Facts About Parent-Child Relationship

Facts About Parent-Child Relationship


Everyone knows that all peoples are different to each other. The most supportive in this world are parents. Parents have great responsibilities to make their child healthier, wealthier and wise. This one only happens when you take your responsibilities too seriously. Here is the list of a number of clues helps to make perfect and supportive parents.

  1. Be polite:

If you want your children’s to be polite and kind, you should be kind to them. And try using words like please and thank you around them, because the children always pick up the things that adults do. You have to treat every single person with kindness around, the bus driver, the gardener, teachers, family, and in the market.

  1. Be positive:

If you are negative to your child than it is an alarming situation because it will effect on every situation even in the kinder gardeners and in being the aggressive behavior of the child in life, in the start, and in through. This may continue in the romantic life too, so you need to get calm and appreciate e a little.

  1. Eliminating the negativity from the children’s mind:

When you child comes in teenage this time they received a number of changes and you feel the great change. They start a number of good and bad activities. You responsible for treating them with love and care. Understand their movement and treat accordingly. Your harsh attitude made them rebel. Your support and attention decreased the chances of mistakes.

  1. Encourage friendships:

It is seen that people don’t let their children develop preteen and teen friendships, but it is seen that these friendships are very important for the social life of your children.

  1. No comparison with other children:

Everyone has their own identity.so identify own real and good capabilities. Comparing made man weak and complex. Don’t compare their child these things made them weaker and confused. Understand your child’s capabilities and starts polishing them. When you start supporting and polishing them they increased their confidence level. The confidence made their personality and successful beings.

  1. Show respect to their creativity:

Don’t impose your own dreams on your children. They have own dreams and want to fulfill them. You should support them. When you imposed their liking on them they confused. They unable to do what you want and what they want. If you forced them to study the way you want they unable to read properly because their mindset is totally different from you and you also unable to understand. To make your child perfect and healthier in their lives you should support them always and increased their confidence. These supports make them a perfect and successful in their lives.

  1. Strictness has weighty consequences:

Controlling your children and showing to be a strict parent to your children can have a long negative effect on your child’s physical health, as published in a research in 2014. It is seen their children will be obese.

Their research has shown the parents who are strict to 2-5 years children and don’t let them communicate with outside truly their children are obese mostly.

  1. Talk to your parents as friends:

If you still treat your child as 6 or a 16 teen you may be being awkward. And if you only talk about the family sharing and family weekends holidays and family pictures, you need to get a little change in behavior. You need to develop a little friendly behavior to eliminate the barrier in communication.

  1. Too much attention is not good:

Avoid giving so much attention and care your child. When you give so much care they unable to be independent. They always depend on you for everything. The attitude was not will matured and they unable to bear the harsh time in future. Gives the numbers of the task and support them. These types of activities made them experienced and very helpful in future. Practically helped them and explained the real terms of life.

  1. Tell your parents what bothers you:

If you don’t share your resentments and your views with your parent it might get in the way in certain things. For example, you might be accepting every the say that is wrong like they are constantly calling you in your office you need to share with them that this is effecting your performance at job and you might lose it. you need to be open with your parents.

  1. Try to think of their age:

If you think what you child thinks It decreased the chances of their failure. When you understand what they want to decree the chances of more failure. The different children have different mental level. Parents explain the lager and bitter reality of lives on them very small age. It ruined their personality. You need to understand their habits and nature and polished them accordingly. When you start to understand their weak points actually you start polishing them these thinks are very helpful and makes them perfect gradually.

  1. Try to overcome the generation gap:

Generation is the main fault of this age. When we look back towards the 90s the child was very simple and not know more about gadgets. They have no idea about Google and other websites. But now a number of the websites are lunched. These websites have advantages and disadvantages.  The important things are that how they use these and what they see. It is really important to see the activities of your child. Parents unaware the activities of the child and what they are doing. So, it’s important to make their child successful pay attention on them.

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