60th Annual Grammy Awards, 2018‬‬

60th Annual Grammy Awards, 2018‬‬


When are the Grammys?

January 28, 2018, 4:30 PM PST

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has announced the 60th GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, 28 January 2018. It will take place at Madison Square Garden, the city of New York. The telecast will be broadcast live on CBS at a new time: 7:30–11 p.m. ET and 4:30–8 p.m. PT. The 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards will mark the 46th consecutive year that CBS will broadcast the show, and the network has a commitment in place to host it through 2026.

What are the Grammys?

In 1949, the first ever Grammys were hosted by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Back then they were actually called the Gramophone Awards based on the physical gramophone that appears as the statue. These are to celebrate achievement in music alongside its peers the Oscars the Tonys and the Emmys.


This all began with the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Recording executives wanted music to have a prominent place there but they realized quickly that there were more musicians who should be acknowledged in there were spaces available. Especially once you go into technical aspects of music making that’s when they originally created the Gramophone Awards as a way to recognize everyone who was deserving.

The media company itself or sometimes an individual artist nominates their work with the Academy for a very specific category, experts from the recording industry then verify that they’ve entered in the right category. Once it’s verified those deemed as voting members with the Academy vote for their favorites out of the entire pool.

So, Who is a Voting Member?

To be a voting member you must qualify by being an artist or technician with at least six commercially released tracks. These members could be artists, songwriters, engineers, arrangers, narrators or even those who work on music videos.

Once someone meets those requirements they can apply for membership with the Academy and become a voting member. So now all these voting members narrow down the options. With movies, the voters get a screen or DVD sent to them but with music, there’s an online way to listen to all of the tracks that are being nominated. The top five voted entries in each category become the official nominees.

So now there are five entries in each category and the voting members listen to the finalists. There are 30 categories of the Grammys. And the voting members are encouraged to vote in the general fields and then all of their specific fields. Encouraged not required to the votes are collected and counted by an accounting firm who bring the winning announcements to the actual grams. Gift giving is prohibited and while media companies can submit entries they cannot bow either round.

One of the biggest questions is how some of these categories are different?

The biggest one is song of the year and record of the year

  • Record of the Year:

Record of the year is a little misleading as you might think a record as an entire album but both song and record of the year are given to a single. And Record of the Year goes to everyone involved in making it from the artist to the engineers, everyone.

  • Song of the Year:

Song of the year goes solely to the songwriter so who was one of the most Grammys you might ask. The leading winner right now with 31 Grammys as a conductor named Sir George Solti. Hho conducted large orchestras across the entire world.

At number two, Quincy Jones and Alison Krauss each have 27 Grammys. There has been a fair share of criticism of the Grammys with some big names refusing to show up for the event.


So that is what the Grammys consists of? How are some of the awards different? Who votes for them the basics of the Grammys.

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