Interesting Facts About 5 Amazing Trees

5 Incredible Trees:

Trees are thousands of years old. Trees are very important part of men’s lives. It provides us food, shelter and much more. It stops the thunders and storms and made rain possible. Trees of different size and shape, always attract the mankind and received a great attention and love. The have a large trunk and extensive root system. The great numbers of leaves with colorful flowers increased the beauty. The leaves are used for different purposes, mostly used for medicine. The flowers used for aroma and ornamental purposes. The wood used for construction material and furniture. Here is a list of the sweet but strange tree stories.

  1. Boab Prison Tree:

Boab Prison Tree

Boab tree is 1500 years old and very huge tree. The trunk of the tree has a very large diameter and is of great size. This Boab tree is native to West Australia. It looks very glorious. The shape of this tree is just like the Dungeon with scary appearance. This tree is not liked by common peoples. The great new about this tree is this is used for killing many prisoners in the USA. The police have been reported a number of murders around this tree. Due to its scary appearance, this tree received the great attention of tourist.

  1. Resurrected Tree:

Resurrected Tree

This one is the exotic species of palms. The Judean date is another name of this tree. This tree has great medicinal properties and gains great attention. In Bible and Quran, the name of this tree comes and this thing highlights its importance. It is very useful and healthy for the treatment of the great and dangerous diseases such cancer and TB. Judean people used it as a staple food.

In the 1960s, an archaeologist whose name was Yigael Yadin, he started digging Masada in 1960. Masada is a fortress that built on the shore of the Dead Sea about 2,000 years ago. During digging, he found a lot of Judean date seeds there. He hides these seed in a clay jar. The carbon dating of these seeds exposed about them, they were contemporary with the Masada fortress. The scientists, who were native to Louis L. Borick found them quite excited for them, and they started a project for the germination of seeds.

First, these seeds were treated with hormone rich solution and with fertilizers. and then they planted them. But only one seed germinated. And when a miracle happens and the plant grew out from this fossil seed. All scientist named it Methuselah. The flowers blossomed out from this plant in the year 2011 after too much care by plant experts. Scientist expected that this plant with bear fruit in 2022.

  1. Sacred Mango Tree:


This tree is present Ekambareswarar, it is the temple of Lord Shiva. It is located in a small state of India, Tamil Nadu. This temple is one of the popular temple in India among five Shiva temples. And it is very famous for worship in South India. The major thing in this temple was 3500-years-old mango tree. The tree produces 4 types of mangoes from 4 types of branches in 4 seasons. This year is almost dead but the people of India thinks this is the most sacred worship place. The number of people comes at four seasons and see the branches circulation.

  1. Tree That Houses a Pub:

The Tree That Houses a Pub

This giant tree is 6000 years old and has a hollow trunk. This one is native to South Africa. 47 meters is the diameter of this tree. Unable and responsible numerous fire important to other plants production. This tree is present different parts of the world and received a great attention of mankind. This tree provided shade to 15 people at a time because 2 hollow trucks present which are connected to each other by a narrow passage.

  1. Tree with Two Chapels:

Tree with Two Chapels

The Chêne Chapelle is a large tree of oak are present in Allouville-Bellefosse, is the small village of French. The looks of this tree were just like an imaginary fairy tale. There were two chapels, that were small in size. It was the worship place of many people. The great and unusual size of this oak has a great miraculous history. The tree was 500 years old in 1600’s and got the attention that time. A lightning pin hit its huge and enormous trunk. Something amazing happened due to hitting instead of the death of the tree. The fire that was produced due to lightning, it burned within this tree and make it hollow. The hollow oak tree didn’t blow down, this was really amazing and this tree produced new leaves and acorns in large amount every year.

A priest whose name was Father Du Cerceau, he made a theory that this happened due to a holy purpose. Therefore, it called as “Notre Dame de la Paix” (Our Lady of Peace). tree surrounded by a spiral staircase.

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