20 Most Hazardous Predators In Wild

Hazardous Predators:

Wild regions are the stalking lands for most hazardous hunters; however urban regions are also inhabited by few predators. Few animals have extremely high speed and quickness that it becomes difficult to survive. Though, these animals are naturally designed into effective, slender, pursuing machines. Here given 20 most daring predators of wild.

  1. African Lion:

African Lion

African lion spends his most of time to hunting. He eats 15 pounds meat regularly. African lions are large predators and their weight about 500 pounds. African lions Prey to hippos, wildebeests, giraffes, zebras, rhinos, buffaloes and young elephants. The brown colored lion is unable and not feel happy to attack humans. Primarily African Lions are nocturnal. They are able to kill and eat larger animals. Male lions are larger than females.

  1. Australian Saltwater Crocodile:

Australian Saltwater Crocodile

This one is native to Northern Australia. It is also called as Saltie, estuarine crocodile or sea crocodile. Australian Saltwater Crocodile has the ability to kill large sized animals. He lives in Marine environment (saltwater) and has great tendency to kill a human. It is the largest reptile among all of the living. After 30 years, he gives a birth to babies. Due to their its large size, and its distribution, they are regarded as the most hazardous crocodilian to the humans. Their size is about 3 to 5m and their weight is more than 1000kg.

  1. Box Jellyfish:

Box Jellyfish

It is a jellyfish that move intentionally. It is native to warm coastal waters all over the world and its poisonous varieties found in northern Australia and in Indo-Pacific regions. Box Jellyfish have stinging cells that are present on their tentacles and these stinging cells (nematocysts) are very venomous to species. It vigorously follows its prey and calms it by its influential venom. The commonly known predator of Box Jellyfish is Green Turtles. The most poisonous Box jellyfish is Chironex fleckeri.

  1. Brown Recluse Spider:

Brown Recluse Spider

This spider is very poisonous and lives in dark places such as sheds, garages, closets.  This Spider is nocturnal so it found its prey during night time. Brown Recluse Spider makes the web of irregular manner and happily stay in rotting tree. Mostly they prefer to eat the dead ones but they will attack other bugs such as cockroaches if they are too hungry. They are very poisonous as they injected about 60% poison to the victim with one bite. The bite of Brown Recluse Spider causes severe tissue breakdown and skin rashes also.

  1. Deathstalker Scorpion:

Deathstalker Scorpion

Scorpion is a most dangerous insect in this world. Its attacks on prey and caused severe pain with the disease. In North Africa and they have large speed and the ability of camouflage that they use for hunting. Deathstalker scorpion is nocturnal so exclusively hunts at night time. The Scorpion mostly attach on other deathstalkers, some bats, scorpions, and centipedes. They always prefer to eat freshly killed organism. 75% people of the Middle East died just because of Scorpio’s bite in each year.

  1. Fossa:


This one is the largest mammalian in Madagascar, their weight is about 26 pounds. Fossa is the king of this area. Middle sized body with brown color, have the ability to kill a number of forest animals. The body of Fossa resembles to the mongoose. Their fearsome teeth look like cats and their nose and reddish-brown coat resembles to dogs. Fossa remains active both at night and the daytime.

  1. Great White Sharks:

Great White Sharks

Irrespective of their image in movies and media, it is revealed from the study that humans are not attractive to the white great shark as an appetite because of their bony structure and they prefer bulkier seals and other aquatic creatures but sometimes obscure boats, humans and other things for prey. Great white sharks are largest macro-predatory fish of world. They mostly found in marine environment and attacks on fishes and sea birds.

  1. Gray Wolf:

Gray Wolf

This black wolf lived in the North America and Eurasia. Black Wolf has large head longer legs with bigger paws. They are nocturnal and mostly found in human populated areas. A large number of animals are the prey of the black wolf such as deer, bighorn sheep, musk oxen, elk, caribou, moose, and bison. and Grau Wolf chase and seize them. Its attacks on human only when a short amount of food is present and when he hungry.

  1. Hyena:


Their attitude is not dangerous in the day, however, at night, it changes completely. They are notorious for killing humans in Africa and regarded as a commonest great carnivore. However, they display this attitude at the time of battle and cause much destruction to humans because of their great to human bodies.

