Interesting Things That You Don’t Know About Bruce Lee

  • Amazing Creature:

amazing creature

Bruce was named by Time magazine as one of the hundred most influential people of the twentieth century. And later in 2014, he was called the best movie fighter of all times by the Houston boxing hall of fame. The interesting thing is he could puncture the cans using his fingers. And we are talking about cans in those days when cans were hard and not soft aluminum. And he used to receive cuss on his fingers while doing this. Furthermore, we can also see the band aids on his finger almost in every movie.

  • Exercise Routine:

Exercise Routine

Bruce was weight less than the normal man of his age. Because we know the Chinese are little less weighed than people in the USA. His weight was between 130-165 pounds but he exercised way more than his weight and his need. And when he started training he uses to perform 125 push ups on his back and he uses to perform one arm chin ups more than 50.

  • Faster Than The Cameras:

Faster Than The Cameras

If we say that Bruce was more than a man but a fighting machine that was from future but sent back to teach fight in time than it might be true in some way. Bruce was so fast that we might think about him he could through a punch faster than an eye can see. And even a cameraman reported that Bruce was so fast in kicking and throwing a punch that the camera was unable to record him. So, they had to ask Lee to move little slower for the camera to record. Bruce Lee was so fast that he could take the coin from someone’s hand before he can close his fist. And sometimes he was able to slip other coins in it.

  • First Movie With Norris:

First Movie With Norris

Many of us believe that the first movie Lee gave to Norris was the of the dragon. It is true that he was the first who gave Norris his first movie but it was not that it was way before that when Bruce used to be the stunt coordinator in the film wrecking crew which was of famous dean martin. And the scene was a little quick one in which Chuck spoke a dialogue which was followed by a fight.

  • Real Life Combat Champion:

Real Life Combat Champion

We have only seen him fighting in movies and becoming champion after defeating too many people. And most of us might think he doesn’t fight any real fight in his life but was an actor like all the other movie star. Bruce Lee participated in a real combat tournament in the Hong Kong in which boxers from different countries participated. Bruce beat up every opponent in the tournament and became the champion including beating British boxer Gary Elms. He also defeated the famous teacher of atrial arts and Kung Fu in 1965 master Wong Jack Man.

  • The Dancing Champions:

The Dancing Champions

When he was still in Hong Kong and was one of the finest martial arts champion and fighter Bruce Lee was also talented in other things too rather than martial arts. After his Kung Fu training, he started to learn cha cha dancing steps just to impress girls. But soon he becomes so good at it and he knew he could use these dancing lessons to improve his foot work and balancing. Bruce Lee became a master in cha cha dancing too and was very good at impressing girls too. And also in one competition held in cha cha dancing Bruce Lee not only participated. But also won the cha cha dancing competition and became champion.

  • The Dragon Boy:

The Dragon Boy

The day of a dragon and the most astonishing thing is he was born on the dragon hour. So, his birthday is very much telling about his life and his reason for being the deadliest fighter. He was called by the little dragon name, and this was his nickname too.

  • The Street Fighter:

The Street Fighter

Bruce Lee was a street origin fighter in the 50s in the streets of Hong Kong. Hong Kong was under the Chinese government at that time and was considered as a poor country. Bruce Lee joined a gang called Tigers of junction street. The gang was weak and Bruce Lee along with gang used to be beaten up by the other gangs very often. Once he returned home beaten up by a gang with blacked and swollen eyes and told her mother he wants to learn karate to defend himself. His mother gave him under the teaching of Yip man. After being a pro fighter, he used to beat other gangs and was involved in serious disputes of gangs. So, his mother decided it is better for him to leave the country and go to America. So that he can be away from these serious gang street fights.

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