17 Un-usual Ways to Improve Your Speaking Skills

Improve Your Speaking Skills

speaking skills

Once you have started learning English and you have learned to speak a little English it becomes so much easy further and so much fun also. English speaking practice is much more fun and it also has a rewarding effect of improving speaking skill. Once you started practicing there are too many ways to improve you will see automatically.

Speaking with people is a really important way to explain their thinking. So, use appropriate way. A number of peoples have different speaking powers. So, here is more important to enhance these powers. Speaking skills are important among all professions. A teacher should be good speaker and listener. A lawyer should be a good speaker.

Here are some tips for improving speaking skill and also ways to have fun while learning.

  1. Be Yourself:

be yourself

Be yourself is really important to gain success in your life. Always feel proud what you are and feel comfortable. Make your own personality and attitude. Don’t copy to anyone and stay happy what you have. These things make you happier, sharper and will help to achieve your goals of life.

  1. Do Interesting Activities In English:

Do Interesting Activities In English

Find an interesting activity in English and join it like book reading, club, and enjoy doing that work and be sure and confident to speak English and communicate with it. Using the fun activities to talk in English will help you improve very fast.

  1. Engage:


Engaged with the different type of audience make your confidence. Communicates different kinds of peoples with different mind helps to enhance your speaking powers in front of different minded people and make you able to reply batter and in happier manner.

  1. Fear:


Fear breaks the good habits.  The fear is related to different things and makes a man so boring and slow also. You have bad and good points always, so, pay attention to good points and ready to see your weak points. Keep calm and starts to make your life better. Speaking skills are needed to release your fear. So, you should stay confident as you are addressing properly.

  1. Hand Movement:

Hand movement

Your gestures play an important role. So, try to use appropriate gestures. Healthier gestures and movement of hands will increase your confidence level. Try to make a connection with your gestures and with your words. So, you need to use proper and easy hand movements and make sure the listeners understand your movement with your words.

  1. Have A Debate:

Have a debate

Try to indulge yourself with your friends in a healthy debate and communicate in English while doing this. Try to use an effective vocabulary and try to convince them about your point and speak against their argument in English.

  1. Have Knowledge:

have knowledge

Knowledge is important about what are you going to address. Choose appropriate topic and then read this topic thoroughly and got proper information about this. Do practice, that will make you perfect. You have a great and complete knowledge on your subject. Give chance to the audience to ask questions. If you know the answer to question arises from the audience, then reply them properly. But if you don’t know the answer, then say sorry rather give the wrong answer.

  1. Learn A New Word Every Day:

Learn A New Word Every Day

Every day find a new word, write it down, memorize it and learn how to use it in sentences and keep practicing the word in the sentence until you have learned it properly and use it regularly.

  1. Listen:


Try to watch movies in English and songs and news bulletin because you will learn a whole new bundle of words and you will see different expressions and you will learn these expressions to improve your skill. Try speaking like you watched and see how it sounds and this way you will improve your pronunciation too. When you are addressing, pays a great attention to listening power. Listen properly and then give an appropriate answer. Make sure your audience is not getting bored and they are listening to you and showing a response. To be a good speaker, try to enhance your listening powers. Listening and speaking powers increase as practice more and more. Practice makes a man perfect, so, do more practice and be successful.

  1. Practice:


Patience is really important to man’s life. patience plays an important part in all aspects of life and helps the man to solve their worries with patience. When you are addressing, try to increase your patience levels. A number of peoples with good and bad natures may sit in front of you and have a different mindset. Some are your supporter and some are your opposite. So, show your love in front of your supporters and show your patience on your opponent.

  1. Read Out Loud:

Read Out Loud

You should get the script of your favorite tv show and act on it and see how good you sound while you speak your favorite tv show and read the newspaper little loud so you can hear and improve your pronunciation. While you act the tv script you can easily improve your pronunciation because you don’t need to worry about your grammar and other.

  1. Something To Talk About:

Something To Talk About

Sometimes when talking to your friends you should always have something nice to share with them in English to improve your speaking skills, like I read this beautiful article yesterday.

  1. Speak:


Speak properly is the first step, So, got good skills about speaking. Try to speak clearly and slowly and make sure everyone is understanding you. Remove shyness and be as more confident as you can while speaking and speak as much as you can and to all the people you can speak and do not be afraid of making any mistake while speaking. Learning to speak is also like learning to some sports game. The more you continue to speak your vocabulary gets improving and your skill gets improving with it too. The role of your voice is really important. Strong, loud, and clear voice increase your skills. You should have great speaking power and enhance it with confidence.

  1. Speak In Front Of Mirror:

speak in front of mirror

To improve your speaking skill talk with your own. Use a mirror and starts speaking. This is the best and easiest way to improve and increase your speaking powers. Imagine, you are in front of gathering not in front of the mirror and starts speaking. This thing will help you to increase your Confidence levels.

  1. Use A Dictionary:

Use A Dictionary

There are plenty of online dictionaries available so, you can increase your vocabulary easily and practice new words. You can also find new words. These online dictionaries also have an audio voice for words to improve the pronunciation so try to copy the vocabulary of these dictionaries and also try to copy the pronunciation you hear from the audio dictionary. You can also download an online app to improve your pronunciation.

  1. Use Technology:

Use Technology

The mobile phone can be used to improve your speaking skills. Record to your voice while speaking English and have a look how you sound when speaking and how you get improving every time you practice, and use the note to keep all the words you learn new and organize your favorite using an app.

  1. Watch Films And Make New Friends:

watch films

Watch the English movies and copy the actors and their pronunciation and have fun with it and also pay attention to new vocabulary you hear.

Try to have friends who are also learning to speak English and practice alongside them and exchange ideas, words, and share your notes with them.

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