Mysterious Facts About 16 Haunted Castles

16 Haunted Castles:

Have you ever watched a horror movie that gives you chills? Let’s now go through some mysterious, spine chilling and supernatural castles ever in the world that will surely give you nightmare. These are the site of Cruel, hard-hearted, merciless hunts, murders and other terrifying events that have led to enormous paranormal activities in these castles. From the wicked Frankenstein Castle (Germany) to Czech Houska Castle all are said to be haunted by evil spirits and ghosts and it is surely not recommended to stay in any of these castles unless you like to be accompanied by evil creatures…

  1. Belcourt Castle in Rhode Island:

Belcourt Castle

One of the most haunted places in Rhode Island this castle was made for famous Politician Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont by architect Richard Morris in the 19th century. It was bought by the Tinney family of Cumberland and it is claimed that spirit Harold Tinney a member of this family resides in this castle

  1. Bran Castle in Romania:

Bran Castle

Bran Castle is one of the most horrible and terrifying castle of the world as it is haunted by a cruel Romanian ruler who as famous as Vlad the Impaler also is known Vlad III. Inspired by Vlad III the Gothic horror novel Dracula was written by Bram Stoker. One more weird suspicion about this castle is that there is a gold casket in one of its chapel where the heart of Queen Marie is put and buried.

  1. Castle Fraser in Scotland:

Castle Fraser

It is reported that a princess had murdered her while she was sleeping and her dead body was dragged along stairs and the blood stains resided the whole way which was tried to remove by many residents but all of them failed to do so the stains were then covered which still reside there and her spirit is still rumored to stalk the halls of this castle

  1. Castle of Bardi in Italy:

Castle of Bardi

This castle is claimed to be haunted by an army captain Moroello who killed himself after knowing that his lover Soleste had died. This castle is made a museum but it is rumored that this castle is still taken up by Moroello’s spirit and he roams the castle searching his love.

  1. Castle of Good Hope in South Africa:

Castle of Good Hope

This castle is the most haunted place in South Africa. It was publicized as a national monument in 1936. This was built in 17th century by Dutch East India Company.  It is rumored that it is haunted by spirits of one of its resident Lady Anne Barnard, a soldier who hanged himself here and many others.

  1. Castle of Horst in Belgium:

Castle of Horst

This castle is present in Holsbeek. It’s claimed to be haunted by the previous landlord of this castle Lord of Rode. He Doubted his wife for having affair with a priest and murder that priest. It is rumored that his spirit couldn’t find rest because of this murder.  It is said that the former owner comes there every night in a horse-drawn carriage.

  1. Chateau de Brissac in France:

Chateau de Brissac

Present in west central France this castle was built in the 11th century.  It is rumored that in this castle a resident caught his wife with a man and killed them both. Now, this castle is made a hostel and it is claimed that many haunting activities are reported like something traumatic occurs, ghostly sighting and mysterious sounds etc.

  1. Dragsholm Castle in Denmark:

Dragsholm Castle

This mysterious castle is one of the most haunted places in Denmark and possesses a number of ghosts. One of these is a white lady who is said to be imprisoned by his father in one of the rooms of the castle after his father was suspicious of her affair with a local person. In the 20th century, a construction worker found a box containing a skeleton with a white dress from one of the walls of the castle.

  1. Frankenstein Castle in Germany:

Frankenstein Castle

This castle is present in city Darmstadt in Centre of Germany. This castle is said to be haunted by the spirit of a Knight Arbogast who was the resident of this castle in ancient times. Mary Shelley a novelist wrote a novel Frankenstein after inspiring from this castle. The castle was investigated by Ghost Hunters International team in 2008. And the presence of paranormal activity and ghosts was manifested.

  1. Houska Castle in the Czech Republic:

Houska castle

This is one of the weirdest and cursed placed of Europe present just outside Prague. Having no battlement this castle was not built for any ruler. It is claimed that is was built to cover a hole that was called a gateway to hell from where half human and half animal like creatures emerged. This castle was made to keep demons confined to the hole.

  1. Larnach Castle in New Zealand:

Larnach Castle

This castle is one of the creepiest places in the world located in Otago Peninsula at Ridge in New Zealand.  This castle was the home of a prominent entrepreneur and politician William Larnach. And is claimed to be haunted by his wife Eliza and daughter Kate.

  1. Leap Castle in Ireland:

Leap Castle

It was built in 13th century by an Irish O’Bannon clan. This castle has a long and cruel history. Many people were imprisoned and killed here. Moreover, in this castle’s chapel, a hard-hearted and harsh fratricide was committed which is now known as Bloody Chapel.  Many ghosts and evil spirits are reported to be present here including a brutal and blood-thirsty spirit who is called the Elemental and is recognized by the presence of sulfur and rotting flesh.

  1. Moosham Castle in Austria:

Moosham Castle

This castle was built in the last of the 12th century.  This castle has fully gloomed and notorious history as during brutal witch trials many young ladies were executed here. Now a day, it is called the Witches Castle. It is said to have also served as werewolves´ refuge as dead bodies of many deer and cattle were found near it in the 19th century.

  1. Predjama Castle in Slovenia:

Predjama Castle

Famous for its unique construction this castle has a vicious past. In 15th century knight, Erazem resided here.  After long besieging by the army, he was killed in this castle after which this castle is reported to be haunted.  It was investigated by Ghost Hunters International in 2008.

  1. Wolfsegg Castle in Germany:

Wolfsegg Castle

This castle is the residence of ghosts for more than 500 years. And is located in Bavaria a state of Germany. In the 16th century, the owner of this castle suspected his wife of having an affair. He hired 2 farmers to kill her. After some time, he and his son mysteriously died it is claimed since then this castle is haunted. Skeletons of many animals having unknown origin are found from the nearby cave.

  1. Zvikov Castle in the Czech Republic:


This castle is early Gothic style important castle in the Czech Republic. It is rumored to be haunted by Rarasek a supernatural being. Many mysterious events like electromagnetic anomalies, weird behavior of animals, strange technical problems etc. are rumored to be happen here. It’s claimed that whoever sleeps in the main tower will die within a year.

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