32 Delightful Facts Regarding Strawberries

32 Delightful Facts Regarding Strawberries:


Nothing is more worth able to see than sweet strawberries of the local market. Strawberries are used by cooks in fresh form and to make pickles, also in salad and cake. The majority of the people prefer juicy and rosy berries.

Strawberries are red colored fruit with green leaves, small in size and juicy fruit. The world-famous fruit and used as food. It also used with the combination of different foods. Food items, such as milkshakes, chocolates, and ice cream. Its taste is sour and sweet. This one is very delicate fruit. The special mechanisms of its growth exist. The fruit is called strawberries due to connection with straws. During growth stages, the straws are placed around every strawberry due to its dedication and remain there until and unless it becomes ripe. 20th May is known as Strawberries day. The world celebrates this day by making and wearing strawberries related dresses.

Here we gave some amazing facts regarding strawberries.

  1. A perennial plant:

This implies in the event that one is currently planted, will return one year from now and accompanying and subsequent year. May not fruit, proximately, however after it does, will stay profitable for almost 5 years.

  1. Accessory Fruit:

It’s not a true fruit, but the flesh we eat is essentially the shoot. Strawberry is not a berry according to the botanical point. The fleshy portion is obtained from the ovaries rather than the ovary develop into fruit. In every other plant, the ovary develops into a fruit. And the seeds of the strawberry fruit are actually ovaries having seeds inside it.

  1. A considerable amount of vitamin C:

More vitamin C amount is present in only 5 strawberries than a whole orange.

  1. Belongs to family Rosaceae:

The smell of their bush is sweet just like their taste.

  1. Belgium’s dedication to strawberries:

The peoples around the world really like Strawberries. They eat this delicate fruit on a regular basis. The Belgium people love to eat Strawberries very much than other fruits. Belgium has dedicated a museum to strawberries. This museum has everything made of strawberry from jam to beer. If you planned a trip towards the Belgium, must visit this museum. Museum of the Strawberry is the English name of this place. The museum contains different varieties Strawberries. This museum increases the beauty of Belgium. Wepion is called the end of this place.

  1. Beneficial during Pregnancy:

It also gives benefit to a pregnant woman. Natal deficiencies such as spina bifida can be reduced significantly by the consumption of strawberries on daily basis.

  1. Don’t throw away the strawberries if they Over-Ripe!

Strawberries are very delicate and easy to lose their integrity, sometimes over-ripe. The best solution to this problem is to make jam and jellies by strawberries instead of buying from the market and save money. This one is beneficial both in ripe and over ripe form and uses for different purposes in daily routines. Strawberries are also used in skin whitening treatments.

  1. Gene Mapping:

It has 8 sets of chromosomes and has octoploid genetics. Strawberry is one of those foods whose complete genome is being mapped. Efforts were made by 38 research institutions and 78 researchers to make gene map of strawberry. They are very difficult to inbreed and are mostly heterozygous.

  1. Have high nitrate levels:

It has been revealed to raise blood and flow of oxygen towards muscles. The study proposes that eating a load of strawberry before exercise enhances strength and more calories burn out.

  1. Health Benefits:

Anthocyanidin in a large amount is responsible for the bright color of strawberries. Anthocyanidin possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and thought to provide protection against heart diseases and cancer. Strawberry consumption also leads to lower risks of cardiovascular problems. Studies also have proved that strawberry reduces blood cholesterol levels.

  1. Kids Favorite and they love to eat:

Strawberries are favorite among all ages but the children between 7 to 9 loves to eat this fruit. Its bright color is really attractive for the children. When asked about their favorite fruits, they will answer Strawberries. 53 % children of the world like and pick this fruit as compared to other ones.

  1. Low-calorie Strawberries are very good for our health:

This one is low-calorie fruit and helps to decrease weight. The small snacks of this fruit used at regular basis help to burn calories and make body slimmer. Its contain vitamins and minerals, very good for our health. Vitamins C, B6, K, folic acid, and fibers are very helpful for our growth. It helps to treat cancer and used in different teeth cleaning and whitening items.

  1. Not genuine berries, similar to blueberries and grapes:

Actually, a berry contains seeds within. What’s more, for a über specialized, every seed is thought to be a different fruit by a botanist. But the strawberry has a different scenario it is not a berry because the fruit does not develop from the ovary but from the other part. And the seeds on the on the fruit are actually ovaries of the plant.

