15 Of The Creepy Insect Species Human Hates

Insects are considered most hated creature on this earth. A number of dangerous diseases are caused by insects such as yellow fever, malaria, and Lyme disease. Numbers of peoples in this world are affected by insects and many of them die in the different regions of the world. The recent fever caused by an insect is Dengue. This fever affects the 3,500 babies in Brazil. This fever spread around the world in 2015. There is list of most hated insects;

  1. Ant:


This one is the oldest creature in this world. This one is really complex creature due to its small size. Ants are present in every house in large number. Total 22,000 species of this insect are known till yet. Ants cover the quarter weight of this earth. Ant’s bite is really harsh and causes skin rashes.

  1. Asian Citrus Psyllid:

Asian Citrus Psyllid

Asian Citrus Psyllid is dangerous insect and has a great effect on citrus. Central Asia is the originated place. They have a severe and large effect on grooves and could cause disease on them in Florida and California. This insect affects the total $4 billion trees of oranges in past few years.

  1. Bee:


The bee is a most famous insect around the world. This insect is useful but on the other hand, have great effects on humans and trees. Bee sting caused severe pain and skin diseases. A bee feeds on many plants and affects badly. The many of the plants, leaves, and flowers affected by bees.

  1. Beetle:


The beetle is a well-known insect. It leaves good and bad effects on human life. Beetle direct effects the human blood. It has great effects on skin and caused skin diseases. Beetle eats many wasps, ladybugs, and a pest who affects the crops badly.

  1. Cockchafer:


Cockchafer is most hated insect in the history of the insect. Peoples knows about this insect very little. This insect is eaten by French people in different ways. The people of France use it in soups. In Germany, this is considered as the best ingredients eat with sugar. This one is the best dish of German students.

  1. Cockroach:


This one is a most ancient creature and hated also. Over 320 million years first cockroach appears. This is able to fly without air for 45 minutes. The red color and two long hair like appendages present in front of the mouth are sensitive and help them to stay away from danger.

  1. Grasshopper:


The grasshopper finds the spot in our list of most hated insects due to swarm and jumping behavior, even though it is a herbivore. Grasshoppers become locusts when they are in a large group. In the bible, they are declared as the cause of the epidemic cholera and in Koran as well. The grasshoppers can travel into swarms of millions and eat all the green plants in an area. The swarm 100 miles wide and 1800 miles long in 1875 at whopping was the biggest swarm.

  1. Head Lice:

Head Lice

The lice are known to be not carrying any disease and are transferred from people to others only by close contact. They are not very harmful. But almost 6 to 12 million people are infected in united states every year. There is research being conducted that these lice may be able to increase the immunity against the other body lice that contain the disease, but this is not a research in which people want to participate.

  1. Horse Fly:

Horse Fly

Sometimes dizziness and wheezing can be caused due to the bite of horse fly and it can be very painful for humans.  The ancient playwright in Greek Aeschylus tells that this bug even pained Zeus’s mortal love too. So, these are being hated by humans even centuries ago. Horse fly can infect sheep and cattle and transfer anthrax in them.

  1. Mosquito:


Mosquitoes are the well-known insects. Mosquitoes kill and badly affect the numbers of people and animals in this world. It causes yellow fever, malaria, and most recent known disease are Dengue. The Dengue severely affects the human around the globe. It also causes skin disease.

  1. Moth:


If you are not crept by their picture than knowing this there is a Moth goes by the name of grease moth that eats the human fat. But their hairiness is creepy too. If you are not still crept than know about the Hercules moth who has a wingspan of 27 cm largest surface area than any insect.

  1. No-See-Um:


No-See-Ums are flies and able to pass through window. This one is a great distinguishing feature of this creature. The size of No-See-Ums 1-4 mm (0.04-0.16). They are not blood eaters. They help in pollination in crop Cacao. The protein is present in the saliva of No-See-Ums that’s why the bites cause rashes.

  1. Silverfish:


Silverfish is considered one of the oldest insect. This insect recognized before 400 million years ago. Silverfish feed on plants, leaves and make small holes on leaves and clothes. Silverfish do not affect the human. This insect lives without eating and stayed throughout the year. Insect able to feed own exoskeleton.

  1. Termite:


This insect has long life almost 50 years. This has bad and good effects. This insect affects the wood badly and decay. Termites only useful to break down the decaying matter in the earth. This process increased the fertility of the soil. Termites live in the form of colonies and massively affects this earth.

  1. Wasp:


Wasp’s sting is very painful. And humans are terrified by it all over the world. In the late summer, the wasps start stinging people because the queen ends breeding of new workers and the old one’s going to search food outside. If one wants to be safe from them then one should avoid them. When you shoo them away they are more likely to attack you. This avoiding might not work with tarantula wasp special this species is the most dangerous and with a most painful sting. So if you want to be safe run far far away from them.

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