Facts About 13 Marvelous Underground Temples

Normally we see the religious buildings built in such a way to be airy who let the air in and is supposed to let the light of the god in. but this design is not followed everywhere. Sometimes it is seen that people go underground to pray their religion. It is also seen in some places religious temples are built underground.

When we think about the worship places airy, wide and large open places come in our mind. In this earth, there are numbers of ancient worship places, some are large, wide and some are small. This article is about the worship places present underground and has great attention to the people on this earth. These all places are ancient recall that the old people were really close to GOD and made great places and showed their love. These sacred placed attract the attention of tourist and natives too.

  1. Batu Caves Located in Malaysia:

Batu Caves

In Batu, pilgrims have to climb 272 steps high before reaching to underground shrines. The cathedral cave at the mountain has 100 feet high arched roof. There are several Hindu shrines under this dome.

Pilgrims walk to Batu from Kuala Lumpur followers of God Murugan in the festival of Thaipusam. They carry their special offering on a place called kavadis on their shoulders. Some have the mortification of their fresh skin also piercing nose ears and cheeks. Some also have hooks pierced through their skin. When they reach the cave, the priest blesses them with holy ash sprinkling on them after that they may enter the holy cave.

  1. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum located in Malta:

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum was built in 4000 BC. This is worship placed is made of just stone and cut rock. The modern tools are used that time. The red colored red rocks have increased the beauty of this placed. This placed is build underground and got the attention of the peoples. This was the really sacred place for old people and now is also one of the sacred places for people. Many of people were come here and lived all their lives and died, their dead bodies are present. The roof made up of wooden and curved shaped increased the beauty of this place.

  1. Kinga Salt Church Located in Poland:

Kinga Salt Church

This place built in the 13th century. This place is builder by a miner during mining mission. In this cave, contains numbers of shrines and chapels. The Poland miners are responsible for the building of this place. The wall of the temples is made up of salt stone. The great numbers of lamp and lights are fixed increased the beauty and lighting of this temple. The new couples of Poland come here and worship together. This placed increased the beauty of this place. Numbers of tourist from a different country comes and enjoyed this memorable place.

  1. Mithraeum Located in Italy:


This place is worship for a number of peoples. This worship place contains diverse GOD. This place was built by a Roman and Roman army man worship in this place. This one is the great worship and attractive underground temple. This placed increased the beauty of Rome. The people belong to different religions are come here and worship here. The numbers of tourist come here and got great memories.

  1. Mogao Caves Located in China:

Mogao Caves

This cave is present in China along the silk road. Mogao caves are the name of this cave is trade means in Europe and China. In this place numbers of temples are also present. This cave is built in the fourth century. This is caves is highly decorated with religious named. The walls of this caves create a great connection with religion. The Buddhist art, Jewish and Christian art are the main elements of this caves.

  1. Neanderthal Cave Located in France:

Neanderthal Cave

Someone went 1000 feet into the darkness in the cave in France almost 175000 years ago. They started breaking the rocks stalagmites and stalactites and their formations and then arranging them into circles. They knocked 400 of them into similar length. The people who did this must be very adventurous and they also might not be humans.

Their age is supposed to be 100000 years before even a modern person came to Europe. Neanderthals are believed to be the planners of this. The circle and its space suggest that it was not a living space. Burned bones and other burned stuff them suggests of its being artificially lit.

  1. Osireion Tomb Located in Egypt:

Osireion Tomb

The temple Osireion temple is present in Abydos Egypt and is connected to Seti 1 temple there. The place is the burial place of Egyptian old god Osiris. The temple is present underground and remains flooded with water, the Osireion temple was excavated in the 20th century. The temple was fully explored in 1926 but it was discovered in 1902. It is now open for the tourists but before its roof was even underground.

  1. Rock-Hewn Churches Located in Ethiopia:

Rock-Hewn Churches

This is an underground building made up of bedrock. This building resembles to cave. Lalibela, Ethiopia, are responsible for making this great worship place. This places also have numbers of other worship places for Christian and Muslim. Thousands of labors are worked day and night and build this memorable worship place. Numbers of tombs are present in this place named Adam tomb and Jesus’s tomb. This one is famous tourist place in Ethiopia. A Thousand peoples come here to see this sacred place.

  1. Temple Of Damanhur Located in Italy:

Temple Of Damanhur

Damanhur is an eco-village commune in the foothills of the Alps. There are similar sites all over the world. What most of those other communities’ lack is a Temple to Humanity.

Oberto Auraudi the founder of Damanhur believed to have a vision in the young age. Growing and seeing the temples around him he always to have a place where he could turn these visions into some reality. In 1978 along with others who had believed him, together they started building temples underground. They started building temples without the permission from authorities they kept their work secret but it was stopped in the 90s due to discovery by authorities. After that they got permission now there are halls of metals halls of mirrors a big area for meditation.

  1. Temple of Hampi Located in India:

Temple of Hampi

The UNESCO world heritage site in Karnataka in India have astonishing Hindu monuments and one of them is the underground temple of Hampi. The temple was used before the Muslims came there and changed the place it was believed to be built in the 13th century. Temple is underground and is mostly flooded in under with water but the tourists are allowed to go only where passage ways end.

  1. The Lupercale Located in Rome:

The Lupercale

Pictures of an underground grotto were released recently; the grotto was discovered recently. The grotto is 24 feet in diameter and 26 feet high. The discovery happened on a hill in the palace of Emperor Augusts in Palatine while workers were doing their work almost a year ago. It is the belief of archaeologists that the first a great emperor of roaming who found Rome, Remus and Romulus was looked after by some wolves because their parents left them there to die. The place is very damaged now but the ceiling shows the mighty of the temple when it was 2000 years ago.

  1. The Sinca Veche Temple Cave Located in Romania:

The Sinca Veche Temple Cave

This temple is really sacred placed and numbers of names are used to call this place. Temple Cave, Monastery, and Temple of Destiny is the other names of this place. This placed to have a no Christian sing and have tombs. There are nine rooms for worship. The two used is specified for chapels. This place was built in the 2nd century. This was the major placed for worship and still, worship place.

  1. Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Located in Colombia:

Zipaquira Salt Cathedral

Mines of Zipaquira are providing salt since the fifth century. A lot of smaller chapels and a bigger cathedral is found that even looks very modern. These were built for religious purposes like at Wieliczka and then refurbished and expanded in the 1990s.

Visitors goo 500 feet down in mines and visit these cathedrals and also the miners work alongside. 14 chapels are running there. Those have statues lighting like the station of the cross and LED lights are present around the walls to provide light. These are churches but are called cathedrals to attract tourist.

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