Here are Top 15 Female Serial Killers of America

In America, serial killers are mostly white males, but the serial killers are present in all genders and races. Here we are discussing some serial killers who are females and have their different methods and motivations.

  1. Aileen Wuornos:

Aileen Wuornos

Born: 29 February 1956

Died: 09 October 2002

Wuornos is the main character of this. This crime serial is full of Wuornos life, full of trouble and worries. This is very strange and different story. The Wuornos kills her victim and not sent to the jail. During the investigation, she told police that she killed a man who harassed her that why she killed him for her protection. She was sent to jail for few times and she was died in 2002 by the imposition of lethal injection.

  1. Amy Archer-Gilligan:

Amy Archer-Gilligan

Born: October 1868

Died: 23 April 1962

Amy Archer-Gilligan killed 60 or more victims. She got wedded at the young age. Her husband behaved bad to her and she becomes a rebel. She killed her husband and moved. After that, she again got married. And again, she bears a very bad time and decided to kill him too. After that, she decided to move to her business with all of her money. She started her business and established a hospital and killed many people. In the start, people have not known anything about how victims killed but after she accepts and sent to jail. She remained there and died in 1921.

  1. Belle Sorenson Gunness:

Belle Sorensen Gunness

Born: 11 November 1859

Died: 28 April 1908

She was born in Norway but she lived her life mainly in the United States. Like every other serial killer, a female killed her victims for the sake of money. She murdered her first husband and two of her children for the insurance money and after getting it she went to Indiana. She married Peter Gunnes there and he was also found dead and according to her a sausage grinding machine fell on his head and killed him.

After his death of Gunness started advertising for suitors in newspapers for the matrimonial section. Her suitors her robbed and murdered after an invitation on her farm and were never known after. After that, she fell for her servant Ray Lamphere and she fired him. Her house was found burned to the ground and her remaining children were also found dead in their beds along with a women’s body. Some had suspicions that this was her but the height of the body was 5 feet 3 inches, on the other hand, Gunness was six feet tall. But he coroner decided it was her and buried her.

After the burn, there were a lot of bodies found in that house and her servant Lamphere was declared that he guilty and acquitted of her murder. Her body was never confirmed even with the modern DNA technology as the Belle Guinness’s body. So, the cause of her death and place of her death was never known.

  1. Bertha Gifford:

Bertha Gifford

Born: October 1872

Died: 20 August 1951

Gifford killed 17 peoples. She looks and behaves very innocent. Bertha looks after her sick relatives and friends. She also looks after her neighbors and behaves like a very gentle woman. Gifford killed her victim and preserved their body. Her mind was very different and strange. Police investigate her and arrested. She accepts that she was the killer of many peoples and she sent to the jail. She remains there and died in a hospital named Missouri State.

  1. Cynthia Coffman:

Cynthia Coffman

Born: 19 January 1962

Cynthia was an American serial killer, she was found to be guilty of killing four women. Her boyfriend James Marlow was also involved in the killing of women. One of her victims was found dead naked with signs of sexual assault and was strangled, they kidnapped the victim from the shopping mall. When Cynthia was brought to justice her lawyer said that she was brain washed to do from her boyfriend James. And, he was suffering from battered women Down’s syndrome too.


  1. Delphine LaLaurie:

Delphine LaLaurie

Born: Around 1775

The women lived with her children and husband in 1820s in New Orleans. They treated their slaves very awfully. The family was healthy and high-class. Until 1834, there was no evidence found against her but a fire breakdown in her mansion and the police found a 70-year-old burned body close to the stove and chained around the ankle. The slave admitted of starting a fire to escape the punishment of madam.

Due to this new or lean people became suspicious of the behavior of Madam towards her slaves. They reported about the madam that she sewed the mouths and amputation of limbs of her slaves and also reported, many of them died due to starvation. Due to much effort of people and her family escaped the justice and Madam were found living in Paris.

  1. Dorothea Puente:

Dorothea Puente

Born: 09 January 1929

Died: 27 March 2011

Puente is the main character. In this serial, the heroine lived along the bank of the river. This story happened in 1980. She killed many peoples in her life. She killed and drops the dead body into the river. In the start, the town’s people thought she was very innocent but after that, they come to know she is a killer and she murdered many people. Police investigate and arrested her. She killed many peoples and made their grave on her house. After an investigation, she told police about all of her crimes. In 1992, she arrested and remained in jail and died in 2011.