  1. King Cobra:

King Cobra

This one is most poisonous snake in this world. They are natives to Rain forests of the South-east Asia. King Cobra is 5.6m long weight is about 12 to 20 pounds and present in every forest. It has the ability to kill large animals such as elephant just in one bite. King Cobra happily eats birds, reptiles, and small amphibians. On the other hand, Mongooses have the ability to hunt King Cobra and kill them.

  1. Komodo Dragon:

komodo dragon

It is a large lizard species native to Indonesian Island. They are also called as Komodo Monitor. They are the largest species as their weight is about 360 pounds and their length is over 10 feet. Komodo Dragon is the carnivores and dominant predators, they are not a selective eater and hunts everything from buffaloes to birds and also human remnants from low crypts. They have large legs with too much sharp teeth, by which they catch and seize their prey. They kill their prey by using blood-poisoning bite and they attacked rarely by humans.

  1. Leopards:


Numbers of the name are used to call leopard. Sometimes call big cat and sometimes cheetah. It kills small mammals and rodents. This medium body sized wild-cat native to Southern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. They are smaller than a lion that’s why to choose night time for prey. They have great and strange ability to climb trees and in this way, they take a large amount of prey.

  1. Mosquito:


Th mosquito just like Tse Tse fly, very dangerous animals on this earth. Mosquitos kill a number of human and animals in history by causing a number of diseases such as malaria and yellow fever and most recent Dengue. The disease of Malaria spread through Anopheles female mosquito. The average life-span of mosquitos is about 2 weeks.

  1. Orca:


This one is a killer whale. Black colored large sized whale pray number of animals. Orca happily eats lions, seals, large whales, and walruses. They have 4 inches long massive teeth that they use to kill their prey. Orca also attacks human and eat them but here is no record of this activity. orcas have the ability to prey almost all of animal that they found in the sea like whales and sea lions. Their weight is about 6 tons and they are 23 to 32 feet long.

  1. Piranha:


Piranha belongs to the groups of fishes. They live in the fresh water of South America and different than fishes. Piranha is dangerous to human and animals. Where they present, the warning sign board are also present. It has shaped teeth and venomous saliva helps to kill the large variety of animals. They mostly eat carrion, insects, plant material, worms, fish, seeds, and crustaceans. They grow about 14-26cm long.

  1. Poison Dart Frog:

Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog is one of the most dangerous species belongs to Phyllobates terribilis. They are natives to rain forests of South America and Central America. Poison Dart Frogs are carnivorous and mostly they like to eat spiders, fruit flies, termites, ants, beetles, and insects. They have the ability to murder the people just in single touch with a pint-sized frog. The posterior part of body ooze slimy lipophilic alkaloid which provided him defense. According to the report of National Geographic, this 2-inch poison dart frog has too much poison that can kill the 10 adult men.

  1. Red Fox:

Red Fox

However not seems to be much hazardous to humans, they have much annoyance to human communities in past, particularly for farmers and people who depend on steers for their survival. Many people hunt foxes get the fur. It is territorial through the year. The fox species has a large antiquity and its zone naturally enlarges together with social populaces. Red Fox is about 35 – 50cm in length.

  1. Stonefish:


This one is most poisonous fish in this world. Its kills numbers of sea animals in very short time. This fish has the ability to camouflage himself with rock, therefore they prefer to live close the underwater rocks and coral reefs. This is found near the ocean floor in Indo-Pacific oceans. Stonefish produced poison in the glands that are located in a base of every spine. The venom of Stonefish could cause severe pain, tissue necrosis, and paralysis. They usually grow in 14-20inches in length.

  1. Siberian Tiger:

Siberian Tiger

This one is the largest predators of the world. Siberian Tiger is the sub-species of tiger and majorly found in Central Asia and Western Asia. They have large Sharpe teeth and black, white, and brown body color that seems attractive and also horrible. Its attack on many human and kill them. Bengal tiger is a close relative of the Siberian tiger and also very dangerous. Tiger happily eats bears including brown and black. This is also known as Ussuri tiger and Amur.

  1. Wild Boar:

Wild Boar

They also called as Eurasian wild pig and wild swine. Wild Boar are mostly found in Greater Sunda Islands, North Africa, and Eurasia. Awfully omnivorous, it eats nearly everything close to them from nuts and berries to pests and also little deer. It is tremendously self-protective and definitely attacks if required. The weight of this wild species is about 700 pounds.

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