Amazing Facts about 5 Wonderful Underground Cities

5 Wonderful Underground Cities

This article is about the underground cities. These strange cities got great attention and love towards the peoples. Many of them are built during very emergency situations. And there are the numbers of cities that built due to cool seasons and some developed for the shelter of the people and army man during world wars. These places are very different and new places for tourist. They come here and got great memories and enjoyed these places. There is the list of underground cities:

  1. Beijing Underground:

Beijing Underground

This city is built in 1969 in Beijing. This city is also called the Giant City and built in the emergency condition. It is located underneath the Beijing and is about 30km wide. The purpose of this city provided the shelter to the government of socialist. The condition of the Beijing was really severe due to a war and the border was under threat. This region provides the peace and defense to military forces. There are numbers of schools, stores, and restaurants. The numbers of peoples are started living here. Almost 40% people of Beijing start to live here during war times. This place is one of the most favorite places for tourist.

  1. City of the Gods located in Giza Plateau:

City of the Gods

The City of the Gods present in the Egypt. This is one of the most ancient underground city and still standing in its place. This is a great attraction for people of the world. Numbers of peoples visit this place every year and got great memories. This extraordinary place is a pyramid shape and largest underground city. This was also developed for the purpose of shelter. Here are the numbers tunnels and chambers present. The old Egyptian hide their precious things in this place especially their gold. This is still present with great mystery. It’s extraordinary and marvel architecture is really attractive to people.

  1. Moose Jaw located in Saskatchewan:

Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw underground place present in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan is located in Canada. This was developed in winter seasons. These types of places help people to reduce the cold and provide warmth to some extent. In the start of the twentieth century, the weather was very cool that was not bearable. The small tunnels are also developed there to minimize the effect of coldness. In these areas, very illegal activates could hold easily such as music, gambling, and drugs. The Chicago Connection is another name of this region because this area was highly involved in all types of illegal activities. This city increased the beauty and mystery of the Chicago and joining areas.

  1. Setenil de las Bodegas located in Spain:

Setenil de las Bodegas

Setenil de las Bodegas is underground city develop due to cool and harsh environmental conditions located in Spain. This is located in the Spanish mountain and also called the Spanish town. There are numbers of houses are present. More than 3,000 people have their homes in this place and they live happily. The walls of the houses are made up of stones. The roofs designed differently and the floor is made up of cement, bricks and stones mixtures. This one place always attract the tourist and Roman Empire built this place.

  1. Wieliczka Salt Mine located in Poland:

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine is the beautiful place in the list of underground cities. This place is present in the South of Poland. In the thirteenth century, this underground place was built. This is actually the largest mine. This mine was developed for salt. After that, used for the production of numbers of tasty food products. This is the longest about 186 miles. The total length 300km of this mine. This place is used during war days and developed rooms for Germans army. They lived their many times during and after the wars days. This place also has some great beautiful lakes. Almost one million tourists come there every year.


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