6 Hawaiian Beaches That Are Best Of The Best

6 Hawaiian Beaches That Are Best Of The Best

Hawaii Island is known to be perfect beach destination for a vacation planning. The Island has the most beautiful beaches and if you are trying to plan your visit to Hawaii than here we are going to tell you about the beaches to visit.

1. Hanalei Bay Beach:

Hanalei Bay Beach

The beach is the best place for surfing, sailing, and paddling but not for snorkeling because coral reefs are not present at the bay. There is 300 feet long pier that catches the attention on very first second and is a perfect place to go fishing and enjoy some peace and calm time. The beach has also the facilities like parking and restrooms and toilets for the convenience, the beach has a long bay of 2mile long.

2. Hapuna Beach:

Hapuna Beach

Hapuna Beach is a beautiful white sand beach that extends almost half a mile. The beach has beautiful white sand warm and calm water. So the beach is a perfect swimming destination. Hapuna beach also offers nice picnic tables parking are restrooms and showers. So the beach is a nice destination for snorkeling, swimming and boogie boarding. There are also some beautiful resorts there so all in all it is everything for a vacation.

3. Ke’e Beach:

Ke’e Beach

The ke’e beach our next on the list is located on the northern end. Beach is protected by coral reefs and is very famous for its calm and warm water and excellent environment for swimming. The beach is an amazing place for scuba diving, beach walking, paddling and swimming. And the beach is a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful sunset. The beach also provides the parking place toilets and other amenities. All in all this beach is a must visiting place. Kalalau Trail is a famous 11km trail that starts from the northwestern part of the beach.

4. Lanikai Beach: 

Lanikai Beach

Lanikai beach name means heavenly sea, the beach is situated on the windward coast. The beach is as beautiful as its name with white sand and beautiful calm and blue water is the perfect place to enjoy. The beach is surrounded by coral reefs and is a perfect place for the swimmers. Mokes and Mokulua islets are also beautiful places situated offshore the beach. Lanikai beach is a perfect place for water sports like swimming, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing. Kayaking is a perfect adventure and the most famous at the beach. Lanikai beach is also a perfect place to enjoy moonrise and sunset.

5. Makena Beach:

Makena Beach

The Makena beach is in Makena state park located on Maui Island. The beach is 30m wide and 1.5 miles long and is known to be the big beach. The beach has pristine and calm water and golden sand. And the most amazing thing about Makena beach is it offers 330 sunny days. Makena beach has every lavish facility of life, Makena golf resort is a beautiful resort that offers everything free wifi, fitness centers, and coffee house each and everything. But one should always be cautious of long waves of the beach and follow the instruction by the lifeguard.

6. Waikiki Beach:

Waikiki Beach

It is the busiest beach of the Hawaii island and is also the most beautiful beach of Oahu Island. The beach is almost 2 miles long and has white beautiful sand and clear and beautiful water. The name of the beach actually means spouting fresh water. So the name is true explainer about the clean and calm beautiful water of the beach. Waikiki beach is perfect for swimmers and surfing because its water is mostly calm and clear. The diamond head crater is a volcanic crater that is ancient and also the beauty in the southern Waikiki part. But the hike to the crater is little challenging but it is worth because the view from the crater of a beach is breathtaking.

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