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Mia Khalifa:


If someone is not known about Mia Khalifa name, then he/ she must be lying or corporeal beneath rock all time. On 28 December 2014, Mia was ranked number one fascination by a website showing caricatures and other stuff for children who grown-up. She born and raised in the Middle East. She was greatly criticized by many because of her vocation and craving, and her country’ people patented her occupation choice as disgraceful in jealousy with her fame. People even titled her a shame for her country.

This article contains almost everything you must know about Mia Khalifa, the youth sensation of Lebanese-America. We will discuss here that how Mia winning the circlet from Lisa Ann and became number one investigated mature flick celebrity on the Internet. She also gave the forename Mia Callista. After getting the rank of number 1 star from a website, she entered into adult movie production in 2014.

Name: Mia Khalifa or Mia Callista

Birth Place: The city of Lebanon, the Beirut

Born: 10 February 1993

Nationality: Lebanese and American

Height: 5.2 feet

Education: Bachelor degree from Texas University of El Paso

Language: English

Profession: Adult Artist



Mia Khalifa opens her eyes as an infant in the city of Lebanon, Beirut, but at the time of her teenage, she relocated to Maryland. In 2014, Mia made her first smut flick and from that time she aggravated disgrace in the Middle East. Some claimed that she lived an immoral life and must be slain, while criticizers blame her of insulting her belief. Mia is a Christian Lebanese.

She has a height of 5 feet and 2 inches.

A Lebanese auditor examines that people are snubbed and upset because of her work particularly due to the reason that she frequently brags her culture on Instagram and Twitter by posting pictures of her Arabian command.

Mia Khalifa responded on Twitter by saying that does the people of Middle East not have any other thing to concern about other than me? What is about the funding of a president? Or holding Isis?”

Replace Other Famous Models:

Replace Other Famous Models

She played the role model of Sofia Vergara and Kim Jardashian, which is not a surprise. Her Arabic tattoo covers lines from a national psalm of Lebanon. Mia comprises a link on her page of Twitter for her somber followers. And she also deposed Lisa Ann because of her familiarity.

Currently, she lives as a single in Miami, the Florida.

Mia is a filthy celebrity and also plays a role of a mature model. Now she is the most seen celebrity of the occupation she has. She merged into this industry in the year 2014. She already has fame. Mia is also indulging in a contentious movie that made her famous.

Career Story:

Career Story

She was born on 10 February 1993 and has an ancestry of Lebanon. In 2000, her parents migrated to the USA and started living in Maryland. At that time, she was a teenager as she was seven years old at that time. Mia passed her bachelor degree and completed graduation in history from Texas University (El Paso). She has a background of Catholic but now not committed with it. She is also known as Mia Callista.

Before working as a smut star, she was an employee in a restaurant selling fast food named “Whataburger”. She worked there because, at that time, she was unaware of her future profession. A buyer queried her that if she craved ever to fix obscenity. The offer was accepted by her as she realized that it is a one-time chance in the whole life and that she can also make a career by availing this opportunity.

Sudden Popularity:

Sudden Popularity

She gets popularity over a highly contentious video that released in quick 2015. In that video, she was wearisome a ‘hijab’ while carrying out her unusual bents. In that video, she describes hijab as “gross” and “problematic”. This causes her to become Witticism core’s no. 1 rummaged star. However, the video reaped much condemnation from Lebanon. Even the death threats were given to her from Lebanon and people of other Muslim countries in Middle-east.

Parent’s Anger:

Parent’s Anger

Mia’s parents left her alone because of her profession in the adult industry. Another reason for her parent’s anger is her turning a Catholic from a Muslim.

She was greatly criticized by the people of her country and she was branded as a disgrace to her country. Mia was given death fears and indicted of damaging Islam. She answered that it was unplanned. Mia also alleged that Muslims portrayed in more adverse ways by Hollywood than a mature artist can. She also worked with Bang Bros.

Mia’s Appearance:

Mia’s Appearance

She is a very attractive young lady and typical beauty of Middle East. Her hairs are brown and height is 5 feet and 2 inches. Mia’s glasses are her tantamount. She swiftly mounts the tree of fame. Her current residence is in Miami. When she was 18, she married an American guy. And now she lived with her husband. She also has 2 dogs that live with her in Miami.