  1. Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood:

Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood

Gwendolyn Graham Born: 06 August 1963

Cathy Wood Born: 07 March 1962

This is a story of two women who works as a nurse. All incidents happened in the year 1980. They killed many nurses who work in the same hospital. In Alpine Manor, they killed almost five innocent peoples. They killed and reacted as very innocent. No one thinks they are killer. Wood killed her ex-husband and two women in the same day. After that, she was arrested and remained in jail for about 40 years and died.

  1. Genene Anne Jones:

Genene Anne Jones

Born: 13 July 1950

Genene was born in Texas in 1950’s, she was a nurse and killed the victims who were under her custody. Genene was found to kill 46 infants from the hospital those were under her pediatric care. She used drugs those paralyzed the heart. And she even was not caught then after that, she killed a 15-month-old girl and a boy too and she was caught and was proven guilty. She was sentenced 99 years in prison. Her victims were almost 60. The sheriffs destroyed the case file of the gene to not give release and after that, she was released and then was caught again of murder and was decided to be in jail for another 60 years.

  1. Jane Toppan:

Jane Toppan

Born: 1857

Died: 17 August 1938

Jane was trained to be a nurse and she started her job in Cambridge hospital at Massachusetts. She began to kill patient unknowingly, first, she experimented on her patient and that lead to death. She said she had sexual pleasure watching her patient death. Jane killed many other victims with poison. She killed her sister Elizabeth in 1899 and she also killed her land lord in 1895. She was caught when one of the families of victims wanted toxicology report.

  1. Lavinia Fisher:

Lavinia Fisher

Born: Around 1793

Died: 18 February 1820

Fischer is usually known to be the first female serial killer in America. Fischer and her husband had a hotel in Charleston, South Carolina people who stayed there, started missing and the new even went to the police department but they couldn’t keep them because of lack of evidence. They have known of murder the victims by poisoning soon they were hanged to death after evidence in 1820. They used to do this for material purposes.

  1. Lydia Sherman:

Lydia Sherman

Born: 1824

Died: 16 May 1978

Lydia was born in 1824 and died in prison in 1878. Lydia got married to Edward struck and had six children. She wanted to escape further pregnancy’s so she went and bought rats poison and gave her husband and also killed her six children that her money and she became rich after killing them. After that, Lydia got married to a farmer named Dennis Hurlburt, a rich person. Soon after, she was a widow again and also, she had inherited her husband’s land. After this, she started housekeeping at Nelson Sherman’s house who married her because he lost her wife and he needed someone to look after his daughter and son, but she had other plans she poisoned his son and daughter too.

  1. Martha Ann Johnson:

Martha Ann Johnson

Born: on 1955 in the US

She was the serial killer of America and born on 1955. Martha was married to Earl Bowen. She was convicted of killing her children. The investigator was convinced that every time she and her husband had a marital issue she decided to punish him. And she killed her kid to punish his husband when the marital issues were continued for more than ten days she decides to punish early and killed every time one of her children for satisfaction against her husband. She used rats poison to poison her children.

  1. Marie Lyddy:

Marie Lyddy

Born: 23 August 1928

Marie was an American serial killer born in Pennsylvania in 1928. Marie was succeeded in gaining the sympathy of people when an article was published in a magazine about the death of her six children. After that, she was under the study of a writer who investigated her and sent his book and findings to police about her. After that, Lyddy was arrested and she confessed to the killing of four of her children by suffocating them. Then, after some time, she killed her other two too. The total number of her victims was 8.

  1. Nannie Doss:

Nannie Doss

Born: 04 November 1905

Died: 02 June 1965

Nannie Doss killed more than 11 peoples. She was married at the age of 16. The marriage was not good, she felt very uncomfortable with her husband. She becomes a mother of 4 children. Her husband left her because she killed her two young daughters. Robert Harrelson was her second husband. She also killed her two grandsons just because of money issues. Nannie gave poison to her second husband. She took all of his money and killed him. After that, she again got married and killed her third husband too. She again got wedded 4th time and killed him too. In 1955, she accepts his guilt and sent towards jail and in 1965 she died.

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