7 Legitimate Facts of Chocolate That You Must Know

Facts of Chocolate:


Only a few of us require a motivation to eat chocolate. Its taste quick temper kick is sufficient to make it a luxury.

One who did not eat chocolate missed many astonishing health profits as written by Clover “Eat chocolate, lose weight”.   He says that one should take chocolate daily like a delightful vitamin. Obviously, one has to eat correct chocolate which is not the candy in the grocery store. Dark chocolate having 70% or more cocoa levels get supreme health benefits.

Apart from its reputed as an aphrodisiac and a quick mood promoter, there are 7 authentic reasons to eat chocolate daily.

  1. Gives You Fresh and Healthy Skin:

healthy skin

Soft, less dehydrated and stronger against suntan skin is achieved by taking chocolate that rich in antioxidants. It has been found in European Journal of Nutrition that moisture loss is reduced to 25% by intake of cocoa for 12 weeks continuously, which is a very beneficial for dry skin victims. British investigators found that safety against sunburn become doubled in people who had eaten dark chocolate for 12 weeks as compared to those eating milk chocolate. Cocoa enhances blood transmission to the top layer skin, vessels that are well armed to pull O2 and nutrients preventing sunburn and dehydration.

  1. Give You Sharper Focus:

sharper focus

MRI studies exposed that blood flow to brain boosts up by chocolate and this result in enhancing focus ability. Adults doing intellectual tasks could have healthier blood movement to the brain by eating a slight concentration of cocoa.

  1. Make Healthier to Your Heart:

healthy heart

Chocolate has butter of high saturated fat in it, therefore it sometimes criticized. However, it could be worthy for one’s health like coconut oil which also has saturated fats. Cocoa butter contains one-third of stearic acid which our liver changes to oleic acid that is a fit mono-unsaturated fat and decreases (LDL) cholesterol level and also increase HDL level. In addition, the anti-inflammatory components of cocoa aids in fighting against prolonged vascular inflammation, reduce bold pressure by advancing elasticity of vessels, and prevent stickiness of platelets and obstruction of artery walls, thus it prevents heart diseases.

  1. Make Your Teeth Healthier:

Healthy Teeth

It’s not the cocoa but sugar in chocolate that decays the teeth. The biofilms and plaque formation is prevented by the husk of cocoa which have anti-bacterial components. Actually, in children not brushed in 4 days, 50% plaque is reduced and 21% of bacteria killed by one washing of cocoa mouthwash.

  1. Minimize Your Anxiety:

Less anxiety

Stress stimulates cortisol production which has a disadvantage of activating fat accumulation in abdomen or gut and also causes depression and heart diseases. Study of 2009 revealed that people who eat about 40g chocolate per day for 15 days had low cortisol level as compared to those who did not eat. A year later research showed that people ate chocolate continuously for 30 days had 10% lesser levels of stress and also, they were 10% quieter than the period they do not eat chocolate.

  1. More Active Workout:


Chocolate helps in enhancing energy level before exercise, driving by difficult perspiration period, and also decrease pain after work. The antioxidants present in cocoa improve muscle’s ability to absorb energy producing nutrients that aids in workload. A lab research evaluates that the feeding of an animal with cocoa increases about 30% fatigue resistance. Similarly, discomfort sensitivity reduces five times due to the anti-inflammatory components of cocoa, as compared to other energy options. Simply, putting up of a small sized chocolate on the tongue after a lot of work is beneficial.

  1. Reduce Your Hunger and Help to Gain Weight:

Reduces Hunger And Weight Gain

Cocoa has a great amount of protein and fiber, as one tablespoon cocoa has 1g of protein and 4g of fiber. One remarkable fact about cocoa is that appetite level reduces to half simply by smelling 85% dark chocolate. Ghrelin, the anti-hunger hormone produces by cocoa smelling and the influence remains for almost 1 hour.

  • The key to acquiring all benefits is a regularity.


It is recommended by Dr. Clower to eat 40g per day with a division of 8 pieces of 5g for minimum 8 weeks. Put it on the tongue and let it melt gently.

You can use equal concentration of cocoa nibs or non-Dutched cocoa powder (antioxidant level is lower in Dutch processed cocoa); in case, if you don’t like chocolates. This cocoa resembles sugar-free chocolate chips. The 5g powder is almost equivalent to 1 teaspoon. One can find properly sourced and organic version of the two from Navitas Naturals, amongst other firms.

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