10 Facts About Giant Pyramids Wonders of Ancient Technology

10 Facts About Giant Pyramids Wonders of Ancient Technology

Pyramid of Giza

Mankind has been impressed by the historical pyramids of Giza for centuries. The pyramids are located in the desert and stand very high up to the mighty height of 139 meters. For a very long time the pyramids were believed to be the tallest structure, these were built by pharaoh Khufu almost 2550 years ago. While the second historical pyramid was built by his son almost 2520 years ago. The second pyramid is made of limestone with the body like a shape of the lion. The smallest pyramid is the third one and was built by Pharaoh Menkure almost 2490 years ago. Some researcher proposed that these structures might be older than they are thought. This theory suggests that these structures were already present and Khufu just claimed them.

For the scientists, they believed it could have taken 20 years for 20,000 men to built these great structures. This is quite interesting because history tells us they only used wooden toys and pulleys. So, it is quite difficult to believe that these structures were made out of these tools and with these few workers and this short time. For studying years, scientists are still confused how these structures were built with such conciseness. We are still not able to make like them with these days facilities, not even smaller like them with the same correction and beauty. So, according to studies to built these giant pyramids the tools didn’t exist in those times, and we are not sure how they were built. But these pyramids are one of those seven wonders of the ancient civilization that are surviving till now.

  1. Alignment With The North Pole:

Alignement with the north pole

A lot of theories are used for the claudication of pyramid, especially Great pyramid. Its alignment is really attractive have great features.  Its north axis is aligned about 0.15 degree. The old Egyptian believed that point has great supernatural powers. The great shining powers are present here and illuminated this area of the Great pyramid. The points change with time and now numbers of times exist in this era about the pyramid.

  1. Casting Stones:

Casting Stones

Once white limestone covered great pyramid. This is called casting stones and look very attractive that time.  It looks like a diamond shining in the center of the desert. It reflects the sunlight and illuminated. The stones with different cuts into specific angles are used for the making of this great pyramid. It gives the smooth and flat appearance. The casting stones lose after the great earthquake. This earthquake removes all stones, some breaks and falls to inner sides of great Pyramid.

  1. Eight-Sided Precision:

Eight-Sided Precision

The great pyramid’s structure is just like four side specimen. But if you move around it, then it seems it is in the air and have eight sided. This thing showed its great design and the great thinking of its builder. Some peoples believed that this one formed due to great erosion. It’s great structure attracted a number of peoples and gains huge response from tourists. This one famous from its establishment.

  1. Intricate Tunnel Systems:

Intricate Tunnel Systems

Almost every day there is a new discovery about the pyramids, there were tunnels found beneath the pyramids that suggest the modern civilization existed. These tunnels go very deep towards the desert made out of limestone bedrock. That suggests more studies and discoveries are needed to be made. Brien an archeologist made some discoveries that suggest the living of a modern civilization is possible. The recent discovery made by some foresters include the presence of huge boxes present deep under the mazes the boxes were cut with Granite Aswan that suggest the level of precision. Scientists believe that these might have been used to cage the prized bull.

Scientists believe that these might have been used to cage the prized bulls underneath but the problem with the theory is there is no sign of bulls in them. Some believe that these might be a source to store ancient form of energy, but the original and authentic role of these boxes is still to be unknown and remain an unsolved mystery.

So, these pyramids suggest that there might be modern civilization existed in those time almost 4500 years ago that was able to create this. And the technologies that needed to build this might have existed and the civilization would be more modern than us in that time.

  1. Khufu’s Coffin:

Khufu’s Coffin

The Khufu is great structure, a different mortar was used for the establishment of this chamber. This one is large, hollow, and massive. This was build and everyone wonder to see this chamber. But the exact use of this unknown. Granite Solid piece was used for sarcophagus manufacturing. Great Numbers of holes are also present. These things arise some unknown questions and facts.

  1. Mysterious Shafts:

Mysterious Shafts

There are several theories about the shafts found inside these pyramids. The angles from these mysterious shafts suggest that these might a little correlated with celestial bodies. But the question to be answered is how much sophisticated was the technology then and why do they need to go such precision to make these structure.

The alignments found in these structures is still a mystery and if we follow the Egyptian history we are still unable to found the literature related to these pyramids and how these were made. Some suggest that these shafts might be for the ventilation purpose but the not even reach the surface through any means to relate to ventilation.

  1. Mortar Of Unknown Origin:

Mortar Of Unknown Origin

The pyramid is constructed with mortar.  With the passage of time, its real identity changed and now no one is able to find to an exact moisture of building. The motor is made up of gypsum that is different to present day cement. This mortar used in old age and it resembles to present day bricks.

The old Egyptian used mortar as filler within the stones used for building material. The great amount of mortar used for the construction of great Pyramid almost estimated 500,000 tons of mortar were used. Gypsum mortar is stronger than present day mortar.

  1. Size And Weight Of Materials:

Size And Weight Of Materials

The pyramids massive gain third largest position. The size is consist of 2.3 weight, almost 2.3 million blocks and 15 tons pieces. The great time is served by the construction of this pyramids. This is one of the oldest pieces of this earth and largest also. It gains the high attention of tourists every year.

  1. Strange Heat Spots Observed:

Strange Heat Spots Observed

The three great pyramid produced a great amount of heat. In 2015, the investigation showed. They are able to absorb the high amount of sun rays and increased the temperature. No one knows the exact purpose of the great pyramid. Some people think maybe this was the ship of alien.

  1. 20-Ton Door:

20-Ton Door

A huge and large number of doors are also important features of this pyramid.  The doors are present in great numbers and so perfectly fitted their position. \A great mechanism is needed to open and closed these doors. These doors were discovered when the great Pyramid was discovered. The doors are of 20 tons and more weight. This is a very attractive feature and it increased the curiosity of peoples how old Egyptian open and closed these doors.

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