25 Bizarre Things That Banned in World

25 Bizarre Things That Banned in World


The American state is not the only country which banned some strange stuff, but here some other countries that disqualified some weird things.

  1. Bad-mouthing:


Bad-mouthing is illegal in a town of Colombia and a law was passed in a town of Colombia about it. Waggling tongues considered to be a difference between life and death of the natives.

  1. Death:

Death in Brazilian town

Death in a certain time period was also prohibited by the mayor of a Brazilian town who passed this law due to health issues. He argued that people did not care about their health, which lead them to death and a made them an excessive burden on graveyard.

  1. Death in Parliament House:

Death in Parliament House

In England, the death of people is banned in the Parliament houses. Totally correct and confirmed, the reason behind this is that the houses entitled as a royal palace, thus anyone died in the palace were officially permitted to a state cremation.

  1. Death was Banned for Certain Time Period:

Death was Banned in Spain

In a small town of Spain, Death in a certain time phase was considered unlawful. Natives had to remain alive till the government buy a place and construct a new graveyard.

  1. Dressing:


Men wearing dresses like women are forbidden in Melbourne. Wearing a strapless dress by a man in public is banned by ancient law.

  1. Driving of Dirty Car:

Driving of Dirty Car

Driving an unclean car is illegal in a Russian city, and fine of 2000 rubles has to be paid in case of law breaking.

  1. Elephants:


Elephants are banned on the beach Granville (France) by the law of 2009. The law was the consequence of events that took elephants to the sea and the animals eliminate waste there.

  1. Flip flop and sandals:

Flip flop and sandals

Flip flop and sandals producing loud blares are prohibited in Capri, an island of Italy, which is a famous tourist place.

  1. Frowning:


Frowning is banned by Italian city. One must put a smile on his face all the time during the stay in Milan. All time smiles are the legal requirement, with the exception during memorials and hospital appointments. Fine have to pay in case of breaking this law.

  1. Goldfish in Bowl:

Goldfish in Bowl

In Monza, a law was enforced in 2004, according to which keeping goldfish in a bowl is banned, considering it a biased view of realism.

  1. Handling Salmon:

Handling Salmon

In London, according to 1986 Salmon Act, handling of salmon in distrustful conditions is banned.

  1. House Cleaning:

House Cleaning

Cleaning house between 10 pm to 9 am during weekends and 10 pm to 7 am during weekdays is banned in Melbourne, Australia.

  1. Import of Chewing Gum:

Import of Chewing Gum

In Singapore, the import of chewing gum is strictly banned. Sold or bought of any gum is not allowed in Singapore since 2004 and $500 fine has to be paid for throwing gum in street.

  1. Kissing in Eboli:

Kissing in Eboli

In a town of Italy, Eboli, kissing in moving automobile is prohibited and numerous hundred dollars have to pay in case of law breaking.

  1. License of Electrician:

License of Electrician

Changing of light bulb without an electrician license is prohibited in the 2nd most populated state of Australia, the Victoria. A fine of 10 Australian dollars is imposed in case of law breakers.

  1. Local Currency:

Local Currency

In Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, tourists are not allowed to use indigenous money and not even permitted into department stores of the city.

  1. Movies of Claire Danes:

Claire Danes

Claire Danes’ movies are banned in Philippines capital Manila because of her impolite interview during Brokedown Palace promotion.

  1. Sing loudly:

Sing loudly

Singing loudly at night is considered illegal in Honolulu, the Hawaii’s capital.

  1. Slap People with dead eel:

Slap People with dead eel

In a small seaside town of England, named Lyme Regis, it is illegal to slap people with dead eel. Before 2006, a game called as “the conger-cuddling” was played during which people hit each other with dead eel but this was prohibited by considering it impolite with dead fishes.

  1. Spitting:


In 2009, a ban was imposed on spitting in a French town, Coulaines, to stop swine flu spread.

  1. Tibetan Monks:

Tibetan Monks

China is famous for controlling things in Tibet; however, the law passed in 2007 by Chinese government was quite illogical, according to which, it’s unlawful for the Friars of Tibetan to revitalize without the approval of government.

  1. Topless women:

Topless women

In Liverpool, a ridiculous law was passed, according to which a woman is banned from moving around topless without selling a colorful fish in a store. Though, some sources state that such law was never imposed and this is fully wrong.

  1. Use of Spas and Swimming Pools:

Use of Spas and Swimming Pools

In Muslim countries, many things are not permitted to woman (like voting, fashion magazine reading, car driving, etc.); however, in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) women are also forbidden to use spas and swimming pools of hotels.

  1. Walk with Dog:

Walk with Dog

It is illegal not to march dog at least 3 times a day in Torino, Italy.

  1. Winnie the Pooh:

Winnie the Pooh

In playgrounds of Tuszyn, a small town in Poland, Winnie the Pooh is strictly banned as it is claimed by local establishments that Pooh is of “suspicious gender” and “half naked” that is completely unsuitable for children.

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