Here Are Some Facts That Should Know About Siri

Here Are Some Facts That Should Know About Siri

Facts About Siri

Origin of Siri:

SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center, spin out the Siri. This one is the CALO project. SRI’s Dag Kittlaus is the co-founder of Siri. Harry Saddler, Adam Cheyer, and Tom Gruber also the co-founders of Siri.


In the start, it was not confirmed that Siri is related to iPhone. In 2011, the founder and CEO of Siri held a press conference and confirmed it. This is creative set with long term memory.

Voice actors:

The voice of Siri was the first time originated in July 2005. Susan Bennett provided the voice for Siri in America. She was also unknown but voice assistant of Siri. In October, Bennett revealed the voice actors of Siri. In September 2013, she again revealed the voice actors. Ed Primeau was the voice actor and he was also audio forensics expert.

The famous British journalist whose name was Jon Briggs, he provides an original male voice. His voice is listened by television, but not everyone was known to his voice. In November 2011, first time he disclosed in T.V, this was his voice. The Siri also launched female voice in June 2013.

Karen Jacobsen was the voice actress but she belongs to Australia. Her voice provided with the voice of “PS girl”. She also belongs to Australia.

iOS integration:

Siri was released with only one application named iOS operating system. It was released in February 2010. When Siri released then others also wanted to release this app for blackberry and android devices but this time they couldn’t release. Apple learned the application of Siri after two months to release the Siri. iPhone 4S released on October 4, 2011, with the Siri beta version. This app removed from iPhone stores due to some problems like financial enticements for the company. After that, the Siri app is used in iPhone and create a great system in iPhone. iPod also adds this app and released.

After sometimes, the creativity is badly affected by this app so, the company decided to remove this app and add another phone supportive app.  These devices were unable to support this app so removed. In June 2012, iPad supportive app is added. The touch support system was developed in September 2012.

Siri remote also released for T.V application in September 2015. In 2016, Mac support system was released and in 2017, Homepod system is released.

Features and options:

Siri and Apple offers a number of features to their users.

  • With the help of Siri, you can able to call, send the messages, and can also send emails. Read new messages and set time according to your need.
  • It also helps to check basic but important information such as weather of today and dollars rate.
  • Just set schedule events on this, it helps you to schedule your meetings. This is great advantages for the businessman.
  • You can easily set a device to take the pictures, you can send pictures, and receive new pictures. Wi-Fi connection also turns on and off. The brightness of phone Increase and decrease according to you need.
  • It makes the process of searching too easy.  Search different sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, helps us for finding pictures according to our mood.
  • It also entertains us the in different ways. Songs, videos, films, dramas, matches are easy to search and you can also download by this.
  • Siri offers a number of benefits to users. You just write your question on Siri and it will show all evidence about this question. Different features of Siri launched at different times. The app named “Hey Siri” launched in September 2015. It helps to recognize the sender and receiver voice.  The iOS 10 is launched in 2016. Released with a great developer named application programming interface (API).

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