22 Makeup Techniques for beginners  

Makeup Techniques

Makeup is a really important thing for girls. Now a day, the value of makeup is highly increased than some previous years. Every girl wants to be an expert in makeup so she wants to learn some basic and necessary applications about makeup.

First, when someone tries to follow the learning tips for makeup, it seems much difficult to choose right things for themselves. Because many choices are available and many things to do easily. And, if you will not be careful about it, you could end-up be looking like a joker than to seem a stunning and elegant woman. Makeup is the basic need of every woman because everyone like to seem gorgeous and pretty at every event.

Makeup could help you to increase your confidence level. With help of perfect makeup look, you can meet people and walk with them confidently. women use different makeup products and want to look sweet and perfect at every cost.

Here, I will describe some important tips of makeup for beginners which will defiantly help you, how to look perfect with makeup. And by using some quick tricks you can enhance your features.

  1. Discover Your Own Complexion:

discover your complexion

First, you should consider your complexion. Your skin tone and your skin type should definitely be known to you. Because the women who have fair skin, they need a different set of shades than the women who are with olive skin tone. And on the other hand, if we consider the skin type, then women with dry skin and with oily skin, they both use different makeup for better results. The people who face freckles, pigmentation of skin and acne, they use different types of things in makeup that could help them to pacify.

  1. Never Forget a Moisturizer:


Moisturizer is the most important thing in makeup regimen. Never ever forget about the moisturizer before applying makeup. Different types of creams and lotions are used as a moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer stocks upwardly that will protect your skin against wilting and fine lines. It is necessary to prepare your skin with the moisturizer before starting makeup. But if you leave your skin dehydrated, it will damage your skin cells and make it difficult for you repair it-self. Always try to add a moisturizer to your daily routine. Consider the use of SPF protection to keep safe your skin from harmful sun rays. Moisturizers have great power to intact makeup on your face until you removed. A perfect choice of moisturizer will enhance your skin health and make it smoothness. It also increases your face shining and make your skin perfect.

  1. Use Primer:

Use Primer

Use a primer before applying foundation on your skin because it acts as a barrier between makeup and your skin and keeps your skin healthy. The primer will help to block your pores so the moisture of your skin will not come out. Many primers contain soothing botanicals of skin that will help to refresh your skin. Primer helps to keep your make in place during the hot season, and it is the eccentric feature of the primer.

  1. Makeup Shades:

Makeup shades

To enhance the natural beauty, it is very essential to choose the right shade of the makeup. Try to use in-store testers that will help you to see which shade is appropriate for you. Foundation colors seem different inside the bottle and act differently on your skin. Try the foundation colors on your neck to avoid the mishap in makeup. Because the neck is too close to the natural tone of your skin as it doesn’t get much exposure to the sun, So, it is the best way to get the accurate color of foundation. Use darker shades during warmer months and lighter shades during colder months of the year.

  1. Liquid Vs. Powder:

Liquid vs powder

Same as your moisturizer, always apply the liquid or powder foundation in a downward motion. It is a much better way and will help you to blend properly into the neck. It will also diminish the appearance of spots. Liquid foundation creates a blank state while powder foundations create a matte canvas with the makeup applications. Liquid foundation covers all the imperfection of skin and it is the best choice for people who have dry skin. Powder foundations are best for the oily skin.

  1. Bronzer:


When you start your makeup then you should care about the bronzer. If you will apply too much then you may seem like a clown and will give you orange color. So, choose wisely the right color for your skin. Buy a bronzer that usually 2-3 shades darker than natural skin color. If you want a natural style then apply some gentle touches of the bronzer to your forehead and cheek-bones.

  1. Blush On:

Blush On

If someone is the beginner, then should surely care about the right choice of blush on. The blush on makes you look stunning and elegant. Always use right choice of colors of blush on depends on your face tone. When you find a correct shade according to your tone then add on your apple of the cheekbone and sweep with the brush towards the hairline. The pink and light brown blushes used frequently. It gives you hot and rosy look depend on your makeup shades. Avoid to applying too much blush on.

  1. Concealer:


If a woman wants to cover an ugly spot or try to reduce the appearance of dark circles then concealer is the best choice for them. Concealer is perfect to improve up your worn-out face with little effort. Dark eye circles are present on the face of majority women and it really looks bad. So, first, you should choose a perfect and right color of concealer according to your need that what you want to hide. Yellow or green color concealer will help you to hide the discoloration of your skin. These color is better for both dark and light complexion and helps to make equal skin tone. For the removal of dark circles, use 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone and it is really ideal. to set the cover-up concealer in its place you have to use powder of liquid foundation on the top.

  1. Eye Shadows:

Eye Shadows

Eyeshadows are the coolest way to enhance your beauty and your eye color. Eyeshadows are the first thing that people notice about your style of makeup. Before using color eyeshadows, use white eye shadow. Apply white eye shadow on your whole eyes. After that, use eyeshadow according to your dress. If you wear a multicolor dress, focus on prominent colors of the dress. For the blue colored eyes, peach and brown toned shades are best while green colored eyes look stunning with purple and orange shades. The brown color of eyes seems too natural so every shade looks suitable against these eyes.

