7 Interesting Underground Wonders of Animal World

Underground Wonders:

Visionless and ghostlike chubby, these extremely weird mortals move about the soil beneath the earth or beside rocks of hidden caves. These creatures are not attractive, indeed many of them are incredibly horrible – however, the following seven marvels of these subversive animals are definitely mesmerizing.

  1. Arachnocampa – Glow Worms from New Zealand:


It is a glow worm and lives in the caves of New Zealand which looks like a galaxy due to the glow of this worm. It’s just like a thread of green, white or blue color consists of mucus dotted silk which is a trap of a fungus larva. This larva swirls its nest and falls almost 70 threads of approximately 16 inches. The mucus is noxious in certain species and appeals prey towards it.

  1. Ajolote Mexican Mole Lizard:


It seems to be huge earthworm from its digging style but this is not correct. Its other name is Mexican mole lizard. It is a reptile having pink skin and advanced forelimbs which help it to move. It is a buried animal and comes out of earth only at submerging of its home.

  1. Blind Cave Eel:


It is also known as Proteus or olm. It sleeps, eats and breeds subaquatic in caves of Dinaric Alps. Sometimes it may also refer to as human fish by natives’ due to its pink yellowish skin. It is completely aquatic and not amphibian. It has light sensitive skin and sense slight amount of organic substances which help it to sense quality and quantity of its prey.

  1. Fairy Armadillo:

Fairy Armadillo

One may think it cute like a pink fairy from its name, or it may lovely in ethereal approach, but this is absolutely wrong. Regardless of its soft, fuzzy skin, it’s very difficult to discover this animal having immense adorable claws and pink scales. Its habitat is dry plains and sandy savanna of Argentina. It swims in the sand through its anterior claws just like water swimming.

  1. Ghost Slug:

Ghost Slug

It’s just like a scary leech which cannot see and yellow in color, is bloodthirsty and equipped with extremely sharp teeth. It inhabits garden soil and swings like spaghetti. It’s blindness and skin color might direct that this grew in cavities. Horrible like its name, causing much destruction to garden as it can, but not harmful to humans.

  1. Naked Mole Rat:


It is a rodent and the world’s ugliest animal. It has no hair and pink skin. Its eyes are so small that it can hardly see things. It digs through its enormous teeth above which there is a skin lid that stops dirt to fill its mouth. Naked Mole Rat cannot adjust its body temperature like other mammals and thus called as thermo-conformer. It can live without food or oxygen for a long time as it has slow metabolic activities. Amusingly, its skin cannot sense pain.

  1. Star-Nosed Mole:

Star-Nosed Mole

This is afraid of platypus and certainly be the creepiest mammal on the planet. It has the totally surprising appearance and seems to be a sea creature. It has scary claws and a nose of 22 tentacles which help it to capture its prey in no time. Researchers found that they are the wildest mammalian scavengers and can breathe in water.

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