The Magic Of You PDF Novel by Johanna Lindsey


Johanna Lindsey, the author of world’s best selling romantic novels presented its keen readers with another NewYork Times Bestseller, named The Magic of You. This beautifully written, full of romance epic moves around an attractive, troublesome and blatantly fearless young girl.

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Overview of Novel “The Magic of You”

The Magic of You is an entertaining and full or romance novel. It can make you laugh when it’s least expected. The wonderful bond between Amy and Warren can make you fall in love with the epic. 

Amy Malory, a young, attractive and shamelessly bold girl is the main character in this story. She thinks everyone falls in love with her instantly. She got attracted by handsome and rich guys at the first sight. Savage and careless beyond the hope just like her male cousins. She is soon to turn 18 years old and ready to find a rich and attractive husband. Her standards were so high that no one could reach there.

At last, she set her heart on the most inept person, Warren Anderson. Although rich and handsome but an inexorable captain of a ship who once nearly sent her Uncle James to gallows for robbery at sea. Because of his bitter past, Warren has lost faith in women. In the beginning, he doesn’t even think about Amy, who was way too young for him, but when she keeps seeking him like the devil, he senses a trouble. Because she has such a charm that she can make him love again and Warren was still unsure whether he’ll be able to handle all this second time and be ablaze again. But Amy is unwavering to bring Warren back to life and love again and she will do whatever it takes. Warren finally realized Amy’s love and eventually they decide to get married.

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