17 Incredible Facts of Coffee

17 Incredible Facts of Coffee


Coffee is a famous and well-known plant. More than 83% adults in England consume coffee. The taste is delicious and ranked as a second traded commodity, over 50 countries, there are about 25 million farmers that involved in producing the coffee. Numbers of drinks and food items made by coffee. They also used as sacred plants in some regions of the world.

  1. The coffee ban in 17th-century England:

The coffee first time cultivated in England in the 17th century. There were about 82 coffee houses in London by mid-1660’s but it was not much popular among people and they were not familiar with coffee. But times move fast and cultivation of coffee increased and spread to many areas. In starts, the coffee was highly used by the upper-class woman. The women who frustrated with their man and they use coffee to overcome their frustration need. The use of coffee banned by King Charles in 1675. Many of them were really unhappy and after that, King Charles took his decision back and forgot to ban it. Then people started the use of coffee again.

  1. Coffee contains caffeine to attract bees:

Caffeine present in coffee attracts the bees. The bee sits on coffee plants and feeds on caffeine. The caffeine has beneficial effects on bees’ life. The memory of the bees is increased and better after consuming caffeine. The caffeine acts on their brain and they easily find the caffeine flowers. The bees help pollination and in result got nectars from the coffee flowers.

  1. Coffee contamination:

Coffee plant affected by fungi named Aspergillus and Penicillium. These fungi produced Ochratoxin that causes the disease, Coffee rust. This disease destroys the five billion parts of coffee. The presence of Ochratoxin was first discovered in coffee in 1988. In 2003, one man killed and a number of people were hospitalized after drinking coffee. In early, doctors called it is food poisoning. But after research, they come to know that it was caused by affected coffee.

  1. Coffee in pregnancy:

The pregnant woman who drink coffee, do not give birth to healthy babies. Doctors’ advice to women, they should surely avoid the coffee during pregnancy. The woman who avoids drinking coffee have a healthy pregnancy and their babies are healthier. Drink three cups a day caused nausea. So, if you want to give birth to a healthy baby then avoid coffee. The woman who is habitual to consume coffee during pregnancy, their children suffers some disorders in their lives.

  1. Coffee actually lowers the risks of diseases:

Studies have proved the effect of caffeine against Alzheimer’s disease in old patients and it also had a positive effect on Parkinson’s disease and diabetes patients. It protects against skin cancer in females.

  1. Coffee overdose and addiction:

Caffeine is the major drug present in coffee. It’s cause addiction. The addiction happened after drinking 7 cups of ground coffee per day. A man who drink 7 cups daily adductor and not left this habit soon. The caffeine is drug caused raised temperature, shudders and mood swings. Use excess quantity caused the severe disorder. The use of coffee can make you ill if you are not habitual of drinking coffee. In England, A 17 years old girl was hospitalized after the consumption of 7 double espressos. The people of Finland consumed more coffee so, it is called caffeinated country. The adults of Finland consume 4-5 cups per day.

  1. Coffee rust devastates Central America:

Coffee rust is a disease that affects the coffee plants. A fungus caused this disease. The symptoms of this disease are small orange colored patches are made of coffee. This disease caused badly Arabian plant. 70 % crop of coffee is affected by fungus in February 2013. Hawaii is the place in America that grows coffee beans it grows Kona flavor that is the America’s gift to the coffee lovers.

  1. Coffee was originally a food:

Coffee was also used as food and wine energy drink was created when it was mixed with fat while the pulp of the beans was used to make wine.

  1. The first food was Coffee that was freeze-dried:

During world War II, it was the first time that coffee along with other fresh foods was freeze dried and the temperature was dropped to -40 degrees.

  1. Deadly coffee crime wave in Kenya:

In Kenya, coffee plants cultivated in large scale and in a large area. The number of farmers only cultivated this plant. The plant’s bean is consumed by natives caused serious addiction in Kenya. The bean is disappeared by thieves. So, the nation hired police forces to see this case. The big fights started between the natives and kill many of them. Thousands of farmers grown coffee and exported to different regions for the sake of money. More than 5 million peoples in Kenya depend on the coffee industry.

  1. Discovery of coffee:

Coffee was discovered by Shepherd in Ethiopia circa 800 A.D. The stories about the origin tells us that the goats of a herder started dancing after they eat coffee berries and seeing that a young monk they made a drink of these berries which kept him awake at the whole night.

  1. Italian espresso:

The meaning of espresso in Italian in “when some thing is forced out of it”. The Italian espresso coffee is made after the water is forced through coffee beans to pass of them. This has more amount of the coffee than the regular other coffee and it is consumed in a small amount.

  1. Latte art and tasting competition:

The art on coffee cups is a game is held different regions of the world. World Cup Tasters Championship is held in which numbers of artist participate after winning numbers of competition. In France, annual World Coffee Event is held in every year. This is very difficult art artist made a different and amazing design on a hot drink. Different characters such as teddy bear, cartoon and dragons are made to coffee cups.

  1. Brazil produced most of the coffee:

Forty percent coffee of world is produced by Brazil which very higher more than twice than the second and third place Colombia and Vietnam.

  1. Types of the coffee beans:

There are two types of coffee bean, first is Robusta and second one is Arabica. The Robusta’s flavor is least popular which is bitter and ore tasteful, Moreover, 70 percent of coffee beans belong to Arabica.

  1. The most expensive coffee of world:

The most expensive coffee is made from the beans coming out the feces of an Animal named Luwak and it costs 600$. The process behind is that the animal can’t digest the beans and when they entered stomach they are fermented and when they came out of feces they give a rich chocolate flavor.

  1. Several attempts to ban the coffee:

There have been several tries to ban the coffee throughout the history. It was banned in Mecca, and in Swedish, and Italian claimed it as satanic and Ottoman leader Murad made punishment over the use of coffee.

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