Ian Somerhalder the Dream of Every Woman

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder is without any doubt the dream man of every woman. He is hot he is charming, he is nice, he is everything, that a woman dreams of having a man like. Ian is not only he is a beautiful human being, he loves animals. He knows how to cook and he is a feminist. Here, we are going to tell some important things about Ian Somerhalder that you will surely like.

1. Well, He is Hot:

well he is hot

According to information given by Ian Somerhalder, he loves when someone tries to seduce him. He loves the movies and he also told he likes to dance in rhythm and moves. So, if you have some movies and you are little experimental you will love him. Some may say he is a tiger or black panther in bed, so woman after hearing your mouth must be watering now. Ian told when he is standing beside someone and he is obviously attracted to her. If there’s an electricity b/w them and he can feel this electricity and this makes him too hot.

2. A Feminist:

A Feminist

Ian is not only a beautiful human being he is also a socialist too. Being aware of problems people face and to highlight them is not a quality that every man today have. Although there are few men who support woman issues. Being aware of the issues that woman have to go through. And highlighting those issues and supporting the woman is not a thing that every man possesses. Ian is a feminist and he believes that woman should be fearless. And they should act freely and fearlessly in contributing their voice for change.

Ian believes we must equally recognize the efforts of both genders. And support their decisions to make the world a better place. He believes that the young generation of today’s world is the least utilized people and especially the young women. And he wants the young people should be given every chance to bring something peaceful and beautiful change in the world.

3. The Vampire Diaries:

The Vampire Diaries

The most handsome and the best cast we have till now seen it in the tv series the vampire diaries. Maybe I love this show and I might be biased. But I think the show has the beautiful people in it and they were equally talented too. Well, let’s change your opinion if u don’t think what I think Ian Somerhalder is one of the main cast. And he plays the role of a bad vampire brother and a serial killer by the Damon Salvatore.

While you might think it’s just a show but a lot of people in the world just use to see the show week to see their dreamy stars Damon Salvatore Stefan Salvatore, and obviously the Elena Gilbert. Well, ladies were in front of their tv and they always wait for the show every week just to see the hot Ian Somerhalder. Because he is freakily hot and fearless. That makes him dream of every girl.

So, if you are still not convinced that he is a hottie in the world and dream of many. Well, I am going to write some other facts about him for those who love him and want him.

4. Relationships:


Well everybody who followed Ian Somerhalder from he was on the vampire diaries knew that he dated Nina Dobrev his costar from the show. But right now he is in a relationship with another vampire. Yes, I think he loves the woman who is into vampires or he might actually be wanted a vampire lady. Well, previously he was in love with the vampire from vampire diaries Nina Dobrev. But currently, he is in love with another vampire Nikki read a vampire from the Twilight movie. Well, ladies, you need to just dream about him and think about him because he is little hard to get because I think he is committed to Nikki. Everybody must be jealous of Nikki, am I right? Yeah, sure I think I am right.

5. The Fifty Shades of Grey Rumors:

The Fifty Shades of Grey Rumors

Well, the interesting thing to know is we all love the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, yeah, we should love the movie. Because it was insanely hot and intense. Well, the little to add your lady’s imagination is that before Jamie Dornan the rumor that was flying was that Ian Somerhalder is being considered to play the role of Christian Grey. Woah how hot would that be for you ladies if he was playing the role of Christian Grey? Well, I leave you to your imagination. Imagine him inviting you to the red room. But I am not saying that Jamie didn’t play the role well but I think Ian would have been the blast.

6. Lost Tv Show:

lost tv show

While everybody loves the vampire diaries and Ian in it might also know that Ian was in another hit tv show yes you heard it he was in lost tv show. Ian was playing the role of Boone Carlyle so, if you have not watched the loss you must give it a shot because it is an amazing tv show also. And you will equally love it too.

7. Modeling Career:

Modeling Career

Well as we know that career of all the actors in the industry and actresses start their career from modeling likewise the career of the beautiful Ian Somerhalder also started from modeling. But Ian started his modeling career at a very young age, he first time modeled when he was 10 years old. And he has successfully represented famous brands like Versace guesses and much more. So, we can also say that if you are beautiful and hot you might don’t need to look for a job.

8. Marine Biologist:

Marine Biologist

During in an interview, Ian Somerhalder said that if he was not successful in being an actor and movie star he would love to become a marine biologist. Yes, he wanted to become the marine biologist one might say beauty with a brain a perfect combination in a man.

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