12 Beautiful Celebrities with Psychic Problems

we are exposed to stress and distress every day because we go through intense competitions and heartbreaks and pressures. And we fought every day with everything that comes in our way in every way can fight these stresses. This stress and pressure harm our mental health and sometimes some of us develop some abnormalities in our minds. And these abnormalities don’t only happen to common people but celebrities do get distressed and their mind gets affected by their struggling life too. Here I am describing some famous and everybody’s favorite celebrities that have suffered from mental illness.

1. Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, the beautiful actress and socialist has been in every eye in her career. Whatever is about her life, her lifestyle, her acting career, and her awards, everything is in public life following. Angelina is one of the finest movie stars in her age and she produced too many blockbusters. But she was unable to keep herself hidden from these mental disorders and she fell into the hands of homicidal and suicidal ideations in the 1990s. But she understood her situations and knew she needed help to overcome these demons so, she had her self-treated. And she was diagnosed with presumptive border line personality disorder. And she was successful in fighting this disorder and after this, she is enjoying her life away from these disorders.

2. Ashley Judd:

Ashley Judd

Now, I will discuss the favorite movie star, the actress Ashley Judd. She is a beauty and is equally popular in Hollywood. But she told she had suffered from depression in her childhood, the reason of her depression was the child abuse and being under the tough time always. But she was intelligent and she went to Texas mental health treatment facility to get help. The star was able to overcome her depression and now she is among the successful movie stars in Hollywood.

3. Brooke Shields:

Brooke Shields

Brooke shields is one of the hot and beautiful actresses and models, but when the beauty became other she started suffering from depression which sometimes was so worse for her that she wanted to end her life. The star had postpartum depression PPD but she soon went to get help and was diagnosed successfully. She always discusses her experience publically so people could know these situations can be overcome.

4. Charlize Theron:

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron the beauty with the talent is able to perform any role with success because she is extremely talented and beautiful. While talking about her neurotic disorder, she was unable to fight with hidden clutter. She faced organizational compulsions and suffered from OCD. Theron has messy cabinet disturb her and she was unable to overcome her clutter in a cabinet in the start. But things are clear to her now and she is now ready to go through this cabinet to make sure these are not disturbing for her in future.

5. David Beckham:

David Beckham

One of the most stylish sportsmen and footballer of all times, the former English player David Beckham was one of the finest in his sport. The most handsome sportsman publically announced that he suffered from the mental disorder. David fought with OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder. The man accepts that he has an addiction of keeping everything clean and in a proper order. He is unable to control himself and he needs everything to be perfectly organized.

6. Elton John:

Elton John

The very soulful singer Elton John, he always makes songs that help us to relax our mind by listening and helps us to stay calm. But the singer has a very struggling situation, he had to fight every day with bulimia and as well as substance abuse too. During the Elton John week in 1975, he got derailed and fell prey to a drug overdose. The singer also went down morally and indulged himself in uncontrollable food eating which caused him gaining weight and due to his addictions, his reputation went down too. He understood his situation a little late but he knew he needed help and he went to rehab to get help.

7. Earl Campbell:

Earl Campbell

Earl Campbell was the famous football star and right now he is a successful businessman. We all admire him as a star but very few of us knew that he has suffered mental problems. The famous star suffered from the serious panic disorder. He struggled with this disease and in a documentary he shares how he fought with this and got medication and help to overcome this disease.

8. Herschel Walker:

Herschel Walker

Hershel Walker the famous NFL player and martial art expert was popular in his time among everyone. But after his retirement, he decided to express the story of his fight with his mental issues. Hershel suffered from the dissociative identity disorder the multiple personality disorder. The affected is under the influence of multiple personalities which hinders in his way to show himself. But Hershel was strong and he received the diagnostics and now he is free from his demons

9. Kurt Cobain:

Kurt Cobain

The next amazing celebrity who feel down to mental health is the rock star, Kurt Cobain. The alternative rock star had fought in his last few years with depression and drug over dose he had suffered from a disorder and in his young age, he had bipolar disorder. But things were too messed up his mind and he also tried too many times commit suicide. And he overdosed himself on alcohol and drugs too, Kurt couldn’t get any help and he shot himself and was three days after he shot himself.

10. Lionel Aldridge:

Lionel Aldridge

He played the defensive player for his team Green Bay Packers. He was super successful till 1970 and played in two super bowls, but later that year he caught schizophrenia which led him to miserable and he lived homeless for two years. But somehow he got treatment and was diagnosed of the disease and lived to tell the story to inspire others.

11. Michael Phelps:

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps the greatest Olympian of all times and the famous American swimmer in the history has won 22 medals in the Olympics in the history of Olympics. But he was not free from these mental disorders in his childhood. His mother told the Michael had ADHD in his childhood. And was suffering from this attention disorder every time in his school work. But they got help for him and he was cured of ADHD and now he is free and wins medals for his country every time he is in the competition.

12. Russell Brand:

Russell Brand

Russell Brand the famous British comedy face and his funny acting he was also famous for his unique fashion sense. But too little people knew this that the star suffered from hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and ADHD and he was also treated with bipolar disorder. The actor had a problem with mood swing and in childhood, he suffered weight problems. But these things couldn’t stop him and he was able to beat these situations.

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