16 Scariest Demons And Their Links to Different Religions

Scariest Demons in Religion:

People are horrified often because of them. These creatures exist in every culture, tradition, and every religion all over the world. They are often described in the myths of the region or they are written in the religious books. These myths describe these deadliest creatures and demons the books terrify people to the horrors of these creatures. But some skeptics think these are just made up things for the story telling in the cultures. These demons and deadly creatures are linked with negative and horrifying events occurred in the past. But as the time passes these are turned into evil spirits and some turned up angels or some strange spirits that can control the human body after possessing its soul. The demon derives from a Greek word meaning powers device and spirit.

Here is the list of most terrify myth creatures.

  1. Abaddon:


Abaddon, look like a Satan but belongs to the group of angles. The characters of his explained as he is king of locusts. His body structure contains snake tail, evil eyes, and horrible wings. The word is derived from ancient Greek means destroyer.

  1. Abyzou:


Abyzou is a horrible demon. This is the myth of European people located near East. This one is female and attacks on a pregnant woman. The main purpose of this myth is to kill the new born babies and cause miscarriages. She is infertile and unable to give birth that’s why kills the infants.

  1. Agares:


Agares is a dangerous demon. He contains thirty-one legs with hawk of a sparrow. His appearance just looks like the crocodile. This is very ancient demons and known very ancient languages. Not only ancient he knew almost all languages of this creature. He has sticky tongue helps him to capture their enemies.

  1. Azazel:


The fact about the Azazel is present in the Jewish religious book. He was belonging to Grigori and call him chief of Grigori. They are the angles group who marry a human female and after that, they fall in hell. The original name is not confirming. After Satan, this one called Satan and very dangerous.

  1. Azi Dahaka:

Azi Dahaka

This belongs to the Iranian religion. This one is a famous myth. Azi Dahaka famous another name is storm demon. The main purpose of his life to attack human and steal cattle. His body structure like a snake with six horrible eyes and four head.

  1. Belphegor:


Belphegor is the type of demon according to Western demonology. This is one if the princes belong to hell. Total seven princes of hell and this one is in the center. The theme related to him is that he is greedy and do many bad jobs to become richer. He becomes richer but at the end, he falls into the hell.

  1. Buer:


Buer also belongs to hell. He is most powerful president of hell. He is the general of Fifty legions of demons. The characters of Buer described in the 16th century in demonological literature. Their body structure is very different with four goat’s legs helps him to move any direction and the lion head makes him more dangerous and powerful.

  1. Djinni:


Djinni belongs to a supernatural creature. They are well known to early Arabian after becomes famous among Islamic mythology. Quran also explains that they all are smokeless and scorching fire. They are also present by physically. They have the ability to interact with man and share their feeling and thoughts.

  1. Hundun:


Hundun is another monster in the Chinese mythology. The evil being is believed to be having no head and have created chaos disaster comparing to world Egg in Chinese cosmogony. The strangest thing about this creature is that Chinese believe this existed even before the humans being or the earth coming in place.

  1. Lemures:


Lemurs were believed to be related to Greek demon Lamia. It was believed to have a very deadly and horrifying appearance. The demon exists in the Roman religion.

  1. Pishacha:


Pishachas belongs to Hindu myth. This one is very dangerous with horrible eyes. The blood comes in the form of tears from his eyes. The color of his body dark with long black dirty hairs. His veins are prominent looks vein dangerous. His eyes showed his hunger for human meat.

  1. Preta:


Preta is Hungary demons. The spirit is found in Indian religion. These Preta wonders as ghosts and has a hunger that can never be satisfied according to religion, the people who are greedy and corrupt in their life will return as Preta in the coming lifetime.

  1. Ronove:


Ronove is Earl of the hell. It has other demons as his legions. He is described as having the staff. He is thought of taking the souls of old animals and humans from earth to hell of decrepit humans.

  1. Succubus:


The rape story focused on the man. We only know that the man raped a woman. But your concept is changed after reading about her. Succubus is a demon who raped man and boys. She first comes in dreams of boys and men. When they attack towards her, she raped them.

  1. Vetala:


Vetala is a ghostlike creature in Hindu Religion. These are known as spirits that possess the empty places and cadavers. The Vetala can possess and leave the body by its will and it uses the dead body for movement and the body does not decay due to Vetala.

  1. Xing Tian:

Xing Tian

Xing Tian is not a demon or any creature it is an evil god. The evil god fight the real divinity for its evil supremacy and continue fighting even after it loses its head in a fight. After losing the fight for evil supremacy and heaving beheaded before righteous god the god was then buried Chnagyang mountains China. After losing his head in the fight he continues to fight with an ax and a shield in its hands, and uses its bellybutton as his mouth and nipples as eyes, the evil god was scary or not but it was really weird though.

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