  1. Eyeliner:


To define the proper shape of eyes, people use eyeliner. Dark color eyeliner gives you classic and royal look. If you want to make your eyes look bigger then use white eyeliner to your waterline. Vivid jewel eyeliner gives you some dramatic flairs. Apply a coating powder beneath the eyeliner, so your eyeliner will not be a smudge. The powder coats will create the barrier and will help to keep your eyeliner in its place.

  1. Eyebrows:


The big mistake that people did with them is to pluck their eyebrows into oblivion. Many beginners try to manicure their bushy eyebrows, but sometimes it gives you shock to make you eyebrow-less or it can totally change your facial look. But now a day, a trend change to some natural look and now people like their eyebrows without plucking them. You should pay some attention to your facial shape, in this way you will able to find an appropriate shape according to your features. You can use powder and eyebrow pencil to define them properly.

  1. Use Eye Pencils:

Use Eye Pencils

If you want to make your eyes large and doll-like then you should use eye pencils. Different types of eye pencils are available in market at the different range. It helps to make prominent your eyes and gives you princess look. Use white eye pencil to give your eyes a natural look.

  1. False Eyelashes:

False Eyelashes

Now a day, fake lashes are an important part of makeup. The majority of women have thin eyelashes and they want prominent and healthy lashes. So, they prefer to use fake lashes. With the help of perfect makeup technique, you can make it real. Stick fake lashes with your real lashes and for some time to dry properly then apply a coat of mascara.

  1. Curl Your Eyelashes:

Curl Your Eyelashes

Curling of the eyelashes will definitely increase the length and give a prominent look to your eyes. If you want to curl your eyelashes, take your eyelash curler. Use a hair dryer for the curling of eyelashes. Start from the base of the eye lashes and hold for 10-12 seconds.  Warm up the eyelash curler for about 4-6 seconds before using it on your lashes with your hair dryer. When it becomes warm, used it to curl your lashes. Keep that in your mind curler should be warm, not hot. After curling your lashing, use mascara and got prominent eyelashes.

  1. Mascara:


Mascara is the good choice to gain attention and it properly defines your eyes and mascara makes your eyelashes darker, thicker and longer. If you have eyelashes of lighter color then you will feel a prominent difference after applying mascara. Many types of mascaras are available in the market like promise length, make volume and combination of these both. If you have good makeup skills then you can achieve these both. Apply the mascara to your top and bottom eyelashes and wait for about 4-5 minutes then apply other coat it will avoid clumping. Waterproof mascaras are also available in the market and greater works when you go out, face sweating and water. It is difficult to remove so, you need good quality makeup remover.

  1. Use Foundation on Your Neck:

Use Foundation on Your Neck

Many women forget their neck while applying makeup. The neck is also the important part of your body. Every woman should apply the powder and foundation on the neck then blend it properly to avoid the notable lines. It helps to make your neck attractive and charming. Used a little amount of foundation and painted it around your neck. An important tip is here: try to use a little lighter color for your neck than your face color, in this way, your makeup looks damn natural.

  1. Lipstick:


Most important part of makeup is lipstick. The whole makeup based on lipstick. Different lipsticks are used with makeup but pink and brown used frequently. It gives you hot as well as fresh look depends on which shade you used. The right choice of lipstick will give us subtle match to our skin complexion. The people with fair skin tone, they seem gorgeous with orange based colors. The olive toned people look best with blue based colors. Rich berry tones seem amazing on dark toned people.

  1. Lip Glosses:

Lip Glosses

Lip gloss is the best choice for the women who didn’t like to use lipsticks but want to look royal to play up with lips. The lip glosses give your glimmers look. Use different lip glosses according to your makeup shades. If you wear dark eyeshadows then always use some light-colored lip gloss. Dark lip glosses often use with light eye makeup and it gives you royal look. Lip gloss adds more glamor without using lipliner and lipstick. But on the other hand, try layering the gloss over lipstick for a melodramatic look.

  1. Lip Balm:

Lip Balm

Lip balm is used before applying the lipstick. It helps to moisturize your lips. It also helps to your lipstick to stay longer. Apply a coat of lip balm on your lips and then for some moments for proper absorption then apply lipstick. The lipstick will stick with your lips and give you a long lasting effect.

  1. Finishing Powder:

Finishing Powder

Finishing powder is a worthwhile component in the makeup kit. When you apply liquid foundation on your skin then you need something to fix this foundation in its place. It will also help you to reduce some extra shine from skin. It is best known to keep your makeup long lasting.

  1. Highlighting & Contouring:

Highlighting & Contouring

Highlighting and contouring are important according to advance the concept of makeup. It is a difficult technique and you can learn this with practice. It could change your facial shape if you don’t know the proper techniques of applying then you could look like a clown. Use your contour powder beneath cheekbones it will give you smarter look that you lost 7-10 pounds weight.

  1. Wash Your Makeup Brushes:

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Always try to keep your makeup brushes clean and it is really important for makeup. So, you need to wash them after use. Wash with water or you can wash with remover. Brushes removers are easily available in the market. When we use brushed and leave them then many bacteria could be stuck with them, when we use these brushes for makeup they could cause infection and allergy. So, the best way to remove bacteria and other dirt particle is to wash them after you done with your makeup.

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