30 Amazing Particulars regarding Noah and His Ark

Noad and his Axes

32 Amazing Particulars regarding Noah and His Ark: Earth flooded by God for apologizing for human creation. An old man called Noah came to save earth from this devastation. He had kids at the age of 500 years. He constructed a huge ship after his selection by Allah. The ship was boarded thousands of animals and protects them from God’s ...

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16 Scariest Demons And Their Links to Different Religions


Scariest Demons in Religion: People are horrified often because of them. These creatures exist in every culture, tradition, and every religion all over the world. They are often described in the myths of the region or they are written in the religious books. These myths describe these deadliest creatures and demons the books terrify people to the horrors of these ...

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The Importance of Prayer and Meditation

prayer and meditation

Prayer and Meditation: Read the Definition of Prayer and Meditation and try to find the differences and different similarities between them. Definition of Prayer: In a humble way make a request, talk to GOD with admiration, confession, petition, and with great thanksgiving. Definition of Meditation: This is a type of mental exercise. To engage mind with exercise. Take long and ...

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Here Are 25 Facts about Buddhism

What is Buddhism?            1-5 Facts: The Buddha derived from the word of Buddhism. Buddha Sakyamuni refers Buddhism. The meaning of Buddhism is Sage of Sakya. The followers of this religions are presents all around the world. They have great and strange festivals and customs. The term ‘Buddhism’ was invented in 1830’s by the Western scholars. ...

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