Here Are 9 Ways To Overcome Your Stress With Pets

Here Are 9 Ways To Overcome Your Stress With Pets:

Overcome Your Stress With Pets

Pet animals are not only our good friends but they can make us comfortable when we are astounded. Harvard school of public health directed a survey in which many people claimed that stress is fewer while spending time with pet animals. Following are some reasons because of which stress can be released by passing time with pet animals:

  1. For some people, animals really do provide the best therapy:

Many doctors claimed that dogs are stress-releasing pets. They are very helpful in controlling our anxiety and nervousness. A doctor has certified dogs as emotional supporting animals as they can give you a better company at home as well as out of the home. If a person is having some mental or physical disorder, then it can be treated by having a friendship with pet animals as it is declared that dogs can make you feel relax.

Debra F. Horwitz, DVM, said that it is not easy to cure a disease just by having a pet. This is more important to consult a doctor about any disease whether it is mental illness or some physical disorder.

  1. Pets can improve your relationships:

Having a good relationship with your pet also helps you in having a healthy relationship with other human beings. Because the animals don’t care what are you wearing and who are they just want to be around you and to play with you. Moore says this caring and playful relation with animals have helped people in being comfortable with the company of others. In a research in 1997, in a nursing School of Michigan, this was seen that observing animals’ behavior helps you to gain patience and to gain more positive mental energy. Caring about your animals may also help you improve your abilities of openness and trust and companionship.

  1. People Don’t Feel Lonely:

people who have pets are not found to be saying that they feel lonely and this is a major way of stress release. This effect is because the animals are very friendly companions and they often encourage having friendly relations with other. Animals also help to change the perception of people towards you and also your opinion of people. And people feel comfortable to approach those with pets. In the street, if someone was passing by you and because he doesn’t know you, he will pass by you. But if you have a pet with you, he will say awe what a cute cat and praise the animal and talk to you.

  1. They are also therapeutic:

Moore says the pet animals are very often used in schools and other institutes like hospitals for therapies. She added, she took her dog to some school and she updated that the results were very good. People sometimes are very reluctant in the opening before some other people but will open freely before the animal and share their everything with them. Furthermore, she says that sometimes coming back from a very stressful day to your house where your friendly animal greets you like a rock star can have a drastic effect on your personality. She adds this might be due to some early childhood memories and the pet can also be any animal like a cat, or spider, people feel very comfortable around them.

  1. They can bring down your blood pressure:

In Chicago, at the Rush University of Nursing, a Ph.D. professor named Lynne T. Braun said that having stress can cause a number of problems for our physical as well mental health. Due to increased stress, our heart rate can also be increased which is a major cause of having high BP. This may increase the rate of heart and high pressure of blood is very dangerous for health and are the cause of many other diseases. So, reducing stress is very necessary and for lowering stress one should spend time with pet animals. As pet animals reduce stress, there will be less chance of having blood pressure disorders. In Australia, a study was made of pet animals. This study showed that many people having pet animals are more happy, healthy and stress-free as compared to those who had not pet animals.

  1. They can help to solve your problems:

This was also observed that having pets can help you in solving your outdoor problems. Debra F. Horwitz, DVM, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, clarified that pet animals give us chances to go outside as we can walk with our pets out of the home. So, automatically we get more chances to go out and can solve our problems.

It’s a common tip that any time when you are feeling stressful; go outside with your pet. Playing with your puppy will make you feel relax. It will help you in reducing your stress and you will feel happy and comfortable.

  1. They can improve the nutrition of human beings:

It is obvious when you alongside a bad company you find it uncomfortable to eat properly but having a beautiful animal alongside, you will feel comfortable and it will improve your digestion and eating. Moore says that in some nursing homes it is seen that when a fish tank is present where people see beautiful fishes and tend to eat more there. Further, she adds it was proven by studies where some people asked to eat alongside pets and other alone and in an unpleasant company the people with pets ate more and were feeling good than others. It is seen having a pet increases healthy eating.

  1. They have the capability to relax you:

Having a pet may see to be enjoying for that animal. But this act can have a positive effect on you. This act can have a relaxing effect on you as well. Moore suggests that when a person pets an animal with a positive purpose it have a good effect on you and as well as on pet. She says when you give relaxing massage on all over its body it feels good to the animal. And also releases endorphins in you, the relaxing and good feeling hormone. This therapeutic massage can also be good to check for the bumps on the animal body or checking for ticks or fleas.

  1. They lower your stress hormones:

Fido is a pet dog. He is very friendly. Spending time with this beautiful pet can heal someone that he feels like getting body massage relaxation. These pet dogs can lower the stress by lowering the release of some stress hormones in the body naturally. Sandra Barker was Doctor of Philosophy. He was director of Center for the Human-Animal Interactions at the Virginia Common-wealth University School of the Medicine. And he feels that stress was released by spending time with a dog. He studied that reduction in stress is due to lowering the release of a hormone in our body named cortisol. When the amount of this hormone is lowered in our body, we feel relax.

Another study showed that spending time with dogs can increase the production of a hormone in our body. This anti-stress hormone is known as oxytocin. This hormone has the ability to decrease the stress and passing time with pet animals can increase its production.

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