28 Odd Birth Defects That Few Children Bear When They Born

Birth Defects: We all have a unique mixture of shared traits when we born, for example, our eyes may be blue or brown and may rarely have gray or green colored. The combination of traits marks us unique. Here some strange things only a few children possess. 1. Albinism: Albinism is a condition when babies born with no color. No melanin is ...

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10 Different Diseases That Triggered Due to Vitamin Deficiencies


Diseases Due to Vitamin Deficiencies Vitamins are really important elements of our life. Vitamins are actually tiny substances that are needed to us for a healthy life. The deficiency of Vitamins caused serious and dangerous diseases. The people who spend their life on ships, they have greater chance to face the deficiency of vitamins. Because they eat grains and salted ...

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