10 Incredible Facts about Bamboo Tree

Facts about Bamboo Tree:

Bamboo belongs to grass family and has a broad root system. It has a hollow stem but stronger than steel. Thomas Edison used it in light bulbs. It has exclusive properties and uses beyond our thinking.

  1. As a chief oxygen producer:

oxygen producer

It is an excellent oxygen producer as it produces 35% more O2 as compared to other woody plants. Consequently, it also absorbs more CO2. In this respect, it maintains earth’s weather alterations. As bamboo has a durable and widespread root system, it inhibits flooding and soil erosion and considered as a most friendly element on earth.

  1. Bamboo Deodorizer:

Bamboo Deodorizer

Bamboo is a flawless material for textile since it is a natural deodorizer. This property makes it useful in diaper making. Bamboo charcoal is the main component of many products in the market, as it aromatizes their lethal odor.

It is the best substitute to freshen cars, offices or homes instead of cleaners, chemicals, and candles. Just like other customary deodorizers, bamboo charcoal absorbs bad odor and retain moisture as well. This natural deodorizer lasts longer as compared to its other compliments.

  1. Edible plant:

Edible plant

Despite fewer nutrients, bamboo shoots are eaten all over Asia since it has few calories and fats. It also contains healthy fiber. Shoots are separated from the plant in its early stages and it enhances food quality. Other than humans, bamboo is also the main food of pandas which live only on bamboo and still weigh up to 200 pounds.

  1. Extensive uses from bicycle to toothbrush:

bicycle to toothbrush

Bamboo is the most adaptable plant on the earth. In addition to its use in clothing, constructing material, making bulbs and bikes, bamboo is also used to manufacture musical tools, computer hardware, kitchenware, beauty products, fishing kit, cars, art, diapers, weapons, and much more. Because of its exceptional and valuable properties, bamboo has infinite applications. Bamboo sheets are the superb choice for bedding tools due to its light and soft nature.

Some of the alcohol contents are also absorbed by bamboo that may interpret as an advantage by some or a fault by some others. Hence, bamboo assists taste and increase health benefits of alcohol brews.

  1. Helped Thomas Edison in making bulbs:

Thomas Edison

Bamboo also helped Thomas Edison in his invention of the light bulb about which most of us did not aware. Thomas with his colleagues discovered that a filament of carbonized bamboo light a bulb for more than 1200 hours. At that time, filaments made with other materials (linen thread, paper or wood splints) did not last for such a long time. In 1880, a large number of bulbs were manufactured with carbon filament. This also saved Edison to use illegal carbonized filaments.

  1. Makes Guinness World Record:

World Record

Bamboo is famous for its fast-growing nature. It can grow as fast as 1.5”/h. One can see it growing so fast. It’s growing speed equals to 0.00002 miles/h.

Bamboo also made a record of world’s tallest plant. The tallest bamboo ever seen in the USA was 65-98 feet followed by that in Europe which was 130 feet tall. Because of its fast growth, bamboo is designated as the most renewable plant on the planet earth. Soon after its harvest, it starts growing again.     

  1. Naturally Antibacterial:

Naturally Antibacterial

Bamboo has an extensive use in clothing because of its antibacterial ability. When bamboo was compared with cotton for its bacterial killing property within a day, it was observed that it killed almost all the present bacteria whereas cotton did not kill any. This aids in more clean sheets, clothes, and diapers, etc. This, in turn, assists in less washing and is beneficial for surrounding. The antibacterial property also helpful in wound bandages, as it prevents harmful bacteria to grow in dressings.

  1. Renewable resource:

Renewable resource

Bamboo is a tremendous substitute of woody trees. It rises rapidly and can be picked within five years of its embedding. Trees, like oak, which usually used to get wood require much time for its yielding and cutting of such trees results in deforestation which is a key cause of climate amendment. Bamboo helps us to avoid deforestation and thus protect our environment. Bamboo is a perfect substance to make things due to its ability to grow fast.

  1.  Stronger than steel:

Stronger than steel

Bamboo is one of the strongest materials on the earth with high tensile strength. Tensile strength makes it difficult to tear its material. It is stronger than steel and also concrete. Now it is used in making bicycle frames due to its strength and light weight. It also used in buildings as a substitute for wood because of its ability to bend without breaking.      

  1. Useful in alcohol improvement:

alcohol improvement

Bamboo trunks rather than oak drums are used in some parts of China. Alcohol is added in bamboo trunks and kept it to blend with bamboos natural liquor together with flavone and bamboo juices. The bamboo sap is regarded as a customary prescription and used in mending lungs health.

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