30 Amazing Particulars regarding Noah and His Ark

32 Amazing Particulars regarding Noah and His Ark:

Noad and his Axes

Earth flooded by God for apologizing for human creation. An old man called Noah came to save earth from this devastation. He had kids at the age of 500 years. He constructed a huge ship after his selection by Allah. The ship was boarded thousands of animals and protects them from God’s damage of earth, also known as The Flood.

However, few questions still arise. Who was Noah’s mate? To what extent did he remain on the Ark? Was Noah a decent and honorable individual? Furthermore, what does the Tower of Babel need to do with the Flood?

Most fascinating facts about Noah and his constructed Ark are given below.

       01-10 Facts:

  1. The earth was flooded due to human mischiefs; however, that’s not totally the human’s mistake. Angels approach earth from paradise and saw pretty daughters of humans and wedded with the one they selected. As said by earliest sources such as Enoch, monsters were produced by the mating of wicked angels and humans.
  2. These monsters were termed as Nephilim and they were the champions of old, men of fame. Extra fact: Giant was a Nephilim.
  3. It’s not definite that Nephilim is responsible for The Flood. Some professionals thought that their existence is enough to smear human race off the earth.
  4. Noah was selected by God due to his ability of ship building. Noah also did a crime like others but he was a virtuous man, faultless between the individuals of that age. Thus, Noah would have been arbitrated more bitterly for his activities if he been in a different era.
  5. Noah’s grandfather, Methuselah, was the eldest person in Bible and 969 years old.
  6. Noah’s father name was Lamech and his mother name was not known.
  7. Noah is the 10th progeny of Adam. Noah was a planter.
  8. Noah’s spouse name was not stated in Bible and so her name is not known.
  9. Ham, Shem, and Joseph were three sons of Noah and he had them at the age of 500 years.
  10. The wood of the Ark is anonymous. The Bible version of King James states that gopher wood is used to build Ark, however today, a tree of such name do not present. Researchers say that incorrect word might have copied by copyists. Instead, in the NIV description, cypress wood used to make Ark which was used to construct ships by Phoenicians.

    11-20 Facts:

  11. Cubits are used to measure Ark, which arises from the Latin term “cubitum” or shove. The cubit length is measured by the elbow of a man and his middle finger slope.
  12. The Ark is 30-cubit in Hight, 50-cubit wide, and 300-cubit long. As a cubit is nearly 1.5 ft. so the Ark was close to 1.5 million cubic feet.
  13. The cubit is not a standard dimension. It varies between 15-22 inches, thus the precise measurement of the Ark might differ.
  14. The Ark was nearly three times smaller than Titanic, through a volume of 4.6 million cubic ft.
  15. Till 1990’s, for ship making, the proportion of the Ark (30:5:3) was still practiced.
  16. The Ark was completed in almost 100 years. At the age of 600 years, Noah starts the expedition of Ark.
  17. A pair of each animal was on the Ark, whereas God said Noah to take 7 pairs of each hygienic animal kind in a different paragraph of Bible and 1 pair of every impure animal type and 7 pairs of each bird kind. This shows that there might 14 of every uncontaminated animal on the Ark.
  18. The exact number of animals on the Ark is not known. One professional declares 2.15 million sheep on the Ark. While according to another professional, there were 16,000 animals on the Ark with respect to the room for sleeping and eating.
  19. There were 3 stories and a roof of small opening present on the Ark, but no navigating wheel. God piloted the ship and it was prepared to glide.
  20. For 40 days and 40 nights, rain and floodgates of paradise were unlocked. The water was about 23 feet or 15 cubits high as mentioned in Bible.

    21-30 Facts:

  21. They retreated for 100 days after 150 days remained of floodwater. It was the time when Noah directed out his dove and it returned with a branch of olive.
  22. Noah with his family was trapped on the Ark for a period of 1 year and 10 days.
  23. After the departure of the Ark, a rainbow was displayed by God as a sign of his promise for all human beings that the earth was never flooded again like that.
  24. God said Noah not to consume “meat having its sap static in it.
  25. The first drunk was the Noah. In the mankind antiquity, the first winery was produced by Noah, after that he drunk his creation till he was bare in his camp.
  26. Ham called out Sham and Japheth after seeing Noah drunk and bare in his pavilion and did not do anything else. When they reached, they pulled Noah from the tent, closing their eyes for not to see him naked.
  27. Ham was slaved to Japheth and sham by Noah for not helping him. Japheth and sham were then blessed for their activities by Noah. This too clarifies the battle among Canaanites (offspring of Ham and Canaan, Ham’s child) and the Semites (children of Sham).
  28. Noah survived for 950 years, 350 years after the Flood. As said by Josephus, the Tower of Babel was waterproofed with tar to safeguard them against the flood.
  29. The current position of the Ark is not known. Numerous missions were made to discover it after its reposed-on Mount Ararat.
  30. Ark was first discovered by Marco Polo after hiking in the snow for three days.

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