Struggling Life of Eminem, The Rap King

Struggling Life of Eminem

Life of Eminem

Eminem was born in 1972 on 17 October in Missouri, the real name of Eminem is Marshall Mathers. He is an American singing icon and has worked as an actor and songwriter and singer and is an inspiration to many other people. Some of the interesting things about Eminem are below.

Father Left When He Was Very Young:

Father Left When He Was Very Young

Eminem was very young 6 months old when his father Marshall Bruce Mathers divorced his mother Deborah Mathers. He wrote many letters to his fathers to contact but his father never replied, but all of them returned unread.

No Friends In Childhood:

No Friends In Childhood

But her month had to take care of him and she is single parent tried to raise him. But she barely made on her own feet because she was not able to keep any job more than 6 months and got fired each time. So, they had to move from places to places, and every time he had to switch his school, more than once sometimes in a year. So, he was unable to make good friends and was lonely and became introvert and shy.

Secret Relationships:

secret relationships

Eminem also says that he was in the relationship with Mariah Carey but the female singer denies the claim. He was alleged to have a secret dating history with Marissa Carillo. And it also said the role of Brittany Murphy in his 8-mile movie was also based on Marissa rather than his wife Kim Mathers.

He Got Brain Hemorrhage In Young Age Because of Bullying:

He Got Brain Hemorrhage

Eminem’s mother sued the school also because of his bullying to his son. And later, Eminem sings about the bully in the song Brain Damage his name was DeAngelo. Eminem was once beaten by DeAngelo so much in his childhood which caused Eminem brain Hemorrhage. And Eminem was in the coma for few months. After the song, the Bully DeAngelo filed a case against him for $1 million. And accused him of ruining his reputation by false stories.

Father Daughter Relation:

Father Daughter Relation

Eminem once lied to his ex-wife Kim Mathers and took his daughter for the shooting of one of his song 97 Bonnie and Clyde and her daughter was in this song. Eminem became the father of a daughter at the age of 23 with his girlfriend Kimberley. They named the daughter Hailie Jade Mathers born on 25 of December in 1995. But, his wife got the custody of the daughter because they got the divorce and won the child custody and along with it financial support and reinstatement of credit and a personal driver supported by Eminem.

 Addiction of Drugs Almost Expired Him:

Addiction of Drugs

Eminem started taking drugs in 2000 because his marriage failed. Because of his failed marriage and to avoid this disturbing situation he starting drinking alcohol and taking dangerous drugs. But after a few years in 2006, he got married again to his ex-wife that doesn’t last either and they got divorced a few months later. He started taking Painkillers and other tablets to escape the pain. And he had to take almost 20 pills a day to forget the pain. Once he was so overdosed with drugs in 2006 that he almost die if he was brought ten minutes late in a hospital. He also went to rehab to escape the drug addiction and in 208 he came back to singing and released the album Relapse.

Awards King:

Awards King

Life was not of all kind for Eminem and it gave him every depression it could give, but he came back every time. And now he is the most successful rapper of the world. He won 10 MTV Europe Music Awards, 1 Academy, 13 Grammies, 9 people choice Awards. And also many other awards too.

Some Short Facts:

  • His album Marshal Mathers LP was the fastest and best selling album in united states history.
  • Once he was asked to sing at Oscar’s his song Lose yourself. But the little clean version of the song but Eminem refused the offer.
  • His name is in the Guinness book of world records. Because of selling the best solo album in the American history.
  • He is a great comic book fan and has a big collection of his own. And also a comic was made on him Punisher/Eminem; kill you.
  • He often read the English dictionary so that his vocabulary could increase to use in songs.
  • The tennis star Andy Murray says he always listen to Eminem before the start of his match and mostly the song you are never over.
  • There was a role written for Eminem for the action movie the fighter in 2011 that was given to Mark Wahlberg later. But it was originally for Eminem said the producer David Hoberman.
  • His song loses you became his first song to win the Academy award for him from this album 8 miles. But he was not there to get the award but one of his song writers received this award for him
  • His album the Marshall Mathers LP in 2000 was successful. And in the first week of its release, the album sold 1.76 million copies that were the record created which beat the previous record of Brittany Spears album baby on more time in America.
  • Eminem failed three times in 9th class and finally got dropped from the school. Because he interested in rap but not school and he said he was not stupid.
  • He wrote the hook in 30 seconds of his song just lose it