Here Are 30 Friendliest Cities of World

Friendliest Cities:

Wanna know about the friendly cities around the world and visit them and enjoy their leisure. A New York magazine with almost 5 million followers ask their followers to rate the most friendly cities around they have visited and enjoyed their stay. Because to know the behavior of the local people matters when you want to travel to some place. To enjoy your trip and to be comfortable in a city the friendliness of the locals matters.

There is a list about the friendliest city in the world. The numbers of cities are chosen and ranked according to people nature, safety, and calamity. The number of regions of this world are good for peoples they always feel happy to visit there.

1.     Asheville, North Carolina, US:


Ashville is known to be the most eco-friendly and greenest city of America and the city give a positive and friendly vibe to tourist. The city can make you feel young if you are feeling little old in the heart.

2.     Atlanta, Georgia, USA:


Atlanta in the United States is the first one among the list with the population of more than 440000 friendly people. The city is known for its very large number of casinos boardwalk and beaches. The casinos also offer the performance of many comedy artists and other music artists.

3.     Auckland, New Zealand:


Auckland is one of the beautiful and largest places of New Zealand. This region is a very clean place and also friendly. Auckland also considered as the safest place. The people are very loving, they always ready to help to the new ones. About 1.5 million peoples live in this region.

4.     Austin, Texas, US:


The city has a live nickname capital of live music in the world the city is known to be friendly talkative people. The city has very talkative places like Franklins’ barbecue lady bird lake and Barton springs.

5.     Bangkok, Thailand:


This one is world busiest, city. The largest and most visited area in the list of top visited the region. The total population of this city is 8 million. Bangkok contains a number of attractive things at a time like its architecture, heritage busiest night life and yummy cuisine which make it one of the most attractive places for the visitor.

6.     Budapest, Hungary:


Budapest the capital of Hungary has long river Danube running alongside.  The History of Budapest museum shows the life of Rome and onwards. Trinity square fisherman’s Bostian and Matthias church is a very attractive place for the religious tourists. The city provides with friendly people and warm hospitality.

7.     Cape Town, South Africa:

Cape Town

Capetown is famous for its most diverse culture in the world and has a vibe of a very relaxed environment and friendly atmosphere. The beautiful travel places around the city and the warm climate in the cape town make it be a most favorite spot for international tourist.

8.     Charleston, South Carolina, UK:


This one is the oldest area of this earth. Charleston is the 2nd largest city in US South Carolina. Charleston experienced with a heartbreaking mess but people are still very loving and kind. The people of this area happily and warmly welcome the foreigners and helps them.

9.     Cusco, Peru:


Cusco is most visited place and received total 2 million people in each year. Located 3,400 m (11,200 ft) at stunning elevation. Towards the famous Machu Picchu landmark of Peru, Cusco serves as the gateway. The people are very loving, warmly welcome the visitors. The festivals also enhance the beauty of this place.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark:


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. Located in Europe and most expensive place. This one is not most visited place due to lack of affordability. The beauty of this place is hospitality of peoples, amazing architecture, restaurants, and great weather conditions

11. Cork, Ireland:


Cork city is known to have the best residents and the friendliest neighborhood around the world the city is situated in the southern Ireland. If you plan to visit this Irish beauty you are assured to be welcomed by the friendly people there. The locals have very warm and smooth hearts.

12. Dubai, UAE:


Dubai is the showcase of the money in the United Arab Emirates. The city is known for its highest buildings, luxuries shopping malls, ultra-modern architecture, and nightlife. Burj Khalifa is the highest building in the world that is situated in there. Dubai is the destination for the people with a wish to spend money.

13. Dublin, Ireland:


This one is the largest city and the Dublin is the capital of Ireland. This region is famous due to its loving nature, hospitability of locals. Many monuments and landmarks are present in Dublin. The people are very kind and help the new people comes for the living or just for a tour. This region received position, third the friendliest regions of the world.

14. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK:


After London, this one is a second famous tourist destination. Stunning architectural jewelry is the real beauty of this area. The atmosphere of this city is very calm and peaceful. The peoples are very loving and they warmly welcome the new ones.

15. Fort Worth, Texas, US:

Fort Worth

This one is the Taxes’ fifth largest city. The Cowtown is the nickname of this region. The people are very sweet, nice and fun-loving. The festivals are very attractive of this region. People love to hang out at “Old Fort Worth Stockyards”. And really enjoy the barbecue there.

16. Galway, Ireland:


Galway, Ireland is one of the friendly city of this world. This one is located in Western Ireland. This region got a specific position after survey. The festivals, energetic and active population attracts the tourists and music also plays a great role which increased the beauty of this area.

17. Krakow, Poland:


Krakow is known to be the most beautiful and unique city of Europe; the city is known to have a large number of tourist loving places. Krakow city is rich in culture and heritage. The city has a beautiful architecture and also known to be the friendliest for tourist.

18. Kyoto, Japan:


Kyoto is one of the most attractive cities of Japan the city holds more than 2 thousand shrines and temples and have a population of 1.5 million people. The city is preferred on Tokyo because it is not too much crowded and is laid back and very friendly.

19. Manchester, England:


Manchester was once described as guts and belly of the nation by Orwell. The city is the highlight of north England. The city also has the famous football clubs like the Manchester United and Manchester city which has the craziest fan all over the world.

20. Melbourne, Australia:


Melbourne city is famous for many reasons like tourism, education health facilities, and entertainment also the sports etc. having the locals very friendly Melbourne offers the best place for tourist of the whole world.

21. Minneapolis, Minnesota, US:


This is the biggest cities of the state Minnesota US the city is very well known to be friendly and open and very welcoming towards the tourist and also the locals. The city has many attractive places and most of them are even free.

22. New Orleans, Louisiana, US:

New Orleans

The city has a nick name the big easy. New Orleans has a population of almost 35 hundred thousand and all of the people are very open and friendly people who love jazz local cuisine and party.

23. Nashville, Tennessee, US:


The city is a capital of the Tennessee state of America and is popular for its concerts and live music events and a beautiful cuisine specifically the barbecue and hot chicken, the city also greets its visitors and locals are very welcoming.

24. Portland, Maine, US:


This one is a small but popular city. 67,000 people live in this place. This is famous for its interesting and amazing museums, beautiful streets and loving locals. Due to its small size, it is very peaceful, clean and clams place.

25. Reykjavik, Iceland:


This one is the coldest place with kind and cooperative locals. Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. This one is considered the great place for a visit because it is cleanest, safe and greenest.

26. Savannah, Georgia, US:


The local people of a city are very relaxed and friendly, Savannah is the ancient city in the Georgia state of US. The city is known for its parks cobblestone streets historic buildings and it attracts too many travelers every year.

27. Sydney, Australia:


The city of Sydney offers a cultural diversity and has a very beautiful and natural harbor the city’s resident offers a kind and friendliest environment for the tourist.

28. Victoria, Canada:


This is one of the most beautiful and calm places of this world. The great tree, large parks with flowers are the real beauty of this place. The atmosphere of this region is really fresh and very suitable for human nature and their health. The great loving and happy nature of people happily welcome the tourists.

29. Vientiane, Laos:


The city has the beautiful mixture that merges the French colonial architecture and blends with ancient temple architecture like golden in the 16th century. There are thousands of shrines with Buddha’s image incorporated. The city contains the big Boulevard and long streets covered in green trees and temples.

30. Wellington, New Zealand:


Wellington is one of its kind in the world and people put them every effort to see and enjoy the lovely city. The city contains wonderful tree houses at the hills, the city also has the beautiful sandy beaches. And friendliest people to connect with ravishing hotels and scenery.

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