21 Most Dangerous Schools And Universities In The United States

Dangerous Schools And Universities:

Do you ever think that schools can be dangerous in the US? But schools can also be a threatening place. It is miserable as schooling is not the base of victory only but also leads to a successful life. Why are these dangerous? The schools having guns and knives play should seriously be avoided. Here the list of some dangerous schools of US.

  1. Abraham Lincoln High School (Located in Philadelphia, PA):

Abraham Lincoln High School

This one is ranked most dangerous school. The first time a horrible incident happened in 2006. The students and teacher are not saved here. In recently 4 teachers received a threat within two weeks.

  1. Central State University (Located in Wilberforce, OH):

Central State University

This is one of the high standard university but unable to stop multiple bad activities in the university. This university’ students are involved in a different crime such as illegal weapon possession sex offenses, and burglaries.

  1. Cutler Bay Middle School (Located in Miami, FL):

Cutler Bay Middle School

Numerous events of robbery, drug linked matters and more than 100 news of fighting are reported within one year in this school.

  1. Delaware High School (Located in DE):

Delaware High School

This is high school and the few students die in this school. These all die due to the bad behavior of the ladies. The students jumped from high peaks of the school and some locked bathroom and fall and die.

  1. East Lee Middle School (Located in Sanford, NC):

East Lee Middle School

In this school, teachers are at the risk of threat. Teachers are poisoned by some disturbing students who put expo pointer liquid in teacher’s drinks and hospitalized them.

  1. Fort Pierce Westw0ood High School (Located in Ft. Pierce, FL):

Fort Pierce Westwood High School

This school is ranked in number 3 most dangerous school. Once a great number of drugs and weapons caught from student car. This school encased the negativity and fear among students

  1. George Washington Carver Elementary School (Located in Jacksonville, FL):

George Washington Carver Elementary School

This one is Middle-level school. This one is linked with Northwestern Middle. This school received great numbers of fights among students. Almost 56 fights, but no one is able to band this school and still, this one is open and total 128 fights happen.

  1. Harper High School (Located in Chicago, IL):

Harper High School

This school has team fierceness and firing threat, therefore, it must be avoided. The low level of math and English aptitude is another reason of avoidance.

  1. Harvard University (Located in Cambridge, MA):

Harvard University

This is not an exact picture of this university. The look of this university is very good and perfect. but indeed, this is crime place. A number of students are involved in criminal cases in past. This one is the worse university of the world.

  1. Homer High School (Located in Homer, LA):

Homer High School

Though, the attitude like a teenager and immature mental state is usually anticipated from students of high school. That’s the parents which appear to carry distress to the schools. Parents carrying guns must be stopped to enter on campus.

  1. International High School (Located in Lawrence, MA):

International High School

This school is dangerous and only 50% students received graduation degree in each year. This is really bad and horrible situations for students. Recently total 450 students of this school are declared unpleasant. The number of students is involved in criminal cases.

  1. John’s Military School (Located in Salina, KS):

John’s Military School

This is a boarding school and build for students to increase their knowledge and get education living in this school and stay away from the house. But unfortunately, this is not a good institute for students. The number of illegal activities happened here such as abuse, sexual assault, and fight.no one able to stop these activities.

  1. John Bowne High School (Located in New York):

John Bowne High School

This one school got position one in a most dangerous school in the world. Numbers of bad events happened with time in this school. A lot of weapons and drug is taken from the teenager of this school. After these all horrible incidents, this school still present and rise.

  1. Lodge Grass Elementary School (Located in Lodge Grass, MT):

Lodge Grass Elementary School

This school is not a safe home for pupils because frequent shelling occurs near the school. However, this is the single elementary school of the district.

  1. Lakeview Middle School (Located in Greenville, SC):

Lakeview Middle School

This school earns a bad reputation as a wickedest school of US nd displays a bad discipline and poor test marks.

  1. Martin Luther Jr. Middle School (Located in Richmond, VA):

Martin Luther Jr. Middle School

In this school, the students of 6th grade are terrorized and beaten because of their young age. So, this school scared parents.

  1. Northwestern Middle School (Located in Jacksonville, FL):

Northwestern Middle School

This school is located in Duval County. Duval County is one of the worst countries in the world. This school also involved in numbers of fights and more than three invasive fight received in each year. This one is not a good and saved option for student’s education.

  1. Strawberry Mansion High School (Located in Philadelphia, PA):

Strawberry Mansion High School

The students of this school met the police officer on a regular basis. The police come in school daily and checked the student’s bags and pockets. The number of knife and drugs are received by the students.

  1. Thomas Jefferson Elementary School (Located in Cleveland, OH):

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

This one is also a most dangerous school in the world. The location of this school is really bad and tough. The atmosphere also very horrible for student education. The playground of this school bears a shooting in a regular basis.

  1. The University of California (Located in Santa Barbara, CA):

University of California

More than 100 robberies and attacks are reported in this university within one year. Molotov brew assault even happens in this university.

  1. The University of Texas (Located in Austin, TX):

University of Texas

This is dangerous college and most avoid one. Recently A girl killed after sexually assaulted. Her dead body is placed in the garbage after the murder. No one knows how she killed and who killed her.

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