  1. Only fruit having seeds outside:

This is amazing and very attractive fruit. Its seeds make it different from other fruits. The seeds of Strawberries present on its surface. The seeds in the form of small holes. These holes make its appearance rough and attractive. The holes contain pointed seeds. Normal berry is enhanced with 200 seeds. No big surprise, it just takes a nibble to stall out in teeth. The other fruits also contain seed but seeds are present within the fruits.

  1. Production of strawberries in California:

80% strawberries are produced by California in the US. Approximately 2 billion-pound strawberries are grown each year. Each Unites State and Canada’s province has own strawberries.

  1. Pickle can be made from strawberries:

Unripe or green strawberries are used for pickling and overripe berries are used to make jam.

  1. Peace and Success:

The primitive people thought that the serving of strawberries at special occasions brings prosperity and peace.

  1. Propagation:

Although they are spread by seeds, however, mostly it is done by runners. Mostly the beds are prepared and the plasticulture method is used. The beds are covered with plastic sheets to prevent from insect attack and weed growth and holes are made on the sheet to place the plants. The plants are obtained from the nursery.

  1. Reduces heart disease risk and some cancers:

Strawberries have low calories and a large amount of vitamin B6, C, K, folic acid, amino acids, fiber, and potassium. These vitamins may help to reduce the chances of different disease like heart attack and cancers.

  1. Romans believed that strawberry possessed therapeutic effects:

Romans used strawberries to cure everything such as stress, fever, bad inhalation, kidney stones and stinging throat.

  1. Sufficient for Romans:

These are the primitive fruits stated in prose, presenting in the verses of the 1st century. But they do not taste sweet and people also consider them as showy fruit and not a food. Ancient Roman literature shows that they considered strawberry a fruit that has very important medicinal uses.

  1. Scientific Name:

Fragaria ananassa is the botanical name of strawberry. It’s not a berry but an aggregate fruit. Fruit is not formed from an ovary, but the flower parts become fleshy and fuse to produce strawberry.

  1. Strawberries are unique:

In the UK, there grow over 30 varieties. Each variety has its own shape, taste, and color that makes it difficult to differentiate. Jubilee strawberries are thought the tastiest and sweetest. In England, strawberries gained importance in mid of 16th century. It was introduced in the court of King Henry 3rd by Thomas Wolsey by making a combination of cream and strawberry.

  1. Strawberry consumption by Americans before the arrival of Europeans:

Strawberries were a luxury as the first fruit of spring, eaten fresh or heated to cornbread.

  1. Strawberries eating habits of Americans:

Every year eats about 3, ½ pounds of new strawberries. It’s nearer to 5 pounds by counting of solidified ones.

  1. Strawberries and sex:

Strawberries are thought to elect an aphrodisiac and obliged to newlywed couples at customary marriage brunch as a milky sweet broth.

  1. Strawberry is not always red:

All strawberries are not red. They also found in different colors. They may exist in yellow, green and white colors. In the UK, most of the strawberries are red but strawberries of yellow and white color can also be seen. Strawberries of white color are termed as pine-berries and they have tasted more similar to pineapple than that of strawberry. The taste changes due to different colors. Some are sour, sweet and some are between these two tastes.

  1. Strawberry Size:

The size of strawberries varies. We can get them in various sizes. Some strawberries have the size of an apple.

  1. Tennis players enjoy strawberries too:

The world-famous tannins player really like to eat strawberries. Every year during Wimbledon Championships, the eating gaming is starts and more than 27,000 strawberries eaten. They love and eat easily this light and digestible fruit. This one does not very wonderful news because it contains energy good for athletes.

  1. The beginning of Strawberry:

The name is originated from English word “streawbelige” or “steowberie”. Many theories are linked with its origin. It was first time grown in France Brittany in the late eighteenth century. Before this, the fruit was mentioned in the Roman literature due to its medicinal use. French people started harvesting strawberry in their homes after taking from forests in the 14th century.

  1. Weight Reducer:

Females should keep this point in mind. Strawberry is helpful in the reduction of weight, particularly abdominal fat. A sprinkling of pepper on the slices of strawberry and eating them keep our teeth white.

  1. Washing and cutting should be done to store strawberries:

In a case of keeping for some days in the fridge, clean them at the time of eating. Washing increases the speed of spoiling. Remove dust properly before placing in the fridge. Remove sand particles from strawberries before storing in the fridge.

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