3 Facts About Success That Can Prove to be Harmful


If you feel tired of your daily routine and it seems like your hard work does not give a yield of your dreams, then read this article as it is very helpful in relieving your pain. Nobody wants poverty and mediocrity in his life. Everyone desires success in his life. This is the wish of everyone to rich enough to achieve dream life.

But studies revealed that 80% people fail in achieving their dreams and goals.

Sometimes people are not clear enough about their goals. They work hard but did not wait long for the results. If you are the one who wants success, work hard but not getting desired results.

Here’s something given about success and may be these things helpful in preventing you from your selection of goals of life.

  1. Working hard Is Not Good Every time:

Working hard Is Not Good Every time

How did you think that hard work is needed for success? How you give so much priority to hard work?

I can’t do hard work, as you know I am a writer and a blogger. And how can I? Typing on the keyboard is not harder. Not really. Many people think wrong that they need hard work to get success, and they cannot meet their goals, in case they do not work hard.

Work more has more worth than work hard.

  • It is the 1st essential point


A laborer in construction site does not work hard as writing and fronting of computer is not a hard work.

  • The 2nd point is that working hard may sometimes cause failure

working hard may sometimes cause failure

That’s true. How can you read a book of 500 pages in case it’s your aim?  You will definitely become exhausted and left faster if you spent 24 hours to get over it. Maintaining long time focus on one thing is not possible. One may get diverted and look for somewhat new.

This is the reason of loss of momentum and attention of many people. Exhaustion leads to the loss of momentum and energy to go ahead. And you desire to get rid of work. Hence the improper use of hard work is dangerous.

  • Thirdly, consistent work is the key to success, and working alone gives no results.

consistent work


No time is taken by the journey of success. You only have to do your role and have confidence in the universe. The gestation period of an infant is nearly 280 days and no one can change it. Reaching to goals is just like that. Everything has its own gestation period.

Everything requires time to happen, and the need is to realize that it will happen eventually. Unfortunately, people give up soon and not wait for the results. People work for few weeks and drop assurance if they do not get results within that time. They begin to suspicious and eventually lose momentum and stop working by thinking to do some other work.

Consistency is the key. Working on objectives and chasing visions every day consistently is needed. Your success is determined by consistency and not by hard work. Working hard is also necessary but you should not feel down if desired results are not gotten. Key to success is run through development without the cost of interest.

Therefore, consistency always shattered hard work. Taking rest and doing right things is necessary.

  1. Pursuing the End Consequences:

Pursuing the End Consequences


Focusing too much on results may also kill you. People started thinking of results when it concerns to get astonishing achievement in life. If, for example, one desire to drop 10 pounds weight, then he/she should focus on progress and trial period in a gym. He/she should spend one hour daily in the gym. If you feel no change after 2 weeks, you will become disappointed and want to surrender.  This is the reason of the failure of many people. People lay all focus and energy on results and time limit.

The key is making a routine and concentrate on headway, not on end results.

It doesn’t mean that you dump your goal setting completely. It only means that building creative habits and focus on progress is more necessary to get desired results.

Setting goal is important as it tells you about your desire and direction.

Yet, never feel failed or rejected if you won’t get desired results within the deadline. Going towards a goal is considered as a success. Hope you get the message now. Desired results will definitely have achieved by building a routine and chasing of progress, instead of chasing of results.

  1. What You Really Want:

What You Really Want

Do you know what you really want?

Most people imagine a luxurious life in the big castle, travel to the exotic place of the world, driving lavish cars and camel racing when it came to achieving success. That’s not wrong to think like that, but the question is that which thing motivated people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Elon Musk every day? These great people have grand ideas of serving and helping and making better lives of many people in their life.

I have never seen Mark Zuckerberg wearing decorative clothes, he always comfy in a T-shirt and jeans mostly. I have never seen Bill Gates wear a suit of thousand dollars on him.

Something you must realize: People are racing for enthusiasm, pleasure, and contentment in their life.

  • 1st level of satisfaction or motivation is by glittery things:


Many people are seeking this. They wish to move in an expensive car and desired to own a big house. Though, it is found from the research that enduring pleasure or inspiration cannot be getting from these things. A few weeks after driving that expensive car, people feel nothing for that and want something else.

  • 2nd level is passion:


It makes people wake up in the early morning. It forces people to watch next episode. Passion is so important that motivation cannot be achieved without it.

A feeling of passion lasts longer than feelings for shiny objects. You feel happier and contented while working on passion, however, it also not lasts long. A time also came that changes passion and you’re no more passionate for certain things. At that time, you become passionate about certain other things. Being passionate about certain things is good and we should track our passion in our effort.

  • 3rd is to help and serve:

help and serve

Everyone must have a striking dream and a resolution in his life like that of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. They wish to serve and support others and fund for the world. It’s the greatest point of pleasure, contentment, and joy that we all must target for.

By having a purpose and vision greater than one’s self, one will surely have motivation and energy to wake early and work harder. And one became more dedicated as he/she is accountable for not only his own self but other million people. For him, the world has no boundary and anyone can buy or sell anything by the use of internet association. And he’s continuously struggling to get that vision.

It’s the thing that makes a man great. After knowing these three levels, you must know about your actual goal in life, that what you really want. By combining all the given three levels, you will definitely become successful in your life.


Still, I am refining and learning for success similar to many other people. I sincerely hope that more success and grasp better heights you must achieve after reading this article. This article must be very helpful in determining your goals and stay tuned with them.

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