Shashi Kapoor Biography – Early Life – Film Career – Death

Shashi Kapoor Biography – Early Life – Film Career – Death

He was called the handsome Kapoor of the Kapoor family. We are talking about the legendary actor.. ..Shashi Kapoor.


Shashi Kapoor was born on 18th March 1938. In Kolkata. Shashi Kapoor’s father…Prithviraj Kapoor was a theater artist. While running the theater company…he used to work in films, too. And, later, Shashi’s elder brother…Raj Kapoor also entered films. So did Shammi Kapoor. Shashi began to work in his elder… …Brother’s films as a child. In the 1951 film, “Awara”…Shashi Kapoor played Raj Kapoor as a child.

By the time he grew up…he has associated with his father Prithviraj Kapoor….in theater. He toured. And he acted on stage, too. When it came to films.. ..he worked as an assistant director.. ..on his brother’s films, too.

Films like “Shriman Satyavadi” and “Dulha Dulhan”. In 1961, he starred as the leading man.. the film, “Dharamputra”. It was directed by Yash Chopra.

Shashi Kapoor’s acting was appreciated. But still, his films didn’t work. At one point in time, the media said he is jinxed. None of the leading ladies wanted to work with him. At such a time, Nanda stood by him. She acted with him. After the film, “Jab Jab Phool Khile”…they were considered a superhit pair. After this film, Shashi didn’t look back.


As a leading man, Shashi Kapoor….paired up with Raakhee, Zeenat Aman. Then, with Hema Malini, Parveen Babi…and Moushumi Chatterjee.

His golden career saw a great alliance…with Amitabh Bachchan, too. Films like “Suhaag”, “Deewar”. “Do Aur Do Paanch”, prove that…if Amitabh was complemented by an actor…it was Shashi Kapoor. He is older than Mr. Bachhan. But still, in “Deewar”, he played Amitabh’s younger brother. Shashi Kapoor set up his own production house, too. It’s called, Filmwallahs. And it produced the most amazing films. Whether it was the 1978 film, “Junoon”. “Kalyug” in 1981. Or, “36 Chowringhee Lane”. And after that, films like “Vijeta” and “Utsav”…proved that he was a great producer. The kind of producer who can make good films. By the end of the 80’s…he started acting in character roles, too. And, in 1984, he played a poet in a film. He performed so well, that even now it’s believed…that he was the only one…who could have played a poet in “Muhafiz”.

Shashi Kapoor always said his wife…Jennifer Kendal was his greatest inspiration. And after she passed away.. ..Shashi Kapoor was very lonely. That’s when he put on some weight. But he has an unusual love story. Jennifer’s father used to run a theater company. And she was a stage actress. Shashi saw her on one such tour. That’s it, he decided to marry her. The combination of an Indian boy and English girl.. ..during that era seemed impossible. But still he bravely asked her father.. allow him to marry Jennifer.

Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer…have three children, Kunal Kapoor…whom Shashi launched the film “Vijeta”. Karan Kapoor, who is a successful model. And, his daughter Sanjana Kapoor. She runs his theater company…Prithvi Theater.

Shashi is one of the few actors of Indian cinema…who have balanced films and stage. He will always be mentioned proudly in Indian cinema.

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