Facts About 7 Foods That May Slow Your Metabolism Rate

Foods That Could Slows The Metabolism Rate:

There are many foods that can cause obesity, it’s very true and these foods really found. Infect those foods that can cause problems are more common in spicy and fast foods. Many people don’t know the harmful effects of these foods until they get serious health disorders. Anyhow, there are also some foods that can burn calories and make us healthy and good looking. These top seven foods are described below:

  1. Chocolate Bars:


Eating a lot of chocolates could slow our metabolism. Because chocolates include caffeine. If we consume a small amount of caffeine, it may increase our metabolism to some extent. But if we like to eat many chocolates in one time then it will adversely effect our metabolism. According to the website of Wellness Junction, bars of chocolates are extremely processed that may decrease the metabolism rate of our body.

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  1. Conventional Apples:


A study was made and published in Environmental Health Perspectives reveals that different types of fungus are present in many fruits and different kinds of vegetables which increase weight in mice. The study was made on mice, not on human beings. But it was hypothesized at that time that these fungicides on fruits and vegetables have same effects on human beings. So, if we are eating healthy fruits, our weight will be decreased definitely. It was said by Zuckerbrot that try to buy fruits and vegetables which are less exposed to pesticides and thoroughly wash them carefully before eating.

  1. Farmed Beef:

Farmed Beef

Zuckerbrot was the scientist who said that farmed beef is richer in antibiotics than grass fed beef. For many years, people were totally unconscious about the harmful and dangerous effects of antibiotics. These antibiotics have very deadly effects on our body. In 2013, a study was made on antibiotics in the journal Frontiers in Public Health which reveals that antibiotics found in farmed beef have dangerous effects on gut bacteria. In the gut, this effect on the bacteria is directly related to increase in weight. This is because this effect on bacteria totally changes the process of digestion of our food. That is why we gain weight when we consume antibiotics. This is the major reason for obesity. So, it’s better to eat grass fed meat to avoid many problems.

  1. Omega-6-Fatty-Acid:

Omega 6-Fatty-Acid

The Omega-3-fatty-acids are beneficial and really helpful for our body. They are richly found in butter, chicken, cookies and many other products. They are able to make our metabolism rate slow.

Now a day, in our country hydrogenated and vegetable oils is used which are rich in omega-6. They are the major source of weight gain causing obesity. Consumption of omega-6 cause increase in weight in animals as well as in humans. While consuming omega-3 fatty acids decreases the chance of obesity. On the other hand, omega-6, fatty acids also increase insulin opposition which ultimately increases fats in our body.

  1. Soda:


It’s a common saying that corn syrup-rich in fructose should be avoided. Many diseases like heart attack, diabetes and stroke are mainly caused by consuming this ingredient. Zuckerbrot explains that many processed foods and drinks are dangerous for our health. A comparison between fructose and other sugars shows that the same amount of fructose has more dangerous effects on our health and metabolism rate. In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a study was made showing that corn syrup containing fructose in large quantity have harmful effects on our metabolism.

  1. Sugar:


Sugar and some other Gussy food which we use in our diet, these incredibly lower our metabolism. According to the website of FitDay, Sugars have the capability to abruptly increase the level of blood glucose because sugar finds its way into the bloodstream quickly. So, Sugar activates our body to burn less number of calories and to store more fat. Sugar is present in many types of refined foods like spaghetti sauce and ketchup that includes corn syrup which is rich in fructose. On the other hand, peanut butter is really nutritious and alternative to other sugar containing foods. According to website LIVERSTRONG.COM, MyPlate states that 10g peanut butter only contains 3g of sugar. Peanut butter is also the rich in Niacin, Protein, and Riboflavin.

  1. White Flour:


Wheat is used to making different kinds of bread and pasta. However, white bread and pasta are tastier than all others. In New York City, Lisa Moskovitz was RD, CDN, CPT, and CEO of New York Nutrition Group who concluded that white bread tastes much better than all other forms. Wheat is processed to get white flour and it has the best qualities of wheat grains. All fibers and antioxidants are removed from wheat to get white flour. After the removal of all fiber and antioxidants, white flour is obtained which is tasty and feels better in touch and quality but its nutritional value is decreased as everything has been removed from it.

The bad thing about white flour is that it makes our digestion process very slow because it has almost no fiber. Our body can digest this type of flour more rapidly easily as compared to other wheat products. Additional calories are not required to break down this food because everything including fiber has been removed from it so no energy is needed to break down this food. As the lower amount of energy is required, the metabolism rate automatically slows down. This whole process was explained by Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, CEO of F-Factor in New York. On the other hand, more energy is required by the body to digest the food rich in fiber contents. Because it needs more work to break fiber and this is the reason of increasing metabolism rate due to the use of high fiber wheat.

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