10 Wonderful Facts About Mongols

 10 wonderful Facts About Mangols:

Although there is a country of Mongolia but those Mongols that history describes and we read about in the books are not those Mongols who live in Mongolia. Their ancestors conquered the world and killed who stood in their way to expand kingdom with such mercilessness that the Vikings can even think of.

Those Mongols were not only killers and fighters but their society was a cultured society and they were culture loving people too.

Mongolia still present in this earth. The old Mongolia known conquest this earth. They were about the weapons and had a great army. The used horse for wars days. They were great warriors. They have great dreams and fulfilled all with their hard work and struggle. There is a great history about Mongolians and present Mongolians not know the achievements of their forefather.

  1. Mongol Women:

Mongol Women

The history showed that the Mongolians woman always ignored. They have not parted in the conquest of man. The man thinks they are superior and used all achievements. This inequality is really unfair for this civilization. Shots is the name called for a woman. They have a great impact on religions and economy of Mongolians. The woman stays at home and worked with the goodness of their economy. Many females also come and ruled in Mongolian history. The great leader named as Genghis Khan, his daughter become leaders and took many great steps for the betterment of the woman. Mandhuihai was the great queen in the history of Mongolian. She took part in great fights and won them. Her intelligence increased the level of her state. She got wedded with the prince and gave eight children. She was the great woman in the history of Mongolian.

  1. Pax Mongolica:

Pax Mongolica

There are certain situations when men go for fighting but end up in resolving peace. Pax Mongolica was a duration of peace of progress and that was followed by Mongol conquests in the thirteen and fourteenth century. Mongol population was about 100 million people and the reign was spread on almost 15 million square feet. While the United States is only 9.83 million square feet. Everyone was happy because of the thrived and peaceful government and the trade opportunities.

  1. Subutai:


Subutai had a great history. This was the great and brilliant military. This brilliant military contained numbers of great fearless army men. They all were very skilled and hard working. Genghis Khan became a chief of this great army and nation just because of his great brilliant military army. They all had a great sense to use weapons and their leader was a great and intelligent man. He made great rules and made himself able to establish an effective army in this region.

They educated the young man and made them engineers, that was helpful for them in different purposes. After the death of Khan, his son whose name was Ogedai became chief. He replaced the great Subutai with Ogedai. After that, the next attentions were towards the Europe. The new army was not strong enough and defacing just only few army. The Ogedai died in 1241 and sent his army back to China.

  1. Tactics:


Mongols were known to have excellent battle skills and fearsome fighting habits. When we compare the famous historical conquerors like great Alexander and Hannibal Barca with the Mongols generals they seem to be less impressive before Mongol generals.

The Mongols were known because of their surprise attacks and amazing human shields psychological warfare their modern weaponry and fake withdrawals and hostage taking. The fight usually starts with arrows that can pierce through shields followed by a deadly cavalry charge. They sometimes trap their enemies towards strong archers by showing weaker force and fake flee.

  1. Tatars:


The people who were affected by the Mongols used to call them the Tatars that was derived from the Tata a name that Mongol gave themselves. And when the people realized that the name sounded like Tartarus in Roman mythology means of hell people started calling them Tatars mining people from hell or demons of the hell.

  1. The Golden Horde:

The Golden Horde

The grandson of Genghis Khan Batu Khan had the most powerful kingdom built the empire was known by the name of golden horde in 1251. The country was very well structured of stone buildings and the empire was quite modern in civilization. The capital of golden horde was Sarai Batu. Golden Horde was also connected with adjacent empires and had a great influence on the other cultures also this extends towards modern Russia and Ukraine Moldova and Kazakhstan. Mongols were related to both Muslims and Russians too.

  1. The Postal System:

The Postal System

Mongols were the first nation who introduced the communication system. They invented an easy and incredibly system called Postal system. With the help of this systems, they able to communicate their leads present far away. The postal system is known as Yam in the language of Mongolians. After that, they developed numbers of stations in his state. The many visitors come and really inspired by their action and activity. Marco Polo comes here and got inspired and liked the size of yam. There was a great number of station. Almost 1400 stations were developed in only China.

  1. The Silk Road:

The Silk Road

The development of the silk road is the great achievements in the history of Mongolians. They used roads for multiple purposes. They constructed many roads and join the Asia and Europe through this. Before Mongolian, Arabic and Turkish were present there. Mongolian destroyed all Arabic and Turkish people who settled there and then they developed their own settlement. The silk road under the influenced of numbers of leaders but Mongolian work hard and struggled and got complete control on silk road in the 15th century.

  1. Tolerance:


In the start of the war, the Mongolian had to face a great failure. They were greatly attached to their religion. All Mongolians always attended their religious ceremonies very happily and with great love. They faced bad time and really work hard to overcome. They were very weak politically as well as economically. The great leaders come and stand their nation. The Moto of Mongolian was Tolerance. They thought, with the tolerance, they can achieve everything and then they achieved also.

  1. Weapons:


Mongols had a very diverse system of weaponry. Their horses were even considered as weapons. Mongols rode their horses whenever they need to fight. Their weapons were designed to fight while sitting on horses. Swords were curved specially designed to fight on horses and also on the foot, their daggers, sabers maces lances were also well designed. Mongols often used gunpowder to make grenades and bombs.  Composite bow in spite of being small in size was used as a very strong long-distance weapon and it was even more effective than the English longbow. They used special arrows for every situation some arrows for designed to pierce while others were made of iron so that they can travel longer range.

They had a whistling arrow that was a special kind it produced a special voice when released. The arrow was not only good to scare the enemies but was also very useful to send signals. Armors were used in the latter era of Mongols. Many armies also the arrow was not only good to scare the enemies but was also very useful to send signals. Armors were used in the latter era of Mongols. Many armies also preferred the Mongols armor on all other armors to shield them.

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