The Importance of Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and Meditation:

prayer and meditation

Read the Definition of Prayer and Meditation and try to find the differences and different similarities between them.

Definition of Prayer:


In a humble way make a request, talk to GOD with admiration, confession, petition, and with great thanksgiving.

Definition of Meditation:


This is a type of mental exercise. To engage mind with exercise. Take long and repeat breathe. The main reason of mediation is to reach their mind towards awareness and got the high level of spiritual awareness.

The purpose of Prayer and Meditation:

The main purpose of both is different but use of mind and concentrate on thoughts is same.

There are 7 billion types of prayers that exist and performed in a different way. On the other hand, meditation also exists in 7 billion different forms. The main concern of all that to reach towards the spiritual awareness. The difference exists according to the nature of the man and goals are different. Thousands of Prayers and meditations are exist performed in different ways. Some performed aloud and some performed silently.

The Facts about prayer:

  • Christianity, Judaism, and Islam perform prayers. Prayers are the major part of someone’s life.
  • Muslims offer their prayers five times in a day.
  • Christianity and Judaism also perform their prayers on the regular basis.
  • When people start their prayers, they are actually connected to their GOD. They start talking with GOD and told all of their worries in front of GOD.
  • They assume GOD is just present in front of them and he is hearing their worries with great attention.
  • During prayers, they request to GOD fulfills their wishes, gives happiness, forgive them, and mark their life happy and peaceful.

The Facts about Meditation:

  • Meditations are not restricted to one religion. Numbers of people belong to different countries and regions and they perform meditation on the regular basis.
  • Mediation is the major part of Eastern religions. The founder of Buddhism named Siddhartha Gautama was done different types of meditations. And a number of meditations come from his religions.
  • Most of the meditations are based on focusing on the soul of man for spiritual awareness rather to concern with GOD.
  • Actually, the Buddhism is the disbeliever of GOD.
  • Formalities exist in mediation. Sit straight with silence. Different thoughts will come and hit in your mind.
  • The most famous meditation is Mindfulness meditation. In this meditation sit and breathe and just follows breathing ways.

Similarities and difference exist between them here are some differences and also similarities that will clear the points of Prayers and meditation.

Similarities between Prayer and Meditation:

Both are quite same. Sit and talk to God silently. Pay all of your attention on God. Prayer and meditation, both help to make us a better person and maintains the peaceful conditions. Both decreased our harsh actions and increase the forgiveness powers. Both are really helpful in our life.

Differences between Prayer and Meditation with Scientific Reasoning:

Scientifically mediation is more effective than prayers. The mediation has no restrictions and easy to perform. No any type of limitations exists. In this earth, meditation is more prevalent and reasonable as compare to prayers. Prayers are different from religion to religion. Not only different from religions but also from denomination to denomination and also from another way named congregation to congregation.

Few points are described below about the prayer:

  • Self-control major issue of their lives and it could gain with the help of prayer.
  • Forgiveness is tough but really important gain with the help of prayer.
  • Stress frequently related to our lives. So, prayers help to release and overcome the stress.

Mediations major concerns described below:

  • Meditation helps to overcome stress within a short time. Help to come out of stress.
  • Meditation also helps to control on yourself in harsh conditions.
  • Empathy can develop with the help of meditation.
  • Forgive to others is a major and good way to live happy and peaceful life so meditation helps to increase the element of forgiveness.

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