15 Incredible Travel Movies That Will Inspire You

15 Incredible Travel Movies That Will Inspire You:

Travels movies have a great rank and attention of people. And are most impressive and inspirational movies. Moving towards different places, fresh the mind of viewers. These movies based on experiences and adventures based theme. These all topics may be changed the lives terms of a common man. There are numbers of goof traveling film but here discusses the world best.

  1. On the Road:

on the road

On The Road is another road adventurous film. This film was released in 1957 and is directed by Walter Salles. This was the story of two friends, their names were “Kerouac” and “Neal Cassady”. They both traveled on the roads of United States of America for a long time in late 1940’s. This story of this film was taken from Jack Kerouac’s novel that was published in 1957.

  1. Thelma & Louise:

Thelma & Louise

This is based on the traveling story of two friends. They worked many hours and when they get bored then they decided for the trip. This film was released in 1991. Ridley Scott was the director of this film. This film is based on a road trip of two friends with some unpredicted moments. The heroines of this movie are “Geena Davis” and “Susan Sarandon”. The Geena’s name was in the movie was Thelma and Susan’s name was Louise.

  1. The Beach:

the beach

Danny Boyle was the director of this film. This adventurous film was released in 2000 in America. This film based on traveling story of young man who started his journey from Thailand with the help of the map and follows this map. At the end of the movie, he reached a new and very strange place. Leonardo DiCaprio is the hero of this film.

  1. Under the Tuscan Sun:

This drama based film was released in 2003. This one is based on many topics such as adventures, comedy, and romance. Diane Lane is the heroine of this film. The story is taken from the novel “Under the Tuscan Sun” that was published in 1996. The writer, Frances Mayes decided to write this film after her divorce. She buys a villa in the Tuscany because she wanted to change her life.

  1. The Motorcycle Diaries:

the motorcycle

This is the adventurous film that was released on February 6, 2004. It was directed by Walter Salles. The story of this film based on the journey of Ernesto Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado. They both started their journey by the motorcycle from Brazil and reach to Peru. In Peru, when they both reach a leper colony, the values of Ernesto changed too much as he forgets about his own comfort.

  1. Euro Trip:


This comedy and an adventurous film was directed by Jeff Schaffer, released in 2004. This was based on the life of teenagers who starts their trip and visits different places such as London, Berlin, Paris, Rome. Their whole journey was full of adventures and experiences.

  1. Cairo Time:

cairo time

Cairo Time was a romantic film released in 2009. This Canadian short story was directed by Ruba Nadda. The story based on unexpected love matter and brief. It is the story of Juliette who was the magazine editor. She decided to spend her vacations in Cairo with her husband whose name was Mark. But unfortunately, he was stuck in Gaza, and he decided to send his ex-bodyguard with his wife, whose name was Tareq.

  1. The Bucket List:

the bucket list

This comedy-drama was released in 2007. This is based on comedy and directed by Rob Reiner. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are main stars of this film. They both were patients of cancer and they both decided to travel with all the wish list they wanted to do in life. In Hollywood, this film premiered on 15 December 2007.

  1. The Art of Travel:

the art of travel

The Art of Travel is the adventurous drama that was released in 2008. It was directed by Thomas Whelan. The main character of this film was Christopher Masterson. He was the young boy and he left everything just to set his adventurous trip towards South America and Central America. This adventurous trip helps him to find his true identity.

  1. One Week:

one week

This Canadian adventurous film was released in 2008. It was directed by Michael McGowan. The story of this film based on the journey of a young boy whose name was Ben Tyler. He was the patient of cancer. He started his motorcycle trip from Toronto and reach to Tofino.

  1. Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul:

into the cold

It is a short documentary that was directed by Sebastian Copeland. The story of this documentary based on the journey of two men who reach to the North Pole in the year 2009. This documentary illustrates the training of Copeland and about his 2 months trip along with his partner, whose name was Keith Heger. They both cover the long distance (400 miles) on their foot in zero temperature.

  1. The Way:


This adventurous drama was released in America on 10 September 2010. Emilio Estevez was the director, writer, and producer of this film. The heroes of this movie are Daniel (son) and Thomas Avery (Father). Daniel lost his life due to storm during his journey. Thomas Avery was an ophthalmologist of America who traveled towards France after the death of his beloved son. He met with many people in his journey and he spends his time with them and changed his beliefs.

  1. Life of Pi:


This film was released in 2012 in America. The main character of this film is Pi. Who was gone for a journey and faced numbers of horrible moments. His journey was held in the sea. During traveling, big storms come and he used his mind and experiences many different adventures that help him to move safely through the disaster. During this journey, a great relationship developed with the different and tremendous creature who named as Bengal tiger.

  1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:

the secret life

Walter Mitty is the director of this comedy and adventurous film. This film is released in 2013 in America. It was written by Steve Conrad. Walter Mitty was an employee at the “Life magazine”. This film based on the journey that was held to find a lost photo of the magazine cover. The story was taken from the novel of James Thurber that was published in 1939. The movie premiered on 5 October 2013 during the Film Festival at the New York.

  1. Tracks:


This drama based film released in 2013. The young woman was the main character of this Australian film. Robyn Davidson was the director of this film. The heroine of this film started her journey from Australian desert with her four camels filled her important needs and one Dog. She traveled and reached to Indian sea, this was her destination place.

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