Here Are 25 Facts about Buddhism

What is Buddhism? 



        1-5 Facts:

  1. The Buddha derived from the word of Buddhism. Buddha Sakyamuni refers Buddhism. The meaning of Buddhism is Sage of Sakya. The followers of this religions are presents all around the world. They have great and strange festivals and customs.
  2. The term ‘Buddhism’ was invented in 1830’s by the Western scholars.
  3. Buddhist is the name used for the followers of this religion. Numbers of Buddhists are present and spread the teaching of Buddhism.
  4. Buddhists are the followers, they don’t worship any GOD. They think GOD is not present. They unable to see the GOD and not believe in the existence of GOD.
  5. The teaching of Buddha is really important for them. They all just follow the teaching. This religion started in 520BC.

    6-10 Facts:

  6. Siddhartha Gautam was the name of the prince. He was the prince of the Nepal and he established this new religion. He was the founder of this religion and the started to preach Buddhism in his region.
  7. Siddhartha Gautam was the prince and his family was also royal and rich. His forefathers were the kings and princes. So, basically, he belongs to a rich and royal background.
  8. He left his state when he observed the poverty of his people. He actually didn’t like his ancestral government. Siddhartha Gautam wished for the peace and decided to leave his home. He moves away and started his life by his own way. He was great needier of peace. Siddhartha was just 29 years old when he left his luxurious life.
  9. He started his journey and faced many troubles. In the start, he thought to go back towards home but he was unable to do that because he burns all possible ways to move back. He closed his eyes and wanted to forget his family.
  10. He stayed under the tree named fig. Bodh Gaya, Bihar was the place where this tree was located.

    11-15 Facts:

  11. This religion got the fourth position among famous and highly followed religions in this world. Total 360 million followers of this religion are present in this world.
  12. The meaning of word Buddha a man who has awakened. The Buddha word is taken from Pali language. It was the ancient language of this world.
  13. Three Jewels are the basic teaching of this religion and known as Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.
  14. This religion was followed by Nepal. Western Nepal is the major site where the large numbers of followers are present and they also preached this religion around the world.
  15. The other parts of the world, where a large number of the Buddha’s followers are present in China, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea. But the China has the largest population of followers about 244 million of the total population.

    16-20 Facts:

  16. The main tradition in Buddhism religion is to use Flowers.
  17. The Buddhist followers are strictly restricted to kill any animal even the smallest ones like pests and vermin, for any of the reason.
  18. In Buddhism religion, there is not a single holy book present but the holy scriptures are present in this religion. Th sacred notes of this religion are present in Pali languages also called as Pali Canon. The holy scriptures consisted different Mahayana Sutras.
  19. The worship place of this religion was the large mediation hall. A number of peoples gathered here and performed their worship. They do mediation and got peace.
  20. The New Year of Buddhist is celebrated in Thailand, Lao, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Cambodia for three days.

    21-25 Facts:

  21. The major theme of Buddhism is that everything is immoral in this world. No one is permanent.
  22. Wisdom, discipline, and concentration are basic concepts of this religion. Wisdom plays a really important role in this religion and with the help of this wisdom, the man could solve their worries bravely. Concentration helps to see and thinks batter. With the help of concentration, a man able to understand the difficulties of his life wisely. The third one is discipline really important and need of this world.
  23. The celebration of the followers of Buddha religion celebrates a special day on the birthday of “Gautama Buddha”, who was the founder of this religion.
  24. Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana are the major classes of Buddhism where it was categorized.
  25. Ignorance, anger, and desire are three most hated action of Buddhism. And founder really disliked them. He addressed his followers to stay away from these three actions if you want to live happy and successful life.

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