10 Families That Rule The Wealth of World

Want to know the shortest way to become rich? Here is the solution, born in a rich and royal family. But that is not in our hand, is it? Here are the ten wealthiest families in the world who control the major portion of wealth in the world. Basically, these all ten are spread in 4 countries. The way of making money include the candy business in one family and for others, it is international finance and the generations of entrepreneurs and the royalty. One of them has 2 million employs in their business yep shocked. And only one family is led by a woman. So, here they are:

  1. Arnault Family, France:

Arnault Family

This billionaire family of France is worth $37.7 billion. The family acquired the fame from its luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and LVMH. The family business was started by the Bernard Jean Etienne Arnault and he is still chief executive of the brand. His sons Delphine and Antoine are the two active persons in the company.

  1. Bettencourt Family, France:

Bettencourt Family

This billion family is from France and the total net worth of the family is $42.7 billion. The company was started in 1909 when a young chemist developed a unique formula to dye hairs. The name is Eugene Schueller. The Paris city of France was already the fashion capital of the whole world. So, Eugene found a very promising marketplace to start his billionaire journey. That journey ended with the giant brand which earned his family billions the name runs by L’OreaL’. Liliane the daughter of Eugene took over the company after her father died, and currently, she is the richest women on the planet.

  1. Cargill-MacMillan Family, United States:

Cargill-MacMillan Family

This billionaire family has the net worth of $45 billion. The company was started by William Wallace Cargill in 1865, and this company is the only private business company with wealth more than Koch industry. The family has more number of billionaires than any other family in the world 14. 90 percent of the company’s wealth is under Cargill family.

  1. Cox Family, United States:

Cox Family

The Cox family has a net worth of the $34.5 billion. Unlike the Saudi ruling family, the Cox family is not who turned the government money into the family wealth. Ohio State for two consecutive terms, then he ran for the president in 1920 but failed. After this failure, he bought some newspapers and started a media brand, during his relation to the democratic party. For now, in 2016 the business is seen by two his grandsons.

  1. House of Saud, Saudi Arabia:

House of Saud

The house of Saud is believed to have the net worth of $1.4 trillion. The modern government in Saudi Arabia started in 1932 by this family, but the family is ruling the country since the 1700s. For now, the family is being controlled by the King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al Saud. The source of family’s wealth is oil reserves all across the country. The family controls the oil wells of the country.

  1. Koch Family, United States:

Koch Family

The Koch family has the approximated net worth of $89 billion. Koch industry is the 2nd largest group of private companies around the world which mainly trade in different multinational groups in, ranching, chemicals, fertilizers, oil, household items, real estate and commodity trading. The company was launched in 1940 as an oil refinery founded by Fred C. Koch. But the company in real terms flourished under his son’s control.

  1. Mars Family, United States:

Mars Family

Mars family is believed to have a net worth of $80 billion. The family’s business revolves around candy business. The family is producing sweet candy from 1911 and Mars corporation is the largest candy producing company of the world. The founder is Franklin mars but the main credit is given to his son who added M&Ms and Mars Bar.

  1. Rothschild Family, Germany:

Rothschild Family

The total worth of this family is believed to be more than $350 billion but this is a rough idea. Because this family has a secret, the secret we people might not even dream. Their business is mainly related towards banking and this goes past to 1700s. Mayer Rothschild, the first men to start the banking system was a finance manager in the royal family of Germany. He used his influence with Royals to start the banking system for Germany. When his five sons become to manhood he started to expand his system in other cities of different countries like London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Naples.

So, from this seed, the current banking tree flourished which control banking system of many countries. The family slogan is integrity, industry, and harmony. The family members keep low profiles and start private business activities due to this they are considered the family who has roots in the conspiracy. But it is difficult to identify their holdings and all of their descendants.

  1. Slim Family, Mexico:

Slim Family

This billionaire family is from Mexico and the total net worth of the family is $77.1 billion. The Carlos Slim Helu the founder is the 4th richest person right now. The family owns the 40% of stock exchange market of Mexico. Mr. Sslim remained the richest person in the world for three years till 2013. The empire is revolved between his son’s.

  1. Walton Family, United States:

Walton Family

The Walton family has the net worth of $152 billion. Sam Walton is the one who started the shopping empire for the family, the first Walmart was started in July 1962, by the name of Walmart discount city in Kansas. But the man was burning his body in the shopping franchises from the 1900s and also 1950s early part just to understand the roots of the industry. He built his shopping empire in very short time in on the 3rd number of the list of richest families in the world. Walton has the biggest network of employees all over the world. His company is the largest private organization who employees 2.1 million people all around the world.

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