She Is a Foodie:

She Is a Foodie

Mia loves to eat. Her Instagram story shows her love for food. She also loves to cook.

She Is Before Now a Fable:

She Is Before Now a Fable

Mia starred 23 films of the adult industry. The number seems high because Mia made them within one year.

Mia Upkeeps Her Admirers:

Mia Upkeeps Her Admirers

This is a very outrageous fact. Virginity of 1 of her followers was taken by her. In spite of parting her grown film times after her one can sense greatly glimpse of what they are corresponding on her blog. A cinematic was made by her about a link with an admirer who sought to drop his virginity just before her.

Mia Khalifa Soap:

Mia Khalifa Soap

A distinctive soap is there having a face of Mia on it. No one can make to feel better clean than Mia. Hag wood soap company which is Florida based had prepared an unusual version Mia soap. The soap creates all jests of being filthy and competent to shunt her expression anywhere.

Mia Loves Podcast:

Mia Loves Podcast

Mia creates podcasts. In recent times, she seemed on a podcast and twittered out that is it egotistic to heed the podcast which you proceed now? An emojis was also used by her who shows thinking.

She Hates Parallel Parking:

She Hates Parallel Parking

Mia dislikes analogous parking.

Mia’s Love For Batman:

Mia’s Love For Batman

You might be a wonder to find a girl loving Batman, but yes, Mia did this too. She really likes Batman and loves him genuinely. Her Instagram account shows it clearly.

Mia Retails Her Peculiar T-shirts:

Mia Retails Her Peculiar T-shirts

From grown-up flick to mode, Mia trades even her personal t-shirts; now she is a retailing t-shirt of women sizes, men sizes, and teen sizes. Several of these look beautifully level-headed and a few of them in point of fact displays her possessions. Thus the selection is really yours.

Mia’s Tattoos:

Mia’s Tattoos

The inaugural line of a general anthem of Lebanon is present in her tattoo. She also possessed another tattoo about Cross of Lebanon Forces. She was greatly criticized because of her tattoo as they consider it a shame for their nation.

Song Dedication:

Song Dedication

A song termed “Mia Khalifa” is released for her support by electronic music duet Time flies in 2015. It is made later the viral of her cinematic to wage reverence.

Mia Not Supported “Muslim Ban”:  

Mia Not Supported “Muslim Ban”

The “Muslim Ban” is not supported by Mia. She is formerly from Lebanon that is not included in those 7 countries provisionally congested by Trump’s tourism sanction. Mia is also snubbed by partisan change similar to many other Muslims that can be seen on her social media account. She shared a funniness post of which related to the ban of Muslims in America.

Mia Loves Hockey:

Mia Loves Hockey

She adores hockey and loves it fiercely. She shared many posts related to hockey on societal media and backings Washington Capitals. Mia even possessed a t-shirt of Andre Burakovsky.

Mia Is Married:

Mia Is Married

As soon as she became 18, she married an American guy in 2011 February. This age is very small for a girl or guy to marry. However, I surprise that if she marries that man in an altercation of receiving a green card.

Threats Are Given to Mia:

Threats Are Given to Mia

Her fame piqued extremists throughout the world. She was threatened and these slurs and threats can be seen on her twitter story. She frequently replied her haters vigorously as she doesn’t care about anyone.



Many Adult stars often entered into this industry due to not faring well in education. Conversely, this is not same for Mia as she takes a Bachelor degree from Texas University.

Mainstream Showbiz:

Mainstream Showbiz

It was reported that Mia was enrolled in an Indian reality show named Big Boss that is an Indian version of Big Brother. That show already recruited another actress of the adult movie, Sunny Leone, in conventional showbiz. However, Mia quelled these rumors with a peep where she inscribed, “Lease’s get a bit vibrant: I am certainly not marching base in India, thus whoever held I ought to “exposed concern” for taking part in Big Boss have to be sacked.”

Stout Personality:

Stout Personality

She is thought to stand a female of stout persona. Mia Khalifa does not permit her sensuality to describe her, in spite of her vocation. Even her Twitter and Instagram versions are linked more to the game compared to the industry of adult movie. Mia also arose in a bulletin for banging Duke Williams on behalf of messaging excessively on DM. Mia also states that she does not design on remaining in this business interminably. It’s not just that, Mia also swanks that she workings only twelve stints in a year that if equated with some other artists, is a tiny number.

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