumulation of dangerous toxic compounds in the body. The cure for this disease is eating carrots. Carrots contain high contents of vitamins A, that are not dangerous to health even in the large dose.

6. Paraesthesia:


The deficiency of vitamin B5 is not found because the vitamin is present in almost every food and the disease occur only in the starved people or the people under the experiment or those people who do not have access to most food products and have limited products to eat. The disease related to this is paraesthesia. Paraesthesia symptoms include the falling of sleep of organs of the body and the feeling of pins and needles in the body. Sometimes the war prisoners are found to have a burning feeling in feet and in hands that are considered as paraesthesia. The disease is not seen today world and supplements are not needed mostly.

7. Pellagra:


The American corn was grown all over the world after the settlers had a discovery and exploration about it. The local people used lime to treat the corn before consumption but the European people escaped from this treatment because it tasted bad after treatment. A disease pellagra spread after the vast cultivation of corn in Europe. This leads to death with symptoms starting from dementia diarrhea and dermatitis. A lot of the people thought this was due to corn but they couldn’t understand why the local people were not affected.

After deaths of thousand people, it came to the knowledge that it was due to the lack of vitamin b3. the farmers sometimes to meet the requirement of this deficiency used other products than corn. Native Americans used lime to meet the amount of vitamin B3. so it is known know that using other food product easily meet the amount of B3 and reduce the catching of pellagra.

8. Rickets:


This disease is rare now a day. The Rickets patients are unable to walk properly. The bones and muscles become soften. The infants and children who have poor diets may affect by this disease. This is caused by lack of Vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin D is the essential vitamin for bones. The main cure for this disease to eat calcium richer food. Milk is rich in calcium and decreases the chances of Rickets. Adults not affected by this disease because their bones are not in growing condition and so they didn’t need much calcium. Many foods have Vitamin D itself but our body couldn’t use it because they are inactive and the only way to activate them is sunlight. The sunlight also helpful for the cure of this disease. The chances of rickets increased in children who stays more of the time at home.

9. Scurvy:


This disease first time seen in peoples who lived near the sea. They just ate salted meat, grains, and sea animals. Fruits and vegetables were available to them in short quantity. The symptoms are gum bleeding, spots in skin, fever, lethargy, complete loss of teeth, and in severe cases it causes death. Ancient Fisher man used different herbs for the cure of this disease. But this cure was not very much effective. So, different citrus fruits and horse meat are used in 18 century. British sailors try to cure this disease with limes that include Vitamin C. This was an ancient disease so it is rare in the modern world.

10. Vitamin K deficiency:

Vitamin K deficiency

The Vitamin K deficiency widely seen in new born babies. Vitamin K deficiency caused this disease and in severe cases, it may cause un-developed bones and uncontrolled bleeding. In many hospitals, doctors inject vitamin K to new born babies to avoid the symptoms. But on the other hand, the babies who born at homes or other places rather than hospitals, they bear this deficiency. The spots may present on babies’ arms, legs, and foot. Leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin K. in humans, the bacteria that are present in Gut they help to produce this. Its deficiency caused severe disorder and affect badly if proper treatment is not given. Vitamin K deficiency also is seen in bulimics, alcoholics and who follows the strict rules of dieting.

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