Interesting Facts About 12 Animals Whose Eyes Are Incredible

Interesting Facts About 12 Animals Whose Eyes Are Incredible:

According to some researchers, the evolution of eyes started almost 540 million years ago and the first purpose of them was to just detect the light. But in today’s world seeing is the most important and necessary sense for all the living beings like animals and also the humans. Here are some interesting facts about the incredible eyes of some animals.

  1. Chameleon:


Chameleons have lizards like animals. They have an ability to change their body color according to their environment and protect themselves against predators. Chameleons have different eye structure, eyelashes in fused form. The eyelashes covered all eyes expect pupil. The eyes move independently backward, upwards and downwards. Chameleons feed on rodents with their long sticky tongue. They have the ability to see their prey even present far away, due to sharp eyesight.

  1. Colossal Squid:

Colossal Squid

Colossal Squid is the largest invertebrate in the animal kingdom. They have larger eyes, their size may larger than the large plate. They have large lenses that are of orange color. In Fact, they have the ability to see 2000 meter away even in dim light. The body size is about 15-meter long. Photophore is lighting organ present their eyes just like a car headlight. Photophore helps them to find their prey present at large distance.

  1. Dragonfly:


The dragonfly has great and different eyes in the insect world. The eyes of a dragonfly are big and covered all head. The helmet-like appearance is looking very attractive. The eyes are made up of ommatidia, which contains 30,000 visual units. They have an ability to polarized light and differentiate between colors. They have the ability to hunt at the lower light condition. Ocelli is the name of smaller eyes present in Dragonfly helps them to hunt at lower light.

  1. Four Eyed Fish:

Four Eyed Fish

Four eyed fish is native to Mexico and Central America also found in Northern South America, small sized fish happily lived in black colored water. Four eyed fish loves to eat the insects that come to them with water currents. Fish have four eyes with the large pupil. Eyes are submerged and half focus on prey.

  1. Goats:


This animal species has rectangular eye shape. The goats have round pupils with horizontal slits. The eyes are closed in the day due to light. But during night time, the eyes open wide and see the better. The eyes of octopus and goats are similar.

  1. Leaf Tailed Gecko:

Leaf Tailed Gecko

Leaf-tailed geckos have strange eyes with vertical pupils and numbers of pinholes. The pinholes wide at the night time and clear the vision powers. They have great numbers of the sensitive visual organ than human which helps them to see better and differentiate the colors. The night vision of Leaf-tailed geckos is better than cats and sharks. They have the ability to see better in dim light. Transparent membrane protects their eyes, lack eyelashes. They used their tongue to remove the dust present in their membrane.

  1. Mantis Shrimp:

Mantis Shrimp

The Mantis Shrimp is the animal that has the most extraordinary eyes in the world. Their claws are too strong that they can break the glass with it or cut the human finger into two pieces. Their eyes are compound such as found in the dragon fly. Mantis shrimps’ eyes are so advanced than humans that they have twelve color receptors but on the other hand, humans only got three. Their eyes can sense infrared ultraviolet and polarized vision making them the most amazing eyes of the living. Their eyes can rotate freely irrespective of each other and bend to the 70-degree angle. Mantis Shrimp’s eyes are divided into three parts so they can even see the objects with every section. Their eyes are the most bizarre in the world.

  1. Ogre Faced Spider:

Ogre Faced Spider

Spiders are familiar of possessing many eyes depending on the different species, different number, usually occur in pairs one two or three pairs of eyes. Ogre face spider has six eyes but it appears that it has only two that is due to over development of middle eyes. This adaptation is for nocturnal lifestyle, the spider has an amazing sense of night vision that is not dependent on the large eyes size but it has a special layer of cells. The membrane is so interesting because of its development every day and being dead at every dawn. Some researchers believe that their eyes are so extraordinary that their night vision ability is greater than the shark, cats, and owls.

  1. Spook-fish:


The animal is a deepwater fish having a ghost like an appearance and have a bizarre eye structure for the scientists. Each eye has a swelling that is separated from the main eye through a septum. But the main eye structure contains a lens that functions normal just like the other animals. Spook-fish is known to be the only member of the vertebrate family that contains mirror like eye structure to see. The fish is present almost in every part of the world but is very hard to see because of they live under the depth of 100-200 meters under the sea.

  1. Stalk Eyed Fly:

Stalk Eyed Fly

These are magnificent flying creatures that are mostly found in the jungles of Africa and southeast Asia and also some species are found in North America and Europe. The name given to them arise from the projections arising from the head and antennae and eyes. The male members got the long stalks and in a research, it is found that females like those males with long stalks. It is also supposed that when mating season arrives the male came face to face and compare their length and the male with the longer stalks is nominated as the winner. The male has a sensational ability to enlarge the length of stalks by ingesting the atmospheric air into the ducts.

  1. Tarsier:


Tarsier is small squirrel size animal native to rainforests of South Eastern Asia. The tarsier feed on lizards and many insects and small reptiles. Tarsier has the ability to fly to some extent and capture their prey. The eyes are the very important feature. The yes of tarsier is larger than their body size. The size of his eyes is similar to Grapefruit. The skull hole eyes and fixed their position. In the day time, the vision is low as compared to night time.

  1. Trilobite:


This Trilobite is most ancient animal on this earth. This animal existed 30 million years before. They appeared with the dinosaurs in this earth. Eyes are similar with insect with eyelashes. The eyes are made up of inorganic calcite crystal. Inorganic calcite crystal is the important elements of chalk and limestone. The lenses are made of chitin which is the main component of fungi’s cell wall. The eyes of trilobites are rigid and fixed not move.

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