Life Style of World’s Most Powerful Man Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Russian president: Vladimir Putin The president of Russia is believed to be the most powerful man in the world right now. He has been elected three times as the Russian president. During a recent claim of a journalist, he might be the world’s richest person also, according to him Putin might more than the total worth of Jeff Bezos the ...

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12 Mysterious & Strange Buildings All Over The World

1. Big pineapple Located in Queensland, Australia: This is an old heritage building situated in Queensland Australia. It is an old tourist heritage place. The big pineapple building was included to Queensland heritage in 2009. It is a very famous tourist place. Big award winning music festivals are organized by the owners every year by the name of big pineapple ...

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28 Odd Birth Defects That Few Children Bear When They Born

Birth Defects: We all have a unique mixture of shared traits when we born, for example, our eyes may be blue or brown and may rarely have gray or green colored. The combination of traits marks us unique. Here some strange things only a few children possess. 1. Albinism: Albinism is a condition when babies born with no color. No melanin is ...

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Here Are 30 Friendliest Cities of World


Friendliest Cities: Wanna know about the friendly cities around the world and visit them and enjoy their leisure. A New York magazine with almost 5 million followers ask their followers to rate the most friendly cities around they have visited and enjoyed their stay. Because to know the behavior of the local people matters when you want to travel to ...

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Facts About 13 Marvelous Underground Temples


Normally we see the religious buildings built in such a way to be airy who let the air in and is supposed to let the light of the god in. but this design is not followed everywhere. Sometimes it is seen that people go underground to pray their religion. It is also seen in some places religious temples are built ...

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15 Of The Creepy Insect Species Human Hates

Most Hated Insects

Insects are considered most hated creature on this earth. A number of dangerous diseases are caused by insects such as yellow fever, malaria, and Lyme disease. Numbers of peoples in this world are affected by insects and many of them die in the different regions of the world. The recent fever caused by an insect is Dengue. This fever affects the ...

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All You Need To Know About 16 Marvelous And Biggest Palaces Of World


Determining world’s biggest palaces is rather a tough task because different countries have different criteria to entitle their forts as they are biggest. Actually, defining a palace is also somewhat ambiguous. Some claims that a palace must once be the royal residence, whereas others used to say that it is an official habitation of a supreme, leader, bishop or president ...

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10 Nutrients That Are Helpful To Stop Hair Fall

Disregard expensive supplements and serums —your leading step in reducing baldness ought to be altering your diet. If you see more filaments in your hair brush than normal. Then keep in mind that you are not the single one. It was estimated that about 80 million inhabitants of America go through female- or male-pattern hair loss with the increasing age. ...

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8 Nutrients That Decrease Your Stress Unsurprisingly


What to consume—and escape—in case you are feeling stressed and anxious. In late winter, if you drank more than one cup of coffee and would become more fidgety as compared to a squirrel, then your worst anxiety and stress is not surprising as it is associated with what you have consumed. However, it may not be surprising that some drinks ...

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Here are Top 15 Female Serial Killers of America


In America, serial killers are mostly white males, but the serial killers are present in all genders and races. Here we are discussing some serial killers who are females and have their different methods and motivations. Aileen Wuornos: Born: 29 February 1956 Died: 09 October 2002 Wuornos is the main character of this. This crime serial is full of Wuornos ...

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