12 Mysterious & Strange Buildings All Over The World

1. Big pineapple Located in Queensland, Australia:

Big pineapple

This is an old heritage building situated in Queensland Australia. It is an old tourist heritage place. The big pineapple building was included to Queensland heritage in 2009. It is a very famous tourist place. Big award winning music festivals are organized by the owners every year by the name of big pineapple music festival. It was also selected by midnight oil for their concert series in 2017.  The building is 16 meters high and was opened for public in 1971. The building is designed by Peddle Thorp and Harvey and associates.

2. Cube houses Located in Netherlands:

Cube houses

These are actually series of houses built in cube shape designed by Piet Blom in Helmand and Rotterdam Netherlands. The houses are located above the subway station of Blaak in the street over black. The idea of the architecture was to build a village in the city with the house resembling the trees. The houses are built in idea to optimize the space in the world as house and rooms for the living. The design was tested three times before in 1974 and 1977 and 18 houses were constructed in Helmond.

3. Elephant Building Located in Bangkok, Thailand:

Elephant building

The building lies in the north business district of Bangkok. The building is 102 meters high and has 32 floors. It was completed in 1997. Elephant building was declared in 20 of the world’s skyscraper in 2011 by CNNG at no 4. The building also goes by the name of Chao building. The elephant buildings have everything in it, some floors consist of offices, others have residential suites and residential apartments, also there are shopping malls and swimming pools and a complete lifestyle.

4. Forest Spiral Located in Germany:

forest spiral

The actual name of the building is wald spiracle, it’s a residential building in Darmstadt Germany. The name is translated into English as forest spiral. The work was started in 1990. The building was completed in 2000, it was designed by an Austrian architecture Freidensreich. The plan was implemented by the architect Heinz m. Springman and the construction company was Bauverein Darmstadt Germany. The building has 105 apartments and a parking garage. Currently, it has no opening for visitors. The building has artificial lake inside.

5. Habitat 67 Located in Montreal, Canada:

Habitat 67

Habitat 67 is actually a normal and modern housing community in Montreal Canada. The building was designed by Moshe Safdie, actually, it was master’s degree thesis at McGill University in architecture. In 2017, there was commemorative stamp issued by Canada Post on the 50th birthday of Expo 67. Moreover, his thesis was selected for Pilkington prize the best thesis prize in Canada but failed to win, because of controversial evidence nature. Safdie despite being his young age and inexperience was awarded the project and he said it was a fairy tale dream come true for him.

6. Kansas City Public Library:

Kansas City public library

The library is situated in Kansas city Missouri. The library system works as a central library and branches present in the city, sugar creek, and independent.  The building has a collection of books on the history of Kansas, which include articles, newspapers, reviews, pictures and published material on the original history of local history. It was founded in 1873 and is the third largest and oldest public library in the city with. E library also has literature about African American culture and history. The special collection is present in valley room of central library Missouri.

7. Reversible Destiny Building Located in Japan:

Reversible destiny building

The building was completed in 2005, it was built for residential purposes in 9 units. The building is a modern way residential houses which are painted inside and outside with fourteen colors. The residential architecture was built in the memory of Helen Keller by the artist Shusaku Arakawa. The work is procedural architecture, and the building invites the visitors to discover the complete potential of the building. The building is run by the office of Arakawa Tokyo. The building is currently being used as cultural educational and for residential purposes, and some of its units are also long and short term lease based.

8. Robot Building Located in Thailand:

Robot building

The building is situated in business district Sathorn of Thailand. Which is actually the headquarter of the Thailand bank united overseas bank. The building was designed for the Bank of Asia by the architecture Sumet Jumsai. The building is named because of its receding walls eyes and antennas and robotic appearance. Robot building cost 10 million US dollars to complete, it was completed in 1987. This building is last the modern kind of architecture in Bangkok because modern architecture was disappeared in the mid-1980s in Bangkok.

9. Stone House Located in Guimarães, Portugal:

Stone House

Casa do Penedo is also called as the Stone House and Stone Castle. Stone House is an architectural memorial that is located in Northern Portugal between Fafe and Celorico de Basto. Guimaraes was the engineer who built this great monument. The construction of this building started in 1972 and it took two years to complete. The Stone House is Constructed between two huge and massive stones that linked with each other due to the concrete mix. The windows, Doors, fireplace and swimming pool are bullet-proofed inside the house. The interior of Stone House is just as rustic as from the outside.

There is no electricity present inside the house infect it is present near the wind electricity farm. It’s unique and incredible design attracts many tourists towards this house after its transformation into a museum. Infect the main purpose to build this house was the rural retreat.

10. The Basket Building Located in Ohio, United States:

The Basket Building

The Basket Building is located in the United States of America. The Longaberger Company was established in 1973 by Dave Longaberger. Founder of this building is Dave Longaberger and construction year is 1997. Many people convinced to Dave to change his idea to construct the building like a basket and go for the different thing but his mind was set.

The Headquarters of the American Longaberger Company of Baskets in Ohio. This amazing building exactly the shape of the basket and also famous to produce them. The American Longaberger Company is famous for manufacturing and distribution of handcrafted baskets that are made up of maple wood and other products of lifestyle. There are about 8,200 employees in this building.

The Build Ohio Award was also given to Longaberger Home Office in 1998 for its amazing synthetic and plaster system. The Longaberger Home Office attract the media all over the world.

11. The Crooked House Located in England:

The crooked house

The crooked house was originally a farm house and was built in 1765. In the 18th century because of mining activities, one side of the house started sinking. Later, it was announced as a public house and given the name of Siden house meaning crooked. Later, it was named after Glynne arms the landowner. The house is a restaurant and a pub in England’s south Staffordshire. One side of the building is bent four feet and is lower than the other. It came to know in the 19th century due to mining of subsidence. It is situated in close to Himley and is an isolated building.

12, Violin and Piano Shaped Building Located in Huainan, China:

Violin and Piano shaped building

Violin and Piano shaped building is built in 2007 and it is located in China, Huainan city. It serves as the showroom and amazing place for tourists, newly wedded people come there for their photo shoot. Violin and Piano Shaped Building is an incredibly the luxury property of China. It has been believed the most romantic building in China by local people.

It was designed by the students of the Hefei University of Technology. The entrance of violin and piano building built on a 50:1 scale. The building includes meeting rooms, escalators, and space for events like weddings. The violin is completely made up of transparent and black glass and it serves as the entrance of the house. An escalator is present in the violin that will help to lift people into the main portion of a house, the grand piano